milos greece, our favorite beach

a look back on our trip to milos continues today with our favorite beach!  one of the things we love to do most on vacation is have adventures on chartered sailing trips.  this day we were especially lucky because we arrived late and the charters had all left for their day sails, but there was one captain left who had been planning on staying in and fixing up his boat.  he was sweet enough to offer to take us out alone for a special price (OMG!) so we spent a full 9 hours exploring milos from sea!  it was incredible, by far our favorite day there.  and when we arrived at this incredible spot we were the only ones there (and truly felt for a minute like the only people on the planet).  we swam to shore and explored the sandy beach, tucking rocks and driftwood into our swimsuits to bring home with us.  

if i ever need to “go to my happy place”, it might very well be here.  turquoise water, a long stretch of white sandy beach, a bright blue sky with plenty of sunshine, no one in sight except my husband, a catamaran floating in the bay…heaven. *sigh*

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  1. Jessica|

    the color of that water is unreal… truly paradise! what a fabulous idea for a vacation tradition!