what i wore: mara hoffman in greece

these mara hoffman bikini bottoms were a staple in milos, i wore them most days.  of course in europe people wear as little as possible on the beach, so i felt a little over-dressed until i decided to join them and ditch my bikini top! and then it was nice to have a little extra coverage on the bottom. 

what are your thoughts on high waisted bikini bottoms? too grandma or cute in the right circumstance? i’m on the fence. i love them in theory but i have to be honest, in looking through our vacation photos i realized they might not be the most flattering (i’ll spare you those photos).  i like them in the above but it’s all about a good angle. straight on- well, not so cute.  or maybe i’m just being over critical of myself. do you have a pair?  do you love them?

more greece goodness to come this week as i reminisce about our vacation and try to transport us all back there through our snaps!  *photos by my handsome husband lou mora

it’s that time of year, let’s show some skin and get sunny!

bring on the beach days, backyard bbq’s, and days by whatever pool you can find to soak up the sun. and you know what that means, you’re either wearing your swimsuit from last year or doing the dreaded shopping trips to pick one up. i don’t believe in buying swimwear in stores, personally.  i find dressing room lighting to be too painful and trying on a dozen swimsuits under those conditions will only lead me to feel bad about myself and vow to stay inside until fall.

instead i shop online at places that have free shipping/returns like shopbop and zappos, that way i can order a few different suits in multiple sizes and try them on in the privacy and good lighting of my own home! or if i find a suit someplace else that i really love i suck up the shipping costs and consider it gas money saved. trying them on at home i can also get lou’s opinion, and let’s be honest there’s nothing quite like your husband telling you how hot he thinks you look to make the bathing suit anxiety fade! 

I  usually splurge on one really nice high quality suit a year and mix it in with previous years suits to keep me satisfied).  last year i didn’t find a single one that i loved but this year it’s suit number 3!  it fits amazing and covers my tummy pooch in the most flattering way. i haven’t loved a swimsuit more since this one i bought two seasons ago (in black w/ polka dots). mara hoffman killed it this season! so obsessed with everything she’s doing.  happy shopping, and more importantly, happy summer!

find the above here : 1. 2. 3. (and here in more sizes) and a few others i’m loving 4. 5. 6. 7.