we’re back…

Sayulita Mexico es muy Bueno! Lots of good times, lots of great food, too much tequila, and we came home with a street pup. Details to come soon.

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  1. kelly rg|

    <3 sayulita. have you been to san pancho (just 10 minutes n of sayulita)? favorite place to vacation.
    love your blog, thanks for the beautiful pictures!

  2. sarah yates|

    thank you Kelly! we love Sayulita too. haven’t been to san pancho but will definitely put it on our list! we are in love with mexico, such an amazing country.

  3. kelly rg|

    *totally* in love with mexico. my husband and i went there on our honeymoon (puerto escondido, oaxaca and mexico city). LOVED mexico city. and i couldn’t agree more – such an amazing and beautiful place.

  4. sarah yates|

    i was in oaxaca for a wedding last year around this time, I loved it there as well! Haven’t been to mexico city yet. It was your favorite??

  5. kelly rg|

    mexico city was definitely one of our favorites. such a beautiful city. if you go i recommend san angel – amazing saturday market where we promptly loaded up on handicrafts (lamps, rugs, pottery, photography prints), and book stores, cafes and great restaurants. another neighborhood to definitely visit is coyoacan – home to diego rivera and frida kahlo’s joint houses which you can tour. definitely worth a visit if you want to be a tourist in the see lots of stuff way. these days, however, we’re more beach-y tourists than city-touring tourists. :)