Gorgeous French Country Kitchen ideas You Can Apply

15 Gorgeous French Country Kitchen ideas You Can Apply

The kitchen is where you spend more of your productive time, right? It is your sole discretion to make it look better with your innovative thoughts. There exists a wide range of possibilities through which you can achieve this. However, the best among all lies with the creative curation and inclusion of the French country kitchen in your cooking space.

Here Are Some French Country Kitchen Ideas That Can Prove To Be Fabulous:

1. Grandma Type French Country Kitchen

Do you have those memories of huge family gatherings? That kind of memory might inspire us for this remodel type with a French country kitchen at the helm. You can give the island a worn-out look and finish. Don’t miss that butcher-type countertop look. You can team up the look with corbeled shelves, a farmhouse sink, and a wide plank pine floor. The wood tones of the flooring are an excellent match to the white cabinetry and the trim work. This is all about evoking a relaxed ambiance and combining some earthly tones.

french country kitchen

2. Made o ather

A sprawling farm table can motivate you to invite people for meals. You may have white furniture-style cabinets, and dark slate tile will give that old Victorian-type look. You can choose the modern light fixing that can complement the 21st. You can look for a lantern pendant, pot filler, and parquet flooring to infuse the rural charm. An end drawer could be used for the napkins or end forks.

Glenna Stone Beam Kitchen

3. Go Salvage

The French design is famous for adding that salvage factor to the fashionable and environmentally savvy. You will find some vintage stuff like the old seed drawers and apothecary shelving; these favorite Parisien styles are quite an accessible lookout. Apart from that, you can introduce a mahogany cabinet and replace the solid doors with glass. Investing in beautiful country kitchen-type wallpapers is also an option that can be taken up by the owners who wish to have a perfect French country kitchen. Replacing solid doors with glass might give you a vintage look.

french country kitchen ideas audrey hall designed by alan tanksley

4. Quintessential Country

A small country kitchen never lacks a rustic type of charm. You will see white cabinets topped with wooden tops and a backsplash of solid foundations. A farmhouse sink and a barn-style light fixture enhance the kitchen look. You may keep open shelves and a curvaceous corbel. There are some old-fashioned table-turned islands to complete a perfect French country kitchen look.

Quintessential Country kitchen

5. Mix and Matchwood Ones

You can combine equal parts of wood and tiles. Place tiles on the  walls and some traditional types of wood on the shelves that can make your kitchen look rustic and bear a countryside appeal. You may infuse the cottage partners with the country to give the kitchen a light and airy look. Burnish with gold color knobs that can elevate the look of the simple white cabinet. This will combine with dark and warm flooring. The open shelves might add an essence of sweet color to the kitchen.

mix and matchwood ones colour to the kitchen

6. Strongly Country

You can have a large island in your kitchen inviting gatherings. They would combine in rustic fashion. There are exposed brick walls and painted whites that can lighten the rooms. The finishing touches can give the vintage-style lights and industrial stools a complementary look. If you have a wide dark painted window and a coffered ceiling, that will complement a country-like appeal.

westport country christine donner kitchen design

7. Nature Like

You can decorate your kitchen with leafy nods. You can shiplap on the walls, and the pitched ceiling sets can set the tone for a country kitchen. The upper cabinets would bear the look of a country kitchen. When there is an 18th-century pine table sitting in the middle of the kitchen island, it will create an over-the-time look.

country design kitchen

8. Electic Country Design

This cozy mixture of finishes and elements creates an overtime design. The perimeter cabinet was given a blue wood finish as the base color. The floor was made from a high gloss wood finish matte color. The concrete pavers bear a good look and a sense of comfort to the feet. For the ultimate look of the rustic décor, you can.

french country kitchen

9. Crowd-Pleasing Country

The small country kitchen is a mix of refurbished market finds and refurbished pieces and has some fresh paint updates. The blue board at the backsplash would be soothing to the eyes. Paint the wood floors beige and put some fresh floral fabrics. Put some wall brackets beneath the upper cabinetry and complete the charming des

small kitchen

10. Traditional Country Color

You can try a mixture of shaker and farmhouse styles. The kitchen would have a big farmhouse sink and also some furniture-style cabinetry. You can keep a wall of glass cabinets, and big windows with open panes can complement the styles. Since there are no heavy window treatments, the sunlight would enter the kitchen without any trouble

furniture style cabinetry decor kitchen

11. Old and New

A combination of old and new is good for the kitchen. There are mismatched cabinet knobs and pulls where you can store fresh elements. You can add concrete countertops and also an island to be placed here. You may add some canning jars and some pendants above the sink. Combine with a flour sack café curtain to recall some humble beginning

Crowd-Pleasing Country kitchen

12. Charming Combinations

You can pair a glazed white finish with a stained alder counterpart, thereby giving the cabinetry look of freestanding furniture. You may put a standing barn-style door, thereby distinguishing the pantry. Putting a beaded board in the backsplash and a wire mesh in the cabinet doors might enhance the vintage theme.

13. Fabulous Finds

The country kitchen finds meaning when you find some vintage pieces and rustic country kitchen décor. These could be a result of some treasure hunt from here and there. You may place a vintage chair painted green and a centerpiece in the room that speaks of an old-time butcher shop.

vintage pieces and rustic country kitchen décor

14. White Warms

The abundance of white color always makes a kitchen cozy and a rich choice. There might be beaded board and industrial stool that gives the old-fashioned drawer charm and texture. The presence of a beaded board might make the area feel great. This is a glimpse of the olden styles, and you can mix it with a pinch of modern.

white colour always makes kitchen

15. Style with Substance

You can combine industrial style with an ultra-modern kitchen. Two-inch thick marble countertops are the eminent styles. A square edge on the top doesn’t fit modern styling, yet you can style them against some wooden flooring. You can match it with an antique apothecary cabinet. You may cohabitate them with your distressed dark grey finish on the cabinet. Combine styles to master the new look for that typical ‘French country kitchen.’

french country kitchen

What Are Some Quick Tips for a Fabulous French Country Kitchen?

If you want to decorate your kitchen and give it an instant fabulous look, you can add some elements. Small changes can bring a huge impact, and you will cherish the new ambiance.

  1. Adding a backsplash: Tiles could be dull so you can add an attractive backsplash. Decide on the design you want to implement over your basin or cabinet and apply it.
  2. Add some accessories: Small elements can make a huge difference. Make these minute changes and see the difference in the look
  3. You can switch your light fixture: You can change your light fixture irrespective if you are living in a rented apartment or home
  4. You can swap the cabinet handles: Cabinets come with handles, and changing them can add significant meaning to a revamped look. It can improve the look of your cabinet
  5. Opt for a carpet: Carpets can give texture to your rooms. If you fear carpets might get dirty, you can buy the washable variety
  6. Get attractive appliances: You can add some retro-looking home décor appliances and add them to your kitchen. Get some stuff that the influencers have already brought notice
  7. Add some greenery: Get indoor plants that can improve air quality and add glamor to your kitchen décor. Make some space to keep your herbs fresh always. Pick your desired herbs that can enhance the flavor of your favorite dish.

Make Your Décor Practical

Keep your kitchen picture ready by adding hanging elements like pot racks, kitchen racks, and kitchen rods with hooks. This will help if you choose your décor accordingly so it doesn’t look clumsy.

Expressing Yourself with Colors and Patterns

If your kitchen appearance is too plain and simple, you can add some colors. Try painting the walls and some cabinets. You can add wallpapers to bring new motivation to the same old kitchen.

Considering Open Shelves

If you want to keep your kitchen organized, you can add shelves, and that will ensure space. You may style them with various items like cooking utensils and mugs. You may add hooks to the underside of the shelves and keep the utensils and mugs hanging.

There is no dearth of ideas to make the perfect French country kitchen décor. You can design your project and get quotes from the experts. Give your preference, and the experts will add to your ideas to renovate and make your kitchen the most desired place for your innovation.

Adding a bit of creativity can spice up your life. Make your everyday space the most desirable and up to your imagination. Enjoy your kitchen life!

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