How Do Travertine French Pattern Tiles Stand Out?

Travertine French Pattern Tiles – Trend that Lasts

Tiles have always been a popular interior and exterior design aspect because of their bold highlights.

Different designs are emerging to provide a fresh and vibrant look as the focus on tiling increases for walls, floors, stairs, and backsplashes.

Even then, the French country tile pattern is on top of the tile trend list!

Their rustic look and timeless appeal are suitable for residential and commercial spaces, contributing to a highly refined arrangement.

With its origin in the grand historical European palaces and monuments, this pattern constantly evolves and is now available in different types, including travertine, porcelain, marble, limestone, or shellstone.

Despite the numerous choices, we are currently crushing on travertine French pattern tiles, and in this article, we will let you know why!

Keep reading to know the features of travertine French pattern country tiles that make them stand out.

What is a French Pattern Tile?

What is a French Pattern Tile?

Before we delve into the unique characteristics of the travertine type, here’s a brief overview of the French country pattern tile.

Also known as the Roman or Versailles pattern, it consists of 12 tiles of different predefined sizes.

Together, they create an interlocking pattern similar to a jigsaw puzzle.

The only exception is that the blocks of a jigsaw are usually of the same size but in different shapes and patterns.

French country tile, however, differs from its counterparts and comes in different sizes and shapes. 




Small Square 

8” x 8”


Large Square 

16” x 16”


Small Rectangle

8” x 16”


Large Rectangle

16” x 24”


Why Do Travertine French Pattern Tiles Stand Out?

Why Do Travertine French Pattern Tiles Stand Out?

Even though French pattern tiles are available in many different materials, what about travertine tiles that create such hype?

Well, the answer to this is not one but several reasons. Explore those special qualities of travertine French pattern tiles with us as we list them.

1. Enhances Visual Aesthetics

The vintage appeal of travertine French pattern tiles ups the aesthetic quality of your space.

It imparts a subtle, classy feel when used in large courtyards, stairs, hallways, or even living rooms.

They are perfect for creating a minimal highlight yet manage to steal the spotlight for a muted charm.

Hence, they are a perfect choice for accent walls. With the correct lighting, the matte finish maximizes the area of the space. 

2. Versatility 

Travertine French pattern tiles are available in various shades, depending upon the stone’s mineral content.

That is, you will find them in light, medium, and dark shades and in different textures.

This offers a wider range of options to suit the needs of different settings.

No wonder interior designers can incorporate this pattern in homes and offices for ornamental and useful purposes. 

3. Offers Wider Coverage

Due to a wider array of options in terms of colors, formats, and textures, they provide wider coverage in terms of use.

Apart from the usual living room walls, these are great for floors, ledgers, staircases, or even backsplashes.

You could use the same pattern on the wall and floor of the same room without it looking over the top. 

Since the set contains different sizes of tiles, they help cover uneven surfaces seamlessly. They are convenient for atypical areas as well. 

4. Offers Continuity 

The jigsaw-style interlocking of travertine French pattern tiles showcases a distinctive pattern.

Using the same tile design helps designers achieve continuity when shifting indoors to outdoors.

Thus, it prevents an abrupt and appalling visual break, especially on the floor.

For example, you could use tiles of the same design for flooring your living room, extending them onto the outer staircase or the extended patio or lawn floor, and it would be eye-catching! 

5. Durable and Long-lasting

Travertine tiles, in general, are sturdy and, hence, resistant to mechanical damage.

They are easy to maintain and resistant to stains as well, hence, look new for longer!

The increased grout lines present in between cause increased friction and slip resistance.

Due to these qualities, they are also perfect for pool or shower floors and kitchen backsplashes. 

6. Provides Cooling Effect

Travertine tiles provide a natural cooling effect. Naturally, they are the top priority tile type in warm regions and for top floors of rooms.

Thus, they tactfully help in energy conservation by reducing energy consumption in air conditioners and coolers. 

7. Cheap 

Travertine French pattern tiles are comparatively cheaper than other tiles.

Right from the cost of the tile up to its installation and maintenance, these tiles are easy on your pocket without compromising their functionality.

Moreover, the different sizes of tiles allow easy replacement in case one of the tiles is damaged.

It also increases the resale value of your home, so investing in them is worth the cost.  

Final Words

An unconventional pattern paired with a classic vibe – it is no wonder French pattern travertine tiles are taking the home designing industry by storm.

Still not convinced? Add to this the feature of practicality, and we are sure you are as bowled over by these tiles as we are!

A perfect coupling of ornamental-meets-utilitarian, travertine French pattern tiles is turning heads, and this trend is here to stay for just the right reasons.

And now, before you start browsing through designs for your new home, let us know why you would choose these in the comments section below.

Do you already use French pattern travertine tiles in any part of your home or office?

What do you like the most about them, and what do your guests tell you about them? Let us know in the comments.

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