The Most Significant Plumbing Factors To consider Before Remodeling A Bathroom

The Most Significant Plumbing Factors To consider Before Remodeling A Bathroom

Getting in touch with a competent plumbing professional is the most vital decision for your bathroom remodeling project. He will help you focus on various details related to plumbing systems in your newly remodeled bathroom.

So, check out some significant factors that one needs to consider while remodeling a bathroom to get the desired result.

Relocating Your Plumbing Fixtures

Relocating Your Plumbing FixturesWhile remodeling a bathroom, you should pay attention to connections related to your plumbing systems. It is much costly to relocate the connections.

You have to determine if it is feasible to relocate fixtures. How much will be the distance between your hot water tank and the new shower? Should the recirculation pump need to be installed at your showerhead to obtain hot water faster?

Relocating the plumbing fixtures to match various configurations will make the bathroom remodeling project time-consuming. Moreover, if you think that the current fixture relocation will not give any value, you may find other ways to solve the issue.

The plumber will deal with the existing plumbing systems and install the fixtures easily. Some systems are available with customizable components.

Should You Invest in A Larger Drain?

If you have experienced frequent clogs, wider drains, and larger toilets for your plumbing systems. A bathroom remodeling project gives you an opportunity to make your plumbing system more functional. Integrate your modern plumbing appliances with the larger drains for a successful bathroom makeover.

Hiding Your Plumbing Lines or Allowing Them to Be Visible

Hiding Your Plumbing Lines or Allowing Them to Be VisibleFrom small plumbing systems to showers, everything needs proper connections of pipes. But some homeowners like to hide vanity pipes and keep the sinks clean.

The shower and bathroom may also hide your pipes between the exterior and interior walls. However, the main issue is that the damaging leaks in the future will also remain hidden.

Consider Structural Challenges

Before choosing the fixture’s location, you have to determine the structural challenges faced by your plumber. For instance, it is difficult to place a bathtub in a place where the gap between joists is much tight. It will cause onsite problems because the confined space will prevent the plumber from making proper pipe connections.

But, if there are limited options, you must choose innovative ways to manage the issues. For instance, you can invest in freestanding tubs for your bathroom. Consult the Sarasota plumbers before installing the tub. The freestanding tub installation does not involve any complex process.

The freestanding tub drains have a compact size, allowing it to fit in any joists. You can also install it inside a small opening. It is also more cost-effective to install the freestanding mode. You can focus more on different design elements.

Reconsidering and Upgrading Plumbing Fixtures During the Remodeling Project

Reconsidering and Upgrading Plumbing Fixtures During the Remodeling ProjectYou can talk to your bathroom remodeler and plumber to upgrade fixtures. The best solutions for the upgrade are-

A Curbless Shower

Some homeowners like to add a curbless shower to their bathrooms. However, without professional knowledge, you cannot install the shower. Improper measurements will lead to water dripping issues.


It is easy to replace showerheads, but the chosen model should meet your needs. Showerheads are available in various styles. Some fixtures have multiple showerheads, while the fixed units have customizable flow settings. A single shower system may also have multiple types of showerheads.

Lavatory Sink

There are various types of modern bathroom sinks, such as vessel sinks and traditional recessed sinks. Create a classic bathroom setup with recessed sinks. On the contrary, vessel sinks may become the central point in a bathroom.


Some plumbers recommend installing P-traps under the water fixtures to let the flow of wastewater from your bathroom. Sewer gasses will not enter your bathroom through your pipes. High-quality P-traps will ensure reliable and consistent performance.

Shower systems

Shower systems with a pressure-balanced model control the hot and cold water ratio. On the contrary, thermostatic shower systems regulate the water temperature. Both these systems have merits and demerits based on your needs. So, you have to choose the type of shower system, which matches your lifestyle.

Body jets

Installing the body jets is a new trend in many modern homes. These devices are fitted to the shower’s sides, and there is no risk of disruption during installation. They allow horizontal spray of water, but your shower tiling will not be damaged.

Bathroom Remodeling: Call the Best Plumbers

Professional and efficient plumbers will be able to provide you with the best guidance on remodeling your bathroom plumbing fixtures. Your bathroom will have a more functional value with the installation of modern fixtures.

Moreover, plumbers will ensure proper pipe connections to your bathroom appliances. The overall cost of plumbing services may vary with the plumbing systems you have chosen. Let the professional Sarasota plumbing company check your bathroom layout and recommend the best plumbing fixtures.

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