What Are the Key Features of a Boho Nightstand

What Are the Key Features of a Boho Nightstand?

Boho style is difficult to define as the style itself signifies free spirit. Typically, the boho style includes a lot of patterns and bold colors together to create an impactful style.

Bohemianism encompasses all things that defy the usual way. Bohemian style was traditionally linked to the nomadic and artistic people.

Boho style is essentially a way of experimenting with different styles, textures, colors, and aesthetics. It is about having the ability to mix and match and make unconventional choices. The designs and patterns do not necessarily have to go together, but the idea is to create a comfy and welcoming living space. We will discuss the key features of a boho nightstand in this article.

Some Typical Features of The Boho-Style Decor

  • Bold patterns and earthy tones – The boho style includes a lot of bold patterns and their use together. These patterns may or may not belong to exotic cultures worldwide. For example, Persian and Moroccan rugs are commonly used in Bohemian decor.
  • Vintage furniture – Bohemian furniture is usually made from natural materials and has a vintage look. These furniture items are usually crafted by local artisans from around the world. Mid-century modern furniture also perfectly complements a boho-style living space.
  • Extravagant styling and accessorizing – When it comes to accessorizing in Bohemian style, more is more. The idea is to saturate the room with various colors, patterns, materials, and art pieces to create a cozy space.
  • Handmade items – Artists and free-spirited people inspire the Boho style; therefore, handcrafted decor and utility items are preferred in the Boho style. Things such as sculptures, paintings, and macrame occupy most of the space.
  • Plants galore- Plants are added to create a more relaxing environment. Plants add an element of nature to the bohemian decor. Potted plants are ditched; instead, plants are added to woven baskets and hangings to complement a boho-style decor.
  • Fabrics – Many handcrafted fabrics and coverings are added in Bohemian stylings, such as macrame, crocheted covers, and burlap. Handwoven rugs are also added.

What are the Key Features of a Boho Nightstand?

What Is a Nightstand?

Although the terms ‘bedside table’ and ‘nightstand’ are used interchangeably, there is a slight difference between the two. A bedside table is more of a showpiece, whereas a nightstand is more practical. A nightstand is a table with drawers; the number of drawers depends on the user’s requirements. A nightstand is typically used to keep phones, water, and other items on the top surface. It is also used to store medicines, reading glasses, and books.

If you wish to buy a boho nightstand and want to look at ideas, you can visit Etsy for some great inspiration.

Key Features of a Boho Nightstand

Key Features of a Boho Nightstand

  • Vintage look – The look of a boho nightstand agrees with the eclectic style of Bohemian decor. Bohemian nightstands are vintage and chic looking, just like most of the furniture in a Bohemian-style room.
  • Cuboidal shape – The shape of a boho nightstand is typically cuboidal and aims to uphold the vintage vibe of the room. It may have one or more drawers. The legs of the nightstand are kept sleek and simple to focus the attention on the main design.
  • Made up of wood – There are multiple varieties of wood from which Bohemian nightstands are made. These varieties are typical of various exotic cultures worldwide, for example, Mahogany, Oakwood, Rosewood, Mango wood, Coromandel, etc.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – Carved designs and etchings are commonly found on a bohemian nightstand. The designs are usually limited to the front part of the drawers on a bohemian-style nightstand. If there are other design elements, they are focused on the front of the nightstand.

Aesthetically pleasing

  • Utilitarian – One or more drawers are provided in a bohemian nightstand to make it utilitarian. Things that are required by the bed can be kept in these drawers, such as medicines, books, reading glasses, phones, tablets, water bottles, etc.
  • Simple and user-friendly – Since the designs of a bohemian nightstand are inspired by vintage times, the designs are simple and user-friendly. It does not require expertise to set up or operate a bohemian nightstand in day-to-day life.
  • Color – The colors are usually shades of brown and earthy tones since it is made up of wood. Painted pieces are also available in white, cream, and other subtle tones. Pastel shades such as teal and pink are also used for making designs on the front face of the nightstand. It adds a pop of color to the element of the nightstand.


Adding a bohemian nightstand to your bedroom can elevate the room’s look. Depending on the vibe of your bedroom, you can choose from various designs available in the market. You can also take inspiration from the internet and get a custom-made boho nightstand that agrees with your style and room’s vibe.

The shape of a boho nightstand is usually cuboidal and made of wooden material, giving a compact and vintage vibe. Since it features drawers, it is highly practical, and the structure is user-friendly. With carvings and etchings, a bohemian nightstand adds to the aesthetic elements of a bedroom.

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