Is Boho Decor Still Trendy in 2024

Is Boho Decor Still Trendy in 2024?

When we talk about home decor and design, too many trends and styles keep being introduced by trendsetters with changing times. But if you are looking for that one decor style that has made its mark and has been prominent for a long time, choose boho decor.

Boho, short for bohemian, is a home decor style and a way of living. The lifestyle of free-spirited people like artists and travelers inspires it. Add character to your home by revamping it with boho decor.

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Let’s discover what Boho’s decor style is and how it is still trendy in 2024.

What is Boho Decor?

What is Boho Decor?

Bohemian decor style was first introduced in Paris in the 19th century. This decor style is inspired by the lifestyle of bohemians, who believe creativity and character are more valuable than money.

This decor style follows no rule and is more of an unregulated and personal way of decorating spaces. It is more about showcasing your character and style in your home.

Boho Aesthetics in 2024

The core of boho aesthetics is all about being artistic and carefree. It is still the same in 2024 but has a modern take.

A lot has changed since this style was first invented, like the lifestyle of people, the introduction of technology, and the style and size of homes. This has impacted people’s tastes and shaped the original bohemian style accordingly.

Let’s understand how.

1. Sustainability Takes Centre Stage

Sustainability Takes Centre Stage

In 2024’s boho aesthetics, you often spot sustainable choices integrated into the designs. You will see many ethically resourced and environmentally friendly products as people become more conscious of the environment.

The eco-friendly choices also look more earthy and natural, making the space calmer and aesthetically pleasing. You will spot clay pottery, rattan furniture, and painted wall decor in a boho-styled living room, opening huge opportunities for artists and handlooms.

2. A Modern Touch to Traditional

A Modern Touch to Traditional

There is a modern touch to classic boho aesthetics; while the essence stays the same, it has transformed a little to match the modern lifestyle. Incorporating a pop of color into the earthy tones, using geometrical patterns, and mixing different textile materials are ways to infuse modern and traditional.

You can spot a wall tapestry in bold geometric designs, a yellow sofa to add pop, or a macrame hanging made by mixing different fabrics; there is no exact formula to this, as everyone’s preferences and styles differ.

3. Timeless Boho Meets Contemporary

Timeless Boho Meets Contemporary

The heart of boho aesthetics lies in its timeless elements of maximalism, like mismatched patterns, layered textiles, and personal expression. However, in 2024, these elements got a contemporary twist. The timeless boho decor incorporates modern furniture, sleek lines, and minimalistic essence.

This strikes a beautiful balance between the standard and current. This fusion of old and new is appealing to people of all ages, regions, and cultures. It has given this old decor style new energy to keep it trendy and relevant in the modern era of 2024.

4. DIY to Make It Personalized

DIY to Make It Personalized

In the last few years, people have become actively interested and are drawn towards Do IT Yourself (DIY) projects. People have indulged in projects to craft, sculpt, or paint things to create an element of boho-styled home decor.

People have shown a keen interest in Macrame art, tapestry painting, and pottery. This makes your space look beautiful and adds a lot of character to it. Each self-created art piece is different and unique in its way, as it includes the person’s style.

Boho Trends to Keep an Eye on In 2024

1. Color Pop with A Sofa

Color Pop with A Sofa

Keep your walls in earthy tones, but add fun with a bright-coloured sofa. It upscales the whole look and gives a modern touch to your space.

2. Jute Material

Jute Material

Talking about sustainable fabrics, incorporating jute material into your boho living room decor gives a very textured, natural look. The best part is that it also matches the boho color scheme.

3. Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

You can use many hanging indoor plants to give your boho-style home a natural, fresh look. The green colors among earthy tones look amazing.

4. Rattan Furniture

Rattan Furniture

Rattan coffee tables, hanging egg chairs, and wicker ottoman are some of the best additions to create a bohemian-style room. They add warmth and texture to your space and are pretty functional, too.

5. Patterned Rug

Patterned Rug

Add rugs to your space with vibrant colors, beautiful patterns, and a range of textures. They add warmth to the space by making it feel welcoming and complete its overall look.


All in all, boho aesthetics are still trending in 2024, but with a modern touch to them, and it seems like they will keep evolving with time but are not going out of trend anytime soon.

The popularity of boho decor in 2024 is influenced by a hybrid of factors, including its adaptability, sustainability, and relevance with modern society.

The charm and unbothered style of bohemian living has been a dominant trend for decades, and it is quite flexible to be molded with time.

So, if you are drawn towards this style and thinking of redecorating your space with boho decor, you are not too late on the trend.

Do not hesitate to give it your personal touch because the only rule is that there is no rule!

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