Bohemian Nightstands Perfect for a Boho Chic Bedroom

17 Bohemian Nightstands Perfect for a Boho Chic Bedroom

Boho Nightstands are a great addition to your room that gives you space to store your clutter and bring your room together.

They hold all your important stuff, from your medicines to your water bottle and spectacles. They might be small in size but play a functional role in the room.

It is important for you to pick a Boho Nightstand that gives you just the right visual while giving you enough storage space. Check out these 17 Bohemian Nightstands For a Boho Chic Bedroom to get inspired.

1. Ida Woven Nightstand

An option to explore is this chic Nightstand with antique brass legs and a two-drawer pull. This Ida Woven Nightstand is made from mango wood and is sustainable, and gives you a lot of space to store all your necessary stuff. Available in two colors- white and black, this table has a perfect boho design and uses Ratan to elevate the design.

Ida Woven Nightstand

2. Daybreak Nightstand

The Daybreak Nightstand offers plenty of storage and a small cut to bring out a cord for charging your devices at your bedside. This Nightstand is made of tropical wood and is reinforced with iron and engineered hardwood. It also features fancy handles that are made of resin and bone, both set in brass. To add to the aesthetic beauty, the handles make up a sun motif. The doors of the Nightstand look like rays of sun bursting from the piece of furniture, making it a beautiful addition. It is a stylish and aesthetic piece element to add to your Bohemian bedroom.

Daybreak Nightstand

3. 4 Drawer Mango Wood Nightstand

Another nightstand that you look for is this 4 Drawer Mango Wood Nightstand. Made out of Mango wood, every drawer in this nightstand has a different pattern and gives ample storage space on your bedside. The glass knobs on this drawer make it only more beautiful and would fit perfectly in your boho space.

4 Drawer Mango Wood Nightstand

4. Modern Boho Nightstand

If you are looking for a cane webbing nightstand, you can explore this Cozayh Modern Minimalism nightstand. Designed with cane webbing detail, this boho nightstand is a great addition to your room. The Nightstand also has a wooden pull drawer that gives you ample space to keep your clutter. There is an open bottom shelf where you can display some beautiful decor too.

Modern Boho Nightstand

5. Round Rattan End Table

This simple Round Rattan table has hairpin legs and a rattan top that elevates the charm of the Bohemian room. It has natural color and texture that compliments the bohemian decor of your room. It is a small table that could be a perfect spot for a plant or some small decorative pieces.

Round Rattan Table

6. Penelope Night Stand

You can also choose a sturdy nightstand to add to your bedroom that will amp up your décor game. This Penelope nightstand sits on a black metal base and provides ample storage. It has two deep drawers where you can keep everything. Enhancing the beauty, this Nightstand has a semi-circle rattan design in the front. Moreover, this nightstand is available in three colors, including espresso, acorn, and walnut, that will fit right into your décor.

Penelope Night Stand

7. Haroo Rattan Nightstand

A Bohemian nightstand that you cannot miss is the Haroo Rattan Nightstand. This Ratan-covered nightstand is a great addition, as it will go perfectly with your Bohemian décor while giving you enough space to keep all your stuff. This Boho nightstand comes with two shelves and is designed with Rattan that will compliment your decor. It also has four solid wood legs and can hold heavy weights too.

Haroo Rattan Night Stand

8. Cooper Nightstand

Another nightstand to check out is this Cooper Nightstand. This single deep drawer nightstand has a simple bamboo design and gives you ample room to keep your essentials. The black drawer handle compliments the whole design of the nightstand. As an additional feature, it’s a sturdy piece of furniture that is durable and will be in good shape for a very long time.

Cooper Nightstand

9. Betania Side Table

You can add a piece of furniture that is more of an art to amp up your whole room. Made out of Tropical wood, this Betania Side Table is a great nightstand to add to your room. This bedside table is a quirky addition that will jazz your room up. The curved hourglass shape of this table is eccentric and would complement the interior of your room.

Betania Side Table

10. Harper Side Table

To add a touch of the modern mid-century style to your bedroom, you can check out this Harper Side Table. It is a simple design and is made out of MDF particleboard. Along with that, the drawers are laminated with oak and tapered legs made of pine. The two-drawer Nightstand gives you plenty of storage, and the gold metal drawer pull adds to the Nightstand’s charm.

Harper Side Table

11. Add a Black Nightstand

Add a Black Nightstand to give your space a modern yet Boho Vibe. This Nera Side Table comes with interesting woodgrains, and the edges are rounded to give it a smooth look. This nightstand is a good balance between the modern and Boho style and is available in two colors- Black and Natural.

Add a Black Nightstand

12. Retro And Curved Bedside Table

You can even choose a balanced Boho Nightstand with this Urban Outfitters Nightstand. This Mabelle Nightstand is essentially a black table with a wood-look panel. With a vintage flair, this table has a curved Boho silhouette. This Nightstand is so versatile; you can pair it with any bed and give it a perfect look.

Retro And Curved Bedside Table

13. Tasseled Nightstand

Moroccan designs and prints have been a part of Bohemian décor for a very long time. You can bring some of that into your room with this Moroccan horseman-inspired Nightstand. This Zagora Tasseled Nightstand has a traditional silhouette, giving the room an aesthetic look. The Nightstand has decorative beveled corners and combines different textural wood. Adding to the charm of this Boho Nightstand are the brass tasseled pull drawers. The washed-up light gray table gives you ample space to store your essentials.

Tasseled Nightstand

14. Glam Things Up

You can jazz things up in your Bohemian bedroom with a glam nightstand. Set on a thin brass frame, this Scroll Vine Inlay Nightstand features a scroll inlay all over the drawer and the top part. It is a great option to give your room a modern and creative look.

Glam Things Up

15. The 70’s Nightstand

You can go a little back in time with your choice of the nightstand and explore some of the 70s options. This Ria Nightstand by Urban Outfitters will give your room a very 70s Boho look. Made out of Mindi and Mahogany wood, the nightstand has round edges. It also has a chevron-weave rattan drawer with one cutout drawer pull and another open bottom shelf. This Nightstand comes with a looped base and gives a chic look to your room.

The 70’s Nightstand

16. The Coastal Touch

This cape side table is a natural beauty to add to your bedroom. It has a coastal touch and is made with hand-woven water hyacinth. This Boho Nightstand gives a soft look but is surprisingly strong. The size is perfect for keeping on the bedside or even on your sofa side. To aid the design, it has a glass top that is easy to clean. All in all, this nightstand brings warmth to your space.

The Coastal Touch

17. An Open Nightstand

Nightstands are small tables with drawers that you can put around your bed and store your essentials in. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a traditional table. You can explore this eclectic option and look for an open shelf like this. It will give you ample space to control the clutter by your side and is also decorative.

An Open Nightstand

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying a Boho Nightstand For Your Bedroom

Your Boho Nightstand is more than a piece of furniture. It sits on the side of your bed and is a versatile companion that holds your necessary stuff. So, it is important to consider everything when you buy one of these side tables. When you decide to decorate your Bohemian room, you will get ample Boho Nightstand options to choose from. However, choosing the right table is very important. There are a number of factors you must consider before choosing that one table. Here are some tips that might help you.

Take Size Into Consideration

One of the most important factors when choosing a nightstand is the size. You should choose a height that is easier to reach. You can measure the height and width of your bed and then determine the size of your Boho Nightstand. Desirably, your table should be almost the same height as your bed, and the width depends on how much space you have on the sides of your bed. Make sure the table fits comfortably and doesn’t look cramped.

Keep Storage In Mind

The next thing you need to remember is that these Boho Nightstands are not just some piece of furniture lying on the side of your bed. In fact, they are stylish storage spaces. So, make sure your side table has ample space to keep your essentials. You can look for a nightstand with at least one drawer so you don’t end up putting everything on the top.

Functionality Plays a Huge Role

Make sure you choose a table that works best for you. For instance, if you are someone who enjoys reading in bed, your Boho Nightstand should be able to hold the lamp and the books. Look for all that you are going to need on your bedside table, and then choose the Nightstand accordingly.

Take Your Interior Into Consideration

The last one on our list is making sure that your Boho Nightstand goes well with the decor of your room. Creating harmony among different elements in the room would give you the desired visual. With so many options out there, you need to decide what you are looking for and then go for it.

Last Words

Boho Nightstands are an important part of your whole setup and play a visual and functional role in the room. So, it is important that you choose them carefully. They can bring your room visually together while giving you stylish storage space. There is an ample variety of Nightstands available in the market in various designs, materials, and pricing. Make sure you take everything into consideration and make a good investment. Happy Shopping!

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