How to Do Mid Century Bohemian Decor

Tips to Master Mid-Century Bohemian Decor – Instantly Transform Your Home!

The mid century boho decor style is an eclectic mix of styles that were popularized during that time. The best way to keep your new house true to its mid-century roots is to use boho decorating tips. The story dates back to the mid to late 1900s, which witnessed a surge in global travel and exploration.

As a result, women gained freedom, mobility, and financial independence, which led to significant changes in multiple aspects. With this, various international styles and ideas emerged. Modern designers still celebrate these changes by incorporating them into their work today.

This includes the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. This blog will guide you with tips for creating mid-century boho decorations for your home.

How to Mix Mid-Century and Bohemian Decor

If you love experimenting and trying new things, mixing mid-century modern and boho decor can create a striking look in your space.

The decor style should retain functional forms, clean lines, and the minimalistic foundation of midcentury spaces. Apart from that the laid-back accents must be added to give it a boho look.

Ensure that you choose elements that complement and get along with each other rather than the ones that stand out individually.

Mid-Century Bohemian Decor Ideas

1. Bring in A Lot of Plants for Mid Century Boho

bring in a lot of plant

The easiest way to achieve your space’s midcentury modern boho aesthetic is by pairing mid-mod furniture with lots and lots of indoor plants. Accessories the room with classic colors furniture and place wall planters and palm to complete the look.

2. Be Eclectic in Your Mid Century Boho Decor

Eclectic decorations are a must for mid-century boho decor-style homes

The best part about midcentury boho decor is that you don’t really have to follow a set of rules to design your space. You can really play with the kind of objects you’d want to be placed in your room. It can be different colors, belonging to different periods, etc. Just use what you like! Eclectic decorations are a must for mid-century boho decor-style homes.

3. Combine Midcentury Furniture and Boho Accents

furniture into your living room or dining room

If you want both modern decor and boho elements in your home, you can start by mixing mid-century modern furniture into your living room or dining room. If you are tight on budget but want vintage pieces to complete the look, you can look for reproduction pieces. Flea market finds, such as antique furniture, pendant lights, etc., can also be included to add character to your space.

Add accents like potted plants, woven baskets, and a patterned floor pouf, and pair it with a midcentury-inspired cabinet and coffee table to create the perfect midcentury boho look. Or one sleek, low table next to a funky armchair gives off both mid-century and boho vibes. But, of course, the look completely depends on how many boho elements are mixed with other elements, such as color palettes and textures.

4. Be Thoughtful With Color

bright colors - oranges, greens, and yellows

Back then, midcentury modern design was all about bright colors – oranges, greens, and yellows. Lately, it has taken a more neutral feel. To create a midcentury modern boho space, you can combine both neutral colors and splashes of bright colors. Use neutral colors as the base for the walls and floor, and add accents to the space with bright color elements.

5. Incorporate A Variety of Textures in Mid Century Boho

room's look or make it look attractive

Texture plays a vital role in any boho decor. Whether handwoven throw pillows, chunky blankets, or shaggy area rugs, texture can immediately uplift the room’s look or make it look attractive. To create a mid-century boho look, you can combine textures with vintage furniture – rattan chairs, wicker baskets, etc. Use distressed finishes that showcase the natural wood grain to give your room a rustic touch that will provide a rugged contrast to the clean, cutting-edge, mid-century modern furniture.

6. Don’t Forget About Clean Lines

room and adding indoor plant t

Midcentury designs usually include clean lines and sleek silhouettes, and boho decor designs are relaxed and carefree. You can bring them both together to create a preferable midcentury boho space. One way to approach it is by placing linear furniture in the room and adding indoor plants and printed throw covers to complete the look.

7. Get Playful with Mid Century Boho

white walls and brown floors living room

When you are trying to create a midcentury boho space, make sure that you keep things light and playful. Use vibrant, cheerful hues and cheeky decorative pieces while decorating the space.

You can keep the base of the space clean and neutral: white walls and brown floors. Then, you can add pops of color to the space. Colors like blue, yellow, or even black can be used for accents in pillows, rugs, and vases; take care that you don’t use too many different shades!

8. Combine a Myriad of Shapes and Patterns

mid century boho living room

You can combine different shapes with casual boho elements to create a mid-century boho design. There also lies the option for the look with fewer furniture pieces in your room, with various patterned fabrics and textiles (rugs, curtains, etc.). Apart from that, you can mix funky tribal patterns and brightly colored fabric featuring animal and plant motifs with soft, simple neutrals. If you are tight on budget, then spend most of it on textiles because it creates magic in your space and contributes some visual weight.

9. Embrace Natural Colors in Mid Century Boho

embrace natural color living room

Bohemian decor tends to draw inspiration from nature, with its green plants and natural materials. You can represent those relaxed hues in a space that embraces midcentury design. You can go for a tale orange theme for your space. Place furniture of the same color palette, and use printed carpet, throw pillow, and many indoor plants to complete the look. Jute seating would be an added highlight in the room.

10. Mix The Old With The New

midcentury modern boho living room

One of the simplest ways to set a mid-century theme in your space is by surrounding a statement piece with a combination of sleek metal fixtures, woven accents, etc. In this midcentury modern boho living room, old items like the lunge chair and new items like the pendant lamp are blended together for a beautiful result. You can additionally paint your walls white or light-toned wallpaper to keep the focus on mid-century furniture.


Blending two design styles might seem challenging at first, but mixing midcentury and bohemian trends is all about having fun with old and new finds.

There is so much you could experiment with. So, don’t be afraid to mix different prints and patterns. Set the foundation with classic furniture and sleek accents, and feel free to experiment with all the additional things to complete your space.

The midcentury boho decor is complete only when each of its elements is celebrated for its uniqueness. So that’s what you should be focusing on creating!

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