How to Choose a Bohemian Makeup Vanity?

How to Choose a Bohemian Makeup Vanity?

Bohemian form of styling is not confined to limited places but outlives society’s constraints.

The super cool aura of the setup expresses itself when it is confident enough.

Be it the makeup setup in your bedroom or the boho bathroom ideas, the inspiration will bring out the freedom to express your fancy dressing, hairstyles, and personality.

A makeup vanity is your go-to safe space to make you feel confident throughout the day. Sitting around your makeup vanity would be best if you felt inspired and empowered.

Here are the various options to design your makeup vanity so that the space looks fresh and elegant and has a bohemian touch.

Key Elements to Adhere for a Perfect Bohemian Makeup Vanity

1. The Setup

The Setup

  • Natural: Since the bohemian style is about freshness, natural elements like wood and plants are important. Use natural elements like wood, stone, and natural light to fill the vanity space. The stress release that plants provide will help you elevate your beauty. These natural elements will fill the mind with interesting ideas for everyday inspiration.
  • Glam: If the glam girl in you demands all shimmer, add shiny silver objects to your vanity. Silver balls, golden lights, etc., will help you create a glam-up vanity space for your everyday makeup while keeping the bohemian touch.
  • Beach Vibes: Go for the coastal vibes by incorporating sand and shell tones around the mirror’s frame. You can include handwoven baskets and dune grasses to complete the beach vibes surrounded by a bohemian look.
  • Keeping it Simple: Simplicity and elegance go a long way. Allow the soft touch of pastels and gentleness to be the main theme of your vanity makeup. You can use ruffled macrame or colorful objects for the table to keep the bohemian look intact.
  • Golden Hour: The brightness of golden lights and decoratives fills the heart with joy. An all-gold look can be adapted to any style. To keep the tone aligned, add gold tones to the various parts of the room. The golden glow from the shiny golden objects will make it easy to express yourself.

2. Makeup Table

Makeup Table

If you want to utilize an old table by remodeling or buying a new one, you must ensure the makeup vanity holds the essence of the mirror frame and the makeup table together.

Here are a few ideas for the makeup table.

  • Super Size Storage: It must be your first option if you are lucky enough to have a floorspace for large storage in a city room. The full-size storage allows you to keep makeup, skincare products, and other things like clothes, bags, etc.
  • Matching Set: The first and foremost option to consider while curating a makeup vanity space is to look for matching sets. Finding the matching set per the room’s overall theme is easy. This way, you can focus on other fun parts like decoration.
  • Remodeling: You can easily convert an old table or dress into a new vintage-looking vanity table. Add a vanity cabinet, mirror, and drawers for storage and paint it with desired colors. You can easily save on the expenses this way.
  • Floating Station: A wall-mounted makeup vanity station will provide extra floor space. Also, it will allow you to keep the objects closer to your hands for easier access. This option is great for small spaces and cleanliness freaks as it will reduce footprints.

3. Vanity Mirror

Vanity Mirror .jpg

The mirror is the first focus point of the makeup vanity, and it is great when it matches your personality and the bohemian zeal inside you.

  • Simple: The simple round or edged mirror will give way for a fancy dresser or storage table. The plain mirror can be decorated with pictures or stickers. Metal frames elevate the plain and simple mirror.
  • Statement Piece: A bold bohemian-style mirror will inspire you to express yourself daily. The statement mirror will allow you to have a simple and basic storage table, so you do not need to worry about the expense of decorating it.
  • Lighted-Up Mirror: If your mirror doesn’t receive enough natural light or lights from other sources in the room, an LED strip or marquee fitted on the external frame of the mirror will work best for you. You can opt for golden or any color of your choice.
  • Extra Makeup Mirror: An extra small round mirror attached to the side of the wall or table will help you to ace your fleece eyeliner. An additional mirror is great for close-up looks. You can also opt for an extra-standing mirror. 

4. Storage Facilities

Storage Facilities .jpeg

One of the major things to remember while curating a makeup vanity is the storage space.

It will help you keep all the necessities close by, making it easier and faster for you to decide and get ready.

  • Drawers: You may add an extra drawer set for your beauty belongings and the storage table. A drawer beside the table will help you keep all the products in one place.
  • Vertical Storage Space: You can install vertical storage spaces attached to the wall beside the vanity. You can store the appliances required while styling and doing makeup. The organizer will let you keep the table clean and make space for other important things. 
  • Hidden Storage: A hidden storage space is a clever way to store your belongings. A cabinet behind the mirror will help you keep the table clean while storing the necessities in easy reach.

Final Thoughts

One needs to feel confident with one’s approach to the world, and the first step, beginning with the makeup vanity, has a crucial role to play.

Having a vanity of your choice is not about luxury but ideas and inspiration.

When you teach a makeup vanity in your home, ensure it fulfills your daily inspiration quota.

A comfortable sitting desk will allow you to prepare yourself faster to express the bohemian self.

Ensure you include enough storage and your favorite mirror, as mentioned above.

Expressing is all about choice, and I hope you can choose from the particulars mentioned earlier.

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