Bohemian Dining Tables Will Spice up Your Next Dinner Party

These 15 Bohemian Dining Tables Will Spice up Your Next Dinner Party!

Bohemian dining tables have become a trend nowadays. This style embraces natural decor, which helps in creating a casual and relaxed atmosphere in the room. In addition, the boho dining tables have a charming simplicity that can swoon your heart away.

Bohemian style is an eclectic mix of various patterns, materials, and elements. It makes the dining room look more vibrant and fashionable. A dining table is a special place in the home where family and friends gather to have a meal. A boho dining table can add a fun personality to the interiors of the room. These dining tables can be accommodated easily in any home as it comes in all shapes and sizes.

Best Bohemian Dining Tables for Unique Style

The bohemian dining table is perfect for adding a little character to your home. The vibe of the dining room can be built based on the shape, texture, and color used in the dining room. There are many options for boho dining tables in the market to choose from. In this listicle, we have recommended the best 15 boho dining tables that are perfect for every house. Read below to find your dream dining table.

1. Glass Round Dining Table

A glass round dining table makes the room look more spacious. The round shape gives a modern touch to the overall boho look of the dining room. Well-upholstered chairs and a vintage centerpiece would add a stylish element to the table.

Glass Round Dining Table

2. Stone Top Table

Stone top is the best option to select when it comes to boho dining tables. The stone dining table is a beautiful addition to the dining room. The texture of the stone makes it a statement piece in the room. To complete the look, add bamboo chairs with the table that complements the overall bohemian aesthetic of the room.

Stone Top Table

3. Rattan Dining Table

Rattan is a material that is used very widely in the interior decoration industry. Adding a rattan dining table would be a great investment for your home. The rattan material will provide a rich texture to the bohemian decor. It lasts for a long period as it is more durable than any other material.

Rattan Dining Table

4. Dark Wood Boho Dining Table

The dark wood dining table looks gorgeous in the light-colored room setting. It adds a perfect contrast to the surrounding of the room. It is also easy to accessorize a dark wood table. Many elements can be added to the table, like a centerpiece, placemats, flowers, or a small plant. The earthy color of the wood complements the boho decor of the room.

Dark Wood Boho Dining Table

5. Mosaic Tile Dining Table

The mosaic tile dining table is a great choice for adding a creative touch to the dining room decor. The details and various colors in the tile make it a very interesting piece of furniture. The designs of the mosaic table add a contemporary look to the room. You can also add various accessories to increase the beauty of the table, like bold-colored table runners and crystal dishes.

Mosaic Tile Dining Table

6. Pedestal Dining Table

The pedestal dining table will provide a vintage vibe to the room’s interior decor. It is a perfect example of functionality with beauty. This table with wooden chairs looks very cozy and inviting in the room. To enhance the beauty of this table even more, you can also add other boho elements like indoor plants and jute rugs.

Pedestal Dining Table

7. Wood Dining Table

A wood dining table is a classic style that never goes out of fashion. The texture and color of the wood complement the bohemian aesthetic of the room. The addition of green plants, patterned table runners, and pendant lamps would be good styling accessories for this dining table.

Wood Dining Table

8. Chic Dining Table

A simple and sleek designed dining table adds a boho charm to the place. A chic dining table can be styled in many different ways. You can accessorize the table with bright-colored rugs and complementary upholstery for the chairs.

Chic Dining Table

9. Colored Dining Table

The colored boho dining table will add a pop of color to the aesthetics of the room. The colors in the table will give a dynamic visual effect to the room. To highlight the boho vibes of the table, add a patterned rug and colorful chairs that will complement the table and the decor of the room. The colorful decor will surely help in making a statement in the room.

Colored Dining Table

10. Square Shape Dining Table

The square shape dining table is a very good choice for home decor. The shape provides a beautiful sleek structure that complements the boho vibes of the room. Depending on the space and seating area, it is a perfect choice for every home.

Square Shape Dining Table

11. Dining Table with Bench

A bench with the dining table adds a french charm to the overall natural vibe of the room. It is a great choice for people who like minimal decor. You can accessorize the table with a plant as a centerpiece and a table runner to create a cozy boho vibe.

Dining Table with Bench

12. Dining Table with Golden Accents

The dining table with golden accents adds a perfect tinge of shine to the surroundings of the room. It is a classic piece that can be styled in many ways. Pairing it with a pendant lamp will add warmth to the bohemian aesthetic of the dining room.

Dining Table with Golden Accents

13. Table with Mismatched Chairs

The bohemian style is all about mixing different styles. Having a dining table with mismatched chairs would help in enhancing the decor of the room. Surround your table with different chairs that will complement the overall aesthetic of the table and room. You can pair rattan chairs of different designs with the table that will look very beautiful and chic.

Table with Mismatched Chairs

14. Table with Distressed White Finish

A dining table with a distressed white finish gives a rustic look to the place. It enhances the bohemian decor of the room even more. To make the vibe of the room cozier and warm, add rugs, placemats, and flowers in the room.

Table with Distressed White Finish

15. Beige Dining Table

A beige dining table is a traditional choice that can never go wrong. The neutral-colored table can be styled in any interior decor. It will give a cozy vibe to the room. Many accessories can be paired with this table, like knotted baskets, tablemats, crystal dishes, and well-upholstered chairs.

Beige Dining Table


Bohemian style in the dining tables and rooms is fun and creative. It fills the dining room and your home with positive vibes. We hope that the above-presented table ideas inspired you.

This interior style can change the look of your room. However, if you fully want to enjoy your meals on the dining table, then a boho makeover is a must.

It reflects a warm vibe which will make the atmosphere of the space homier and cheery. So go ahead and add a personal touch to the decor of your dining table.

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