How to Maintain and Clean a Boho Coffee Table

How to Maintain and Clean a Boho Coffee Table?

Boho coffee tables are more welcoming when they are clean and tidy! Certainly, you can’t clean your whole living space every day, but you can clear the coffee table without any more fuss. The family room should have the neatness to welcome your family members, and an untidy coffee table can make your mood down without any further clutter.

Cleaning can be done with various types of needs and requirements of your table. Certainly, you might be in love with your coffee table; that’s what took you here to search for daily cleaning ideas to keep your boho Coffee table shining like a jewel. You have already given your biggest investment in the furniture; now, you only need to invest your time in cleaning it routinely.

Come! Let’s see the different types of boho Coffee table and their maintenance!

1. The Wooden Coffee Table

The Wooden Coffee Table

A piece of Wooden furniture can make a worthy investment in your house. It stands beyond generations. On a wooden coffee table, you might frequently face the water rings issue if you forget to use the coaster. If you don’t have them, buy them immediately. These can save your wooden boho coffee table for years by preventing the condensation of glasses from seeping into the wood. Clean the wooden table with clean pieces of cloth to dust, and you can use some polish, vinegar, or lemon if you have any oily patches on your coffee table. Wipe down the table with a new cloth to take all the remaining oil and make it shine.

If your coffee table is made of unfinished wood, use baking soda with water to rub and clean the whole coffee table grains. And finally, blast the hair dryer to dry it fully.

To give some polishing in your household, use some soap and microfiber cloth to treat the scratches or stains. Make sure not to soak the table with water; gently use the cloth and use a dry piece of cloth to stay out of water.

2. Glass Boho Coffee Table

Glass Boho Coffee Table

You need to be more cautious and aware of cleaning your glass coffee table. The lint-free microfiber can be the perfect choice to clean the glass table in a fast and easy way. And newspapers are the other best option you can’t deny, but be careful to avoid the ink transfer. You can use soft soaps and vinegar in a minimum amount to clean the streaks in your glass coffee table.

3. Leather Table Top

Leather Table Top

The luxurious and high-end boho coffee tables with the leather top are the most preferred in the latest trend as they don’t stain. Yet they are more vulnerable to wear off and improper cleaning. You can use a soft cloth with very less soap in a circular motion to clean the leather. And you need to finish cleaning as soon as possible to avoid overdoing or dampening the leather. You need to dry the leather top with a clean, dry hand towel to remove the water; you can also blow dry them too. To maintain the oil loss in your leather, you can apply a coat of leather conditioner.

4. The Metal Top Boho Coffee Table

 The Metal Top Boho Coffee Table

Cleaning a metal coffee table is quite straightforward, with some soap and cloth to wipe off all the dirt and remnants. The main thing is to maintain the floor from the metal staining. You can use a piece of cloth under the legs of your boho coffee table to avoid staining the floor. For stainless steel and chrome table tops, the cleaning is similar to the kitchen utensils. For powder-coated metal tops, use a microfiber cloth to dust, and you can use a wet cloth with minimal soap to clean the surfaces. You can spray-paint the primer to your metal-top coffee table to clean the areas and do some repainting.

5. Keeping Your Coffee Table Clean

Keeping Your Coffee Table Clean

The best way to maintain your coffee table from all the issues is to maintain it properly. Prevention is better than cure, right? The first thing you need to do is to clear all the clutter by arranging the things on your coffee table in a tray or basket to showcase your personal belongings. This gives a more functional area with private storage space.

The table top is not a storage space for your magazines. Never forget to clear the older ones every single day, like you clear your mind before starting your day. You can invest in a separate storage table to avoid this clutter.

Reconsider the size of your boho Coffee table to avoid getting the bigger one and keep it as a storage top. Instead of it, you can buy a minimal-size coffee table and decorate it with only the essential items you want to have in it.


The boho coffee table can be the center of attraction to any household as this is picked with more care and a wide range of research. You need to take care of what you have been longing for, right? Take good care of your coffee table to make it set for the whole living area. It should only be for good if it is maintained well.

The majority of the boho coffee tables are made of natural wood fibers, so never forget to maintain and polish the wood in frequent duration to keep it for generations. Try these cleaning and maintenance tips and give your feedback after cleaning in the comment section below.

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