How to DIY a Boho Coffee Table

How to DIY a Boho Coffee Table?

A Boho coffee table can be the energetic, refreshing site you want to have in the morning. You might need a suitable boho touch for your living room or bedroom coffee table. That can be facile to achieve with these DIY boho ideas with your creativity.

The boho style has its diversity not only in the material but also in the creation method. There is no such rule to create boho art, which makes it perfect without more studies or analysis. So anyone who has the passion to create a piece of artistic furniture can start doing the boho coffee table. You can customize the basic layout of the coffee table and give it a boho touch.

That’s why we give you these ideas to start your boho coffee table DIY project. Come on, Let’s take you to the next step of your creation with some ideas to start and create your masterpiece!

1. Bright White to Start

Bright White to Start

  • Step 1: Here, you can use the white marble at the top of the table as a functional area.
  • Step 2: You can attach the white wood sticks piled together to hold the marble. take the white wood sticks of even size or cut them into the same size.
  • Step 3: Fix the flat marble top over the piled sticks and secure it safely.

This is a classy, rich coffee table with a boho inspiration.

2. The Ottoman Fabric Boho

The Ottoman Fabric Boho

The coffee table is made of a solid wood box cover with a fine fabric fitted to the box to give the Ottoman style. Here, you can choose any fabric you may want to give contrast to your other living room furniture. Certainly, you can give the ribbon to the border to make it extra special. You can use a bright color floral fabric for a country house theme and a plain satin or velvety lighter tones for modern and sleek living areas.

3. Boho Coffee Table with Hairpin Leg

Boho Coffee Table with Hairpin Leg

The classy appearance of this coffee table is a definite treat. This DIY project needs polished light wood to go for the top and the hairpin metal clamps for the legs. The assembling can be done with some screws easily.

  • Step 1: Select the wooden plank for your boho coffee table and finish it with cutting and sanding. You can choose any live edge board for uniqueness.
  • Step 2: After finishing the board, attach the hairpin metal legs with the acres and brackets.

This chic table can catch your breath once it is ready in your living space. The neutral tone makes it suited to any vibe you want to have in your house.

4. DIY for The Artist Inside You

 DIY for The Artist Inside You

If you are an artist, the options are endless, and you can create many more masterpieces with all of your already existing DIY coffee tables to make the simple DIY tables into a classic boho coffee table.

  • Step 1: Get prepared with your DIY coffee table like the above one.
  • Step 2: Now, give your coffee table a little splash of colors with your favorite painting on it.
  • Step 3: Let it dry and give a varnish coating to make it stay there longer.

Now, your DIY coffee table is ready with a personal touch from you. It will stand out from all of your home decorations and express your talent.

5. Resin Wood Coffee Table

Resin Wood Coffee Table

Have you mastered the art of resin designing recently? Want to give it a try on your coffee table? Let’s do this. You can start with some agate crystal slices, glitters, paints, and resin, of course.

  • Step 1: First, fix the agate slices in the middle of your table throughout the horizontal line.
  • Step 2: Pour some of your metallic paints on both sides and don’t forget to isolate the sections for the final look you want to achieve.
  • Step 3: Add a lavish rivery spread of glitter over the paint and let everything dry perfectly.
  • Step 4: Finally, add the resin by pouring it all over the coffee table by following the instructions on the resin box. Usually, it takes 72 hours to cure the resin fully.
  • Step 5: And finally, give the wood stain to the corners of your table to have the finishing touch.

Now, your marble-patterned DIY boho coffee table is ready to use.

6. Tickets on Your Table

Tickets on Your Table

Do you have a hobby of collecting tickets? You have never thrown a single ticket from your previous purchases, right? This DIY boho art is definitely for your satisfaction.

  • Step 1: Bring out all the tickets you have in your closet, backpack, and pockets from everywhere to the coffee table. Glue the tickets all over the table without any gaps, and avoid spilling the glue over the tickets, too. We want the art to be more crispy and catchy.
  • Step 2: After sticking every single ticket, tape the corners of your table and apply a lavish coat of polyurethane all over your tickets by simply pouring the mixture. This is way better than applying varnish.
  • Step 3: You can set the polyurethane by gently blow drying with a warmer such as your hair dryer. It normally sets up 48 hours after work. But make sure this doesn’t have any bubbles before letting it dry.
  • Step 4: Finally, peel off the masking tape and give some sanding all around the corners to have the final touch.

Now, your boho coffee table momentum is ready to catch the center of attraction in your living area.


The boho coffee table concept is simply an advantageous theme for anyone who seeks difference with a personal touch. These boho coffee tables are nothing but the display of the inner energy and warmth you want to share with your family. You can start with creating the table if you are more on the carpentry side.

Maybe you want to try your hand at the boho creation on your coffee table. Everything is cool with the boho design as it is much more flexible and personalized. Have you found any interesting ideas from above? Share your experience and all the fun you had while you made this boho coffee table with your DIY personal touch of magic!

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