Best Scandinavian Counter Chairs You Won't Find Anywhere Else

18 Best Scandinavian Counter Chairs You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Scandinavian counter chairs or Scandi counter stools are one of the most popular chairs these days and are a must-have for any home. They are not just for modern homes but also work well with traditional/country decor.

You see them in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, kitchens, and diners. Their lightweight and adjustable design makes them ideal for children and adults. However, most people are unaware of what exactly Scandinavian counter chairs are.

The Scandinavian counter chairs are outstanding pieces of furniture beautifully crafted from high-quality materials. They make any room look more beautiful and unique.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the finest Scandi counter stools that would add a touch of zing to your home decor without breaking the bank.

1. Hee Welling Style Chair

Hee Welling Style Chair

After studying art and design in Helsinki, Hee Welling earned a master’s degree in furniture design from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

He has created a chair that is becoming increasingly iconic, thanks to its sleek and simple shell supported by bent beech legs with soap-finished oak veneer, all made in his fabulous Copenhagen facility. No matter where you place this chair, it will always look contemporary and fresh.

2. Wegner Wishbone Style Chair

Wegner Wishbone Style Chair

Hans J. Wegner’s Wishbone chair is one of his best-known creations, but finding one in the market isn’t as hard as you think.

It’s the perfect finishing touch for your Scandinavian-inspired home if you want a more realistic feel.

3. Wegner CH33 Style Chair

Wegner CH33 Style Chair

This is another high-quality replica of a design by the late great Hans J. Wegner, whose designs are highly sought after because of their elegant appearance and sculptural beauty.

You can get this furniture with either an oak or chestnut finish, along with a beige cloth or black faux leather upholstery.

4. Arne Jacobsen Style Series 7 Style Side Chair

Arne Jacobsen Style Series 7 Style Side Chair

Known as much for his furniture as for his architecture, Arne Jacobsen trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He later became a professor who inspired a new generation of Scandinavian artists.

The Series 7 Style Chair was one of his most popular designs, and this perfect replica will allow it to reach a considerably wider audience.

5. Eames Style Dining Chair

Eames Style Dining Chair

Despite being American-born and educated, Charles and Ray Eames were inspired by Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen.

Contemporary decorators can easily find affordable, authentic replicas of Eames’ works due to Eames’ passion for molded forms.

6. Eames Style Rocking Chair

Eames Style Rocking Chair

Here we have yet another fantastic chair that is inspired by the Eames design. This chair, like many from its age, is low to the ground, making it an excellent choice for minimalistic decor.

In addition to black, blue, red, green, and ever-versatile white, this scandi counter stool is available in a wide range of colors.

7. Panton S Style Chair

Panton S Style Chair

The futuristic style of Danish furniture designer Verner Panton left an indelible impression on the world. His iconic Panton Chair is a great way to inject some mid-century style into a contemporary space thanks to its smooth curves.

As with the real Panton chairs, these replicas can be stacked neatly for easy storage.

8. Muuto Nerd Dining Chair

Muuto Nerd Dining Chair

Are you looking for something more modern? This design from 2012 was made by rising star David Geckeler, who has roots in both Berlin and Copenhagen.

The most amazing thing about the Nerd Chair is not that it’s made of plywood with strong walnut or oak legs but rather that there are no screws or other mountings that are visible. This chair has been cleverly designed to fit in with any modern decor.

9. Arne Jacobsen Drop Chair

Arne Jacobsen Drop Chair

Here’s an item that definitely has a vintage feel! The Drop Chair by Arne Jacobsen combines sculptural value with functional comfort. It has been more than 50 years since this chair was officially released, but now fans of Scandinavian design can once again enjoy it.

This collection is now on offer in a range of grayscale tones, one of which has a very light blue undertone. So now is the time to round out your dining room with a set of these!

10. Muuto Cover Chair

Muuto Cover Chair

Designed by Thomas Bentzen of Copenhagen, this chair is perfect for selective buyers. It is made of a modern design that uses no metal in its build, instead relies on the solidity of the wood and the creativity of the design to keep the chair sturdy.

These seats are a must-have for any trendy kitchen. The seat height of each chair is 18 inches, and the chair’s height is 30 inches. The chairs are so versatile that they can even be used as modern dining options.

11. A Grand Prix Seat by Arne Jacobsen

A Grand Prix Seat by Arne Jacobsen

Grand Prix chair – an innovative, visually arresting, ergonomically optimized design from 1957 – pioneered a new approach to chair design.

This timeless piece comes in a variety of colors, each one expertly colored to highlight the natural beauty of the layers of wood used in its manufacturing. Their sturdy tubular steel legs put them clearly within the realms of practical mid-century modern design.

12. Eames Molded Plywood Style Dining Chair

Eames Molded Plywood Style Dining Chair

These replica chairs are a brilliant investment for design enthusiasts because they are made to the same standards as the originals.

Not only do they look nice, but they’re also functional and remarkably comfy, making them a brilliant choice for any setting, domestic or business.

13. Tom Kelley’s Salt Chair

Tom Kelley's Salt Chair

With its clean, modern silhouette and all the hallmarks of traditional Swedish design, the Salt Chair is a perfect addition to any living space.

Its narrow legs make it ideal for tight spaces, such as dining rooms or private dining rooms. In addition, the legs do not extend outward, so it takes up little space.

14. The J104 Chair

The J104 Chair

Designer Jorgen Baekmark created one of Denmark’s most illustrious furniture brands: FDB Mobler. This chair embodies the minimalist organic style the firm is known for.

There are tons of ways to beautify your home with lacquer finishes like black, red, white, and gray, along with the classic soaped beech.

15. Stylish Model 42 Chair by Kai Kristiansen

Stylish Model 42 Chair by Kai Kristiansen

If you’re looking for a more subdued and polished take on mid-century modern, with a touch of Scandinavian style, then this is the style for you.

These sculptural masterpieces, by far the most popular of Kai Kristiansen’s seating designs, are a fantastic fit for modern interiors, with their clean lines and sharp angles complementing both modern and classic decor.

16. Thonet Style Chair

Thonet Style Chair

Thonet chairs are pieces of furniture made by a German company known for its fine woodwork. The elegant lines suggest that this classic option was created specifically for a Scandinavian-style home, but it would look great anywhere.

These solid elm chairs are an excellent replica of the classic bentwood design and are extremely rare and expensive.

17. Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Style Chair

Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Style Chair

This model has an injection molded design, can be stacked and comes in a variety of translucent colors to complement any decor.

These transparent chairs are ideal for homes with limited natural light since they allow the most light to pass through.

18. The Saarinen Style Tulip Side Chair

The Saarinen Style Tulip Side Chair

The iconic Gateway Arch in St. Louis was designed by architect Eero Saarinen, whose passion for design and sculpting is evident in this design. Featuring the best of quirky atomic age style and mid-century sensibility, the Tulip Chair is a thoughtfully constructed piece of utilitarian artwork for the home.

By replacing the removable fabric cushions with new ones, you can change the look of your dining set whenever you want.


Overall, Scandinavian counter chairs/ Scandi counter stools are both versatile and elegant. You can make use of them in a plethora of ways, whether you have an old or new kitchen. In addition, they have clean lines, which is something that makes them stand out among other kitchen chairs.

If you’re looking to buy some chairs for the kitchen, why not give these a try? You’ll certainly enjoy having them in your space!

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