Best Sage Green Paint Colors for

15 Super Cool Sage Green Paint Colors You Should Try

Drumrolls, please! Sage green is the color of the year, and with all the deserved hype, it is ready to become a part of all our homes. From kitchen to bedroom to home offices, this is a great color to bring some calmness and a relaxing feeling to spaces.

Staying true to its name, the color sage green is inspired by the herb sage and successfully brings the feeling of nature even inside your home.

This is a soft, muted color that, without taking over the whole decor, gives a beautifully elevated look. The good part is this is such a versatile color that it compliments almost everything. There are multiple shades of sage green that vary from deeper shades to grayer cooler undertones.

Since it is so versatile, it will go great in both traditional and modern homes. Here is a guide to 15 sage green paint colors for 2023 that will help bring this big trend home.

1. Stone White by Farrow & Ball

A soft, cool neutral sage green color, this is an unmistakable sage green undertone. This color is unusually neutral with a beautiful complexity that only accentuates the look of whatever space you decide to put it in. It is inspired by a Palladian palette and has soft, cool characteristics. The formulation of this color has a new dead flat finish that works on several surfaces and gives you a matte finish. The colors are richer, and you get to enjoy the ultimate expression through the colors.

Stone White by Farrow & Ball

The Farrow & Ball-Stone White is great for rooms that do not have a dozen windows. A dining room is a place where this neutral green looks very great. It emphasizes little things in the room. The earthy tone guides anyone to the feeling of being in a garden whilst being inside.

2. French Gray by Farrow & Ball

A very soothing green gray, this French Gray is more green than gray. It fits perfectly between the two colors depending on the time of the day. This color takes inspiration from French decors and interiors that create a very relaxed feeling in the room. This is a soothing color that is perfect for most exterior woodwork. It is a great front door color and fits in perfectly in gardens and outdoors.

French Gray by Farrow & Ball

This color comes in a perfect Dead Flat finish that is perfect for different walls, woodwork, and metal. You can paint the ceilings and radiators, and it gives a very effortless transformation. It is also a matte finish color and gives a very durable last. This color looks perfect in hallways, playrooms, and busy areas.

3. Pigeon by Farrow & Ball

This is a cozy and nostalgic blue-gray sage green shade which is named after the word pigeon. It is softer and more contemporary that fits perfectly in darker spaces like a study room or a panel room. The color is also very popular on kitchen islands and delicate spaces.

Pigeon by Farrow & Ball

This color is available in the dead flat finish, which is perfect not just for walls but other spaces like woodwork and metal. It gives a great matte finish and is durable and scuff-resistant. This color is perfect for spaces that are minimal and for busy areas.

4. Herb Bouquet by Benjamin Moore

Herb Bouquet, as the name suggests, is inspired by the freshness of different herbs and is a moody sage green with malleable gray undertones. It is a classic collection and gives a beautiful finish. Given how versatile it is, you can use it anywhere on the interiors as well as the exteriors without a doubt.


To bring out more of this, you can pair it with other shades of green, like forest green which will make your space look serene and give it a tonal look. Complimentary colors to this shade include- Ballet White, and Bear Creek, which is a white and brown shade.

5. Bitter Sage by Behr

Beautiful color in the green family, this color is composed of RGB with 151- Red, 161-Green, and 141- Blue. This vintage green color is warm and gives a very timeless feel to whatever space you want to paint it to.

Bitter Sage by Behr

One of the best places to put this paint up is in the kitchen. This will give your kitchen a beautiful warm feeling that will bring the whole space together, leaving your family wanting to sit together and eat.

6. Lichen By Farrow & Ball

A calm and muted green, this color is named after the creeping algae that helps any stone age very beautifully. This is a subtle color and gives a very quiet feel. The undertone of this beautiful color is a very calm blue which makes it very natural. This is a perfect shade to use in the outdoors and places like your garden and spaces where nature is creeping into your home. You can very wonderfully paint this on an accent wall as well.

Lichen By Farrow & Ball

The beautiful color comes in a dead flat finish that works well for walls, woodwork, and metal works. Durable and very rich, once you’ve put this color up there, you won’t have to worry about it for the longest time.

7. Silver Sage by Benjamin Moore

This breezy, airy silvery shade of sage green is a great light gray with a hint of green. This is a beautiful green that gives a great ethereal quality to any space and brings smoothness. This is a part of the Benjamin Moore Classic collection and gives a rather light feel.

Silver Sage by Benjamin Moore

Wherever you paint this pale sage, there will be a feel of luminosity and neutrality. It is a calm and great color to put up even in places like your dressing rooms.

8. Sage Wisdom by Benjamin Moore

While Sage Green is considered to be a calm color, shades of it can be powerful as well. The good part is they are softly powerful where. They won’t make you feel overwhelmed but also leave an impression.

Sage Wisdom by Benjamin Moore

This one- Sage Wisdom by Benjamin Moore is a great one. It knows how to be soft but also makes a powerful statement. Given how beautiful this color is, it is perfect for ceilings and walls because it gives a great relaxing feeling but also gives an accented look.

9. Green Smoke by Farrow & Ball

A smoky green-blue color, this color by Farrow & Ball takes inspiration from the 19th-century decor idea. It comes with deepness and weathered familiarity that is incredibly inviting. The color is a great balance because it evokes calmness and serenity while also bringing weathered familiarity.

Green Smoke by Farrow & Ball

This particular color comes in a dead flat finish and can be used in any part of the house, but our favorite is painting this sage green color to the bathroom. It will give it a warm and relaxing feeling without being overpowering at all.

10. Money Moves by Clare

The exact shade of the crisp dollar bill, this sage green shade makes your home and walls look like a million dollars indeed. Brought to you by Clare, this color pays homage to one of their favorite musical favorites- Okurrr!!! It gives superior coverage and is available in both interior and exterior paints. This color makes a great color for traditional dining rooms and is slightly formal.

Money Moves by Clare

11. Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams

A very versatile green, this color brings calmness and freshness into your space without making it very green. It is a gorgeous mix of green and gray with just the right hint of blue.

Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams

As you see the color, you will feel the freshness all at once. It is a darker shade of sage green but gives a great look, mainly on accent walls. The earthy feel in this green color marries very well with brown tones and goes great with all darker brown furniture.

12. Svelte Sage by Sherwin Williams

A nature-inspired green color with a cool undertone, this sage green variant breathes sophistication into your space. The color has a beautiful gray undertone and brings out a beautiful color that is very natural and natural. The color is composed in a way that you can put it on the inside and outside of your space.

Svelte Sage by Sherwin Williams

13. Mizzle by Farrow & Ball

A very modest gray, this color by Farrow and Ball will remind you of evening skies that are a mix of both mist and drizzle. The green pigment is strong and refreshing but slowly diminishes into a cool blue tone that is just the right balance. Painting your rooms in this color is a great idea because it will give you a soft look while also not being dull.

Mizzle by Farrow & Ball

If you are looking for a perfect room to splash this paint, your laundry room can be one of those. It is a soothing shade, and you will feel so at ease doing your household chores while being surrounded by this color.

14. Texas Sage by Benjamin Moore

An ultra-muted olive green, this green fades into a medium gray and is a great sage green to put up in most parts of your home. It is a part of the Benjamin Moore Classic Collection and promotes rest and relaxation. It is a great color to put up in your bedroom as it will give you the relaxation you are looking for in any bedroom.

Texas Sage by Benjamin Moore

15. Dirty Martini by Clare

A great green paint, this is a sage green variant for anyone who likes shaken and stirred colors. The cloudy olive green brings sophistication to any room it is put in and makes it a statement room altogether. Given how fresh and dreamy it feels, it is a great color to put up in office bedrooms, making them relaxing while you are dealing with a load of other work.

Dirty Martini by Clare

How is Sage Green Different From Mint Green?

Green comes in various different shades, and one of those shades is sage green. It is a green-gray color shade. Think about dried sage leaves when trying to figure out what this color really looks like. This is a very natural color and helps you feel closer to nature indeed.

And yes, Sage Green is very different from mint green. While they do look similar, mint green is definitely more cool and beachy. Mint green brings more brightness to the room, while Sage green is more subdued and calm.

What to Pair Sage Green, With?

We have said it before, and we will say it again, Sage green is incredibly versatile and can be treated like a neutral color. You can pair this beautiful green with colors like-

  • Black
  • White
  • Blush Pink
  • Coral
  • Yellow
  • Brown

If you are planning to pick up a gray tone, you can choose a cooler color to pair it with, like a silver or an earthier brown, to mix and match. You can also pair the color based on the colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. For instance, you can pair sage green with plum or purple. You can also go for a monochrome look where you can pair some other green colors with sage green, like olive or pistachio, to make your space look tonal.

What Else Can I Do with Sage Green Color?

While sage green is a great color to put up on any wall, you can also include the color with other elements. You can use accessories of sage green color to make your room look elevated. You can include some of these things in your shopping list.

1. Sage Green Blanket

Sage Green Blanket

You can easily bring the sage green trend into your bedding. A lofty cotton quilt will make you feel really good. You can put this quilt on different types of bedding, and it will elevate the look of your room altogether.

2. A Sage Green Rug

A Sage Green Rug

Rugs are a very good addition to any space. Adding a sage green rug will only make your room look and feel more comfortable. You can get either a solid one or a checkered one like this Chris Loves Julia X Loloi Francis Area Rug. It is a checkered trend that comes in muted sage tone and is a beautiful addition to any space.

3. A Sage Green Couch

_A Sage Green Couch.jpg

A couch is generally the focus of attention in most spaces. One of the ways to add a sage green element is by adding a sage green choice. You can choose any shade of sage green, and it will be elemental. If you have vintage decor, you can go for a green couch with curved edges, and for modern interiors, a sage green sofa couch with straight lines would be a great idea.

4. Sage Green Crockery and Lamp

Sage Green Crockery and Lamp.jpg

Another great way to add sage green elements to your rooms is to bring in some crockery and lamps. Sage green crockery will be great embellishments to your dining room, and sage green lamps will accentuate any place they are put into.

Last Thing to Keep in Mind

Sage green is undoubtedly one of the best colors to put up on your wall this 2023. However, there are a few things that we would suggest you keep in mind. This includes, you will have to choose a vibe you want to give to the particular space.

It would really help you if you took inspiration from different places and chose what you want to go with. There are several different options available when it comes to sage green. So, make a better choice.

Keep in mind the same color will look different in different places because of lights and textures. So, try to test them out before going head-on with a color.

This way, you will get the best look for your wall. Sage green, indeed, is worth all the hype, and it will bring so much coolness to your spaces that you will really be able to take that chill pill.

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