What Are the Current Trends in Using Sage Green in Interior Decoration

What Are the Current Trends in Using Sage Green in Interior Decoration?

Decorating your home just the way you like is the best feeling. You can pick the paint colors furniture, furniture, bedding, crockery, cutlery, and everything else, all according to your wishes. Your room is a reflection of yourself, and your personality shines brightly in a place that you decorated.

Trends in interior design are constantly changing, and you will always find new ways of incorporating your favorites. Sometimes, one color dominates the decor market. For 2022, green was that color, and sage green is a hue that was expected to be popular.

With this in mind, this article tells you about the trends in using shades of sage green in interior design. You will get a helpful guide when decorating your home.

Interior Decor Trends with Sage Green

For anybody new to interior design, sage green is a grey-green color with an earthy tone; the shade is similar to the herb with the same name. It is a very popular color since it exudes growth, peace, calm, and nature.

That’s why it is so common to find this color in many people’s houses. Now, decorating trends are always coming and going, but sage green is at the forefront this time. So, let’s get into designing trends for sage green.

1. Pair Sage Green with Natural Materials

Pair Sage Green with Natural Materials

Due to the name, sage green goes perfectly with natural materials. Wood, hardwoods, and natural stones are just a few natural materials that go well with sage green. You can put this color on the walls, cabinets, or other furnishings. If you have wooden cutlery and crockery, then sage green is an ideal choice for your home.

2. Go with a Monochromatic Palette

Go with a Monochromatic Palette

Textures and designs look amazing in your home, but you should consider monochrome. A monochrome shade really highlights all the other colors and creates a soothing atmosphere. A monochromatic wall also draws people’s attention towards it, making it the room’s focal point. Shades of green can also be paired with darker greens from the color family.

3. Incorporate Sage Green into the Bedding

Incorporate Sage Green into the Bedding

Are you not allowed to paint your wall but still want to include color in your bedroom? Not to worry. You can get sage-colored beddings. It will look soft and subtle without overpowering your bedroom. Since you spend a lot of time in your bedroom, the sage green will be a balm to your worries, and you will sleep peacefully every night.

4. Get an Accent Wall

 Get an Accent Wall

An accent wall is also a fantastic design technique. You can use it in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, breakfast nook, or office, as it is a versatile design element. If you want a limited number of design elements, then an accent wall is the perfect solution that works well.

5. Use Sage Green in the Kitchen

Use Sage Green in the Kitchen

Make sure to use sage green for your kitchen, especially for cabinets. Your kitchen will look more lively and alive. You can create a peaceful atmosphere in your kitchen, given the fact that it gets chaotic there. If you have wooden or stone countertops, the sage green cabinets will greatly complement them.

6. Put Sage Green into Your Bathroom

Put Sage Green into Your Bathroom

Sage green walls in your bathroom should also be on your design list. This color will turn your ordinary bathroom into a tranquil area. You will get a relaxing spa atmosphere where you can unwind after a long, busy day. You can even keep some flowers or plants to complement the shades of green.

7. Look Out for Sage Green Titles

Look Out for Sage Green Titles

If your bathroom or kitchen has titles, go for sage green ones. It adds a European touch to your house. The sage green tiles will make your kitchen more peaceful and your bathroom more tranquil. If you cannot change the walls, check out removable tiling for a similar look.

8. Combine Warm Accents with Sage Green

Combine Warm Accents with Sage Green

On the color spectrum, sage green is the cooler end, so add some warm accents. This combination of warm and cold colors will give a more balanced look, giving the sage green a lift. Colors like shades of white or rose gold have the warmth needed against the coolness of sage green.

9. Get Sage Green Kitchen Appliances

Get Sage Green Kitchen Appliances

Sage green is not restricted to walls, tiles, countertops, or wallpapers. For your kitchen, you can buy sage green kitchen appliances. They can match your walls or cabinets even if they are the same color as the kitchen appliances. This gives your kitchen a very cozy and cottage vibe. You can also use this color for bedding (like mentioned above) and artwork.

Final Thoughts

Making your house into a home happens when it is decorated in your favorite colors and decor. Your house is a place where you feel yourself and can be yourself.

There are so many guides to help you decorate your home; you can pick out all the helpful tips you like that can be incorporated into the interior design.

This article was one of those resources that showed you the latest trends in interior design for using shades of green. Sage green is a beautiful and popular choice as it creates a soothing atmosphere.

Write down in the comments how you used sage green in your home, why you picked sage green, did you use any particular interior design technique, and anything else you think other people would want to know when designing their home with sage green.

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