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How to Maintain and Keep Walls Clean when Painted with a Sage Green Shade?

“I like dirty walls,” – said no one ever. Keeping walls, floors, and ceilings clean is a big challenge in itself. Whether it’s your exterior walls or interior walls, just a speck of dirt or a bad flaw is enough to ruin your day.

If your walls are painted with a shade of sage green, you are saved to a certain extent compared to pristine white walls or having some neutral tones on your walls. In fact, households with small kids and pets are often advised to paint deeper colors to avoid too many scars and marks.

But even then, over time, there is a tendency for your walls to accumulate dust and dirt and acquire blotches automatically, particularly in the trims and bases.

So, here is a blog that will enumerate details on how to keep your walls, particularly if it has shades of sage green, clean and bright with time.

Ways to Maintain Walls Painted With Shades of Sage Green

Always perform a spot test with the cleaning agent on your walls before cleaning the whole wall to avoid spoiling the paint all over the surface.

1. Keep Baseboards and Trims Clean

Keep Baseboards and Trims Clean

If baseboards and trims are not clean in appearance, the walls painted with a shade of sage green would appear dirtier. This is because they are accessible areas for kids and pets to get muddy and dirty easily.

So, you can wash the stains from the baseboards and trims to maintain the cleanliness of your walls. Another smart recommendation from interior experts is to color the baseboards and trims in darker shades to prevent the scuffs from becoming noticeable, but that’s difficult to do when your walls are sage green in color.

2. Use High-Quality Paints

Use High-Quality Paints

If you are using cheaper quality paints, your walls and ceilings might appear dirtier because of the poor coverage that the paints provide. Therefore, apply paints with a satin finish and good overall coverage to prevent your walls from looking dingy and shabby.

If you are painting your walls on a budget, then consider waiting for a sale or try using a promo code to make expensive paints fit your budget and also make your walls appear shiny and clean.

3. Choose the Right Color Combination

Choose the Right Color Combination

Sometimes, your color combination might not be right, which gives your walls a shabby appearance. If you have painted your walls in a shade of sage green, you must choose the correct color accents to gain a cohesive look.

You could begin coloring your walls with light or medium-toned sage green shades. You could then choose darker shades of greens to get the accent color. Otherwise, employ colors that have a gray-green undertone. When working with sage green, creams, and whites are also other combination options.

4. Dust Your Walls and Wash with a Mild Detergent

Dust Your Walls and Wash with a Mild Detergent

Removing the accumulated dust from your walls painted in a shade of sage green is essential to make your walls appear shiny and clean. Clean the cobwebs and the dry dust that settles on the surface either with a microfiber dust cloth wrapped in a sweeper or vacuum cleaning with a soft brush.

Clean the walls with a solution of gentle detergent and warm water. Use a sponge to clean the walls from the top to the base of the wall. Use a step ladder or stool to reach the topmost parts of our wall. You can also rinse off the soap solution with clean water again.

5. Use Vinegar to Bid Goodbye to Stubborn Stains

Use Vinegar to Bid Goodbye to Stubborn Stains

If you are fighting with a stubborn stain on the wall painted with a shade of sage green, here is a fix. Dilute a cup of white vinegar into a pale of warm water and clean the stain with this solution.

Other alternatives include diluting half a cup of baking soda into warm water and removing stains with this solution.

If you mix a cup of borax and 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid in a bucket of warm water, this could also serve as a splendid cleaning agent for your dirty walls with stubborn stains.

But always remember to avoid using alcohol-based cleaning agents as they will damage the painted surface.

6. Touch Up Damage

Touch Up Damage

Wear and tear of the painted walls keep occurring with time due to kids and pets playing around, movement of furniture, etc. What you can do to keep your walls perfect is to touch up damaged areas with leftover paints.

You could sand the chipped surface slightly to remove the old paint and then apply a fresh coat of paint. If there are holes, fill them with pudding and apply a coat of recalcitrant stain and a stain sealer. Finally, touch up the surface with paint.

If a part of the wall is damaged due to leakage and the formation of air bubbles, consider fixing the problem of leakage first, followed by scraping, sanding, and repainting the surface of the wall.

Concluding Thoughts

Sage green is already a subtle and sober shade of green that looks great on exterior and interior walls. There are plenty of ways also to decorate your rooms and home exterior with sage green shade.

Hopefully, our techniques will be useful for you to keep your walls painted with shades of sage green clean. A clean house with clean walls creates a good ambiance and makes your home appear chic and elegant. At the same time, regular dusting is necessary, along with the need to give spot treatments occasionally to prevent your home from looking dirty.

After a painting session, you must keep trying to maintain the walls so that your paint lasts a long time.

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