How to Make the Most of a Small Stairs Landing Space?

Bedroom? Check. Front yard or porch? Check. Kitchen cabinet space? Check. Garden equipment unit? Check. When it’s about home renovation, we tend to focus on decorating all the parts of the home so that the whole decor is harmonious. But even then, one very special place gets left out. Yep! The stairs are landing space.

Imagine ascending a flight of beautifully carved-out staircases, only to land on a completely bland or out-of-sync stairs landing decor. Pretty disappointing, right? Well, if you want to save yourself or your guests from such disheartening situations, this blog is all for your help to suggest some of the best stair landing decor for the next time you plan a decor.

Simple Small Stair Landing Decor Ideas

Ascending a long flight of stairs can be annoying, especially when nothing is exciting on the other end. So, what can one do? Redecorate the stairs landing area. There are many ways of decorating stair landings, and a few of the best ones are listed below.

1. Window Sofa

Window Sofa

Everyone needs a little ‘Me Time,’ some personal space now and then. And what better than having one without disturbing your other home decor? If you want to spend those quiet moments of the day with yourself, a window sofa is your answer to it. This type of stair landing decor is best for the staircases that end with a view of the window with a wide sill. You can put some comfy cushioning and curtains and turn it into a pretty space for reading books or even watching rainfall.

2. Bookshelf


This is yet another of the best stair landing decors where you can satisfy the bookworm in you or your children. Having a bookshelf or a reading area in the stairs landing space can bring the best of curiosity for what will be there in the next chapter of your favorite book. You can choose to have an in-built bookshelf or bring a separate one if your stairs landing area allows. Bookshelves give not only the stair landing decor but even the whole house a minimalistic and mature vibe.

3. Mirrors and Plants

 Mirrors and Plants

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the smartest home decorator of them all? The one who uses mirrors in stair landing decor. As we all know, having mirrors around your house makes it appear much more spacious. Therefore, placing a large mirror on the stairs landing space will enhance the volume and scope of what was earlier a small landing area. And green plants? Well, it’s pretty much known that green plants enliven the home interior and bring fresh positivity, so yeah, that’s something you can always use in your stair-landing decor.

4. Home Office Setup

Home Office Setup

If you have a little workaholic in you, we understand! Or even if not, we all need a silent workspace of our own for days when the work gets too much, and you have to give in some extra late hours. So utilizing that stairs landing area is the ideal option. This ensures that even if you cannot give yourself a dedicated office at home, you can still have one. You can place a compact set of work desks and chairs, put some lamps, and get down to work in a comfortable and focused space.

5. A Wall Gallery

A Wall Gallery

This stair landing decor idea comes in handy in cases when you do not want to puncture your walls by hanging too many portraits despite being an art lover. Or even when your children want you to hang all their drawings on the walls. In those cases, the wall just facing the end of the stairs landing can be used as your art gallery. Now, you won’t ever have to run out of places to hang those extra sets of wall paintings you bought just because they were pretty. Go ahead and fulfill all your decor dreams.

Purpose of Stair Landing Decor

The answer to this very basic yet crucial question is, in fact, pretty simple. The stair landing decor not only creates a fresh, new vibe of space in your home that would rather go vacant as an extra storage space or just be left out with a few chairs lying around. The purpose is to make even a small stairs landing area worthwhile for your family and guests.


Isn’t it rightly said a home is never about just four walls? It’s also about the small doorways, the fireplaces, the design and decor, and most of all, it’s about everything in tandem. A house feels complete when each part speaks of you.

Now that you have this quick and detailed list of stair landing decor ideas, what will it be for you? The cozy book corner or an aesthetic mirror on the wall? Well, whichever it is, we hope no stairs landing space in your home feels left out whenever you redecorate/renovate next. Always remember, the secret to perfection is always in the tiny details.

So go ahead and make that stairs landing space worthwhile.

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