Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog 9130: Paint Color Review

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog 9130: A Complete Review

Looking for a calm and refreshing color that soothes your eyes and interiors? The Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog 9130 is the perfect match for walls and furniture. This green-meets-gray shade is ideal for any space or design style. The SW Evergreen Fog 9130 has been the color of the year in 2022 due to its calm and composed nature. Having a versatile chameleon green color with a tint of blue in your home gives the place a simple yet sophisticated look.

The advantage of having evergreen fog in the interior is that it can be paired with numerous other shades in both light and dark categories for a visually appealing look. Moreover, you can use the SW Evergreen fog as a standalone paint for creating a bold statement. Nowadays, the trend is painting interior walls and furniture with a neutral shade.

The reason behind this is that the paint remains classic and timeless and offers modern comfort. Not only does it blend well with other paints but also with wooden furniture and accessories.

The article includes all that you need to know about the SW Evergreen Fog and the colors that go best with this paint.

Why Choose Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog 9130?

Why Choose Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog 9130

Choosing a paint from the green family will give your place a rejuvenating look that breaks the monotony. Moreover, this paint color sets a connection with nature and possesses dual qualities of warm and cool color components.

The light reflectance value (LRV) of this paint color is 30, which means it falls in the darker shade category. But this gray-green color can look great as an accent wall. Moreover, as per your choice, this paint color can turn a space into a rustic view or a modern view.

The reason for choosing Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog is its versatility of coordination with different types of light. You can apply this paint color in any corner of the house, and the paint will highlight the spot and make it look elegant. The SW evergreen fog 9130 can be used in the entryways, bedroom, living area, kitchen cabinets, and even the patio, which will convert your space into a more tranquil one.

Which Colors Can Be Paired with Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog 9130?

Which Colors Can Be Paired with Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog 9130

While selecting a paint for the interiors or any other furniture, you choose a paint color that not only looks beautiful and natural but also elevates your current space. Select a paint color that never leaves the trend and creates a great impression of the house.

Here are a few colors that can be paired with the Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog to create an aesthetic look.

1. Shoji White

Shoji White

The shoji white has an LRV of 74, which not only imparts a lighter shade but also looks rich when applied on walls, cabinets, etc. This paint color is an amalgamation of a light red undertone and grayish color. This neutral color beautifies the space and gives it a warm touch. Here both the evergreen fog and shoji white are neutral colors.

This allows the blending of a warm and cool color tone, giving the space a dynamic view. You can choose to have an SW evergreen fog accent wall or paint the fireplace with this shade and complement the other wall with the shoji white. Both these paints complement each other, making the space more airy and bright.

2. Accessible Beige

Accessible Beige

This paint color has an LRV of 58, making the place lighten up and keeping it serene at the same time. This paint color is beige with a grayish undertone, which gives it a neutral look.

Using calm color paints like this and evergreen fog makes the interior feel up to date. The pair of these two paints will not pull too much focus away from other aspects of your home. Moreover, the evergreen fog and accessible beige will coordinate with any color of wood flooring, lights, and even trims.

The evergreen fog and accessible beige blend perfectly in an open-concept living area, making it lighter due to its neutral shade. The pair works perfectly for all kinds of furniture and decor.

3. Urbane Bronze

Urbane Bronze

This paint color has an LRV of 8, which means it is the darkest shade. The urbane bronze comes in a deep brown to off-black color with a tint of gray and green that creates a statement in the interiors.

Due to the clear light-dark combination, the room appears visually appealing. Urbane Bronze is meant to be the accent wall, while evergreen fog takes on the other three walls. The darker shade proves to be the perfect background for hanging frames, signboards, and souvenirs, as the wall has highlighting qualities.

The undertones of the urbane bronze are the same as evergreen fog, but the level of depth gives it its unique character. The darker shade can be used sparingly, while the evergreen fog should be used in abundance to make the room feel larger and reflect more light.

4. Woven Wicker

Woven Wicker

This paint color has an LRV of 33 and is a perfect pair for the evergreen fog. Due to its warmer brown leaning color, the woven wicker gives the place a wooden touch and blends well with SW Evergreen fog. You can choose to pair these paints in the living area, bathroom, outdoors, etc., to steal the show.

Both paints can be complemented with brass or golden hardware, white furniture, and dark flooring for decorative purposes. The evergreen fog is green and gray, while woven wicker is a pretty rich desert tan-type color. Any of these can be used as accent walls as they represent nature and woods.

5. Uber Umber

Uber Umber

This paint color has an LRV of 12, which carries a darker shade of brown when applied. It is a great combination to pair with the evergreen fog. The light-dark combination gives a visually appealing look to the place. Furthermore, you can choose the darker shade in the living area paired with some metallics for an aesthetic look.

The evergreen fog, when paired with Uber umber, gives a rich tone to the place. The darker shade highlights the wall, whereas the evergreen fog keeps it neutral.

6. Bakelite Gold

Bakelite Gold

This paint color has an LRV of 38 and gives the space a bright and crisp look. The advantage of using evergreen fog is that it blends easily with other paint colors, no matter whether it is lighter or darker than the fog. The SW Evergreen fog can be used as a single color and paired with different shades like Bakelite gold for a balanced and refreshing look.

The bakelite gold shade is a sunny orange color that is toned down a bit with some brown. This shade, when paired with evergreen fog, can lighten ups the space and makes it look unconventional from the normal shades. All the above-paired colors are designed in a manner that keeps the evergreen fog as a primary focal point.

Where Can I Use Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog 9130 in The Home?

Where Can I Use Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog 9130 in The Home

The sherwin williams evergreen fog was the paint of the year in 2022 due to its qualities of being neutral, soothing, and blending with a wide range of colors. This soft green color works well in almost every backdrop and room, giving the space a natural look.

Moreover, this paint from the green family is an excellent choice for both interiors and exteriors of the house. The evergreen fog remains subtle and elevates decorative materials like lights, furniture, and flooring. You can use fabrics that give the place a natural touch. Moreover, black, brass, or golden lights, wooden floors, and furniture will create a statement for the interior and make the place look bigger.

Here is a compilation of the places where Sherwin Williams’s evergreen Fog 9130 can be used inside the house and even the exterior for a beautiful look.

1. Entryway or Mudroom

Entryway or Mudroom

The entryway in the house is the first stop for you and your guests. It is actually a place that creates the impression of the entire house. A neutral shade like evergreen fog is the perfect selection for this spot, as it will keep the place light and airy. You can choose to create a board and batten wall and paint it with sherwin williams evergreen fog for a decorative purpose.

The trims can be painted with off-white or pure-white paint to create different dimensions. Furthermore, you can add creativity and a rustic look to the evergreen fog entryway by keeping some natural plants and wooden trays.

2. Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

The neutral shade of evergreen fog has made its place inside the kitchen too. If you have the concept of an open living area and kitchen, you can highlight the kitchen cabinets by using this shade of paint. Not only is the SW evergreen fog light, but it also makes the kitchen look spacious.

The evergreen fog has the quality of turning a space into a modern look and also imparts a farmhouse touch, as per the requirement.

Due to its LRV, the evergreen fog needs to be paired with other shades for an appealing look. If you are using this paint color on your kitchen cabinets, pair it with white chairs, trims, and ceilings, for an airy look.

3. Bedroom


The evergreen fog is the perfect paint for a bedroom or guest room. The light, airy, and subtle shade of green makes the room look bigger and calmer. Due to its LRV, you can use the Sherwin-Williams evergreen fog as an accent wall.

The bedroom can be decorated with a board and batten wall behind the bed or simply an accent wall with the other three walls in white shade. The benefit of having an evergreen fog in the room is that any wooden furniture, like a bed, dresser, bench, etc., blends naturally with it. Moreover, it also mixes well with black and white fabrics, wall hangings, etc.

4. Bathroom


Painting the bathroom cabinets or walls with paint is beneficial, as it will not allow the water droplets to cling, and it becomes easy to clean. Evergreen fog is a great choice for bathroom cabinets and board and batten walls, as it will keep the space airy and bright.

Apart from this, you can also coat a wall in the bathroom with the sherwin williams evergreen fog and use the vertical space. You can include open shelves to keep all the toiletries and beautify the space with plants and a few wall hangings. Light-colored flooring and white walls will elevate the space.

5. Outdoors


The entrance door can be coated with the sherwin williams evergreen fog for a neutral and beautiful look. This shade blends with various colors elegantly and catches attention, so it is the perfect match for an entrance door. Furthermore, you can accessorize the outdoors with welcome mats, sidelights, a few border shrubs, etc., to beautify the space. You can play with colors like black, white, and brown to create a scenic spot. Moreover, the evergreen fog paint color will look great on your patio as a backdrop or on the furniture. You can use a two-toned table that has a white or wooden surface and evergreen fogged table legs outdoors.

6. Accessories


Painting a room or the whole house in a totally new color is an experiment. You don’t want to spoil the current look with an unknown color. The evergreen fog paint gives a natural look to the space. You can convert your home into a traditional or boho space with these coats of paint and still be on a budget.

If you are not sure about using the entire wall as an evergreen fogged one, just paint a few ceramics, like a vase or a cupboard, in this paint. This not only ensures that the color blends with your furniture and flooring but also gives a decorative and unique look to the space.


The Sherwin Williams evergreen fog fulfills all the criteria of wall paint. It is a calm shade of green that will never leave the trend, and elevate the space or furniture, wherever it is applied. Furthermore, it is a paint that remains a neutral background that highlights its paired paint colors.

This shade of paint is the perfect resemblance of natural elements inside a house. The SW evergreen fog’s undertones make it the perfect choice for painting inside the house. It can be used with any decor items, materials, or accent walls and can be applied in any style; textured, with other wallpapers, in board and batten, etc.

The unique quality of this paint is that it can impart a vintage touch, a farmhouse touch, and even a sophisticated touch to the space. Choosing the sherwin williams evergreen fog 9130 is the perfect paint choice, as it will remain classic for a long time, and it is irreplaceable in your space.

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