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16 Contemporary House Designs for Your Modern House

When it comes to designing your own house, we all want the result to be perfect as it is a one-time investment a person makes and has always dreamed about. Most people prefer modern house designs these days, but nothing can beat contemporary architecture or classic designs of the house.

People always spend a lot of time planning the house’s interior decor with so much attention that the exterior kind of gets missed or rushed up. To help you build your dream and unique modern house, we will discuss some contemporary exterior designs that will elevate the complete house look.

Before that, let’s understand what are the key characteristics that make contemporary architecture stand out from rest house designs.

Characteristics of Contemporary Architecture for Modern Houses

Contemporary architecture has some key features that make them carry the legacy of being classic with a natural yet unique look. The style of contemporary architecture is fluid, combining both traditional and modern design features. Consider these characteristics of contemporary architecture when building your dream modern houses to give them a classic finish.

  1. Combination of different styles – de-clutter is a significant part of contemporary house designs with balanced, well-planned decor placement.
  2. Combination of angles and curves – curves and angles are essential in contemporary architecture, drawing attention to the design of the house.
  3. Composition of free-form shapes – a simple and uncluttered style is a contemporary way of designing the house.
  4. Asymmetrical elements – asymmetrical elements bring creativity and unusual definition to your space.
  5. An open floor plan – an open floor plan emphasizes lines, simplicity, and lighting of the space, such as an open kitchen and dining area.
  6. A large glass window – large windows, skylights, and glass walls enhance the appearance of the house bringing natural light into the house.
  7. Design considering sustainability – contemporary house designs believe in keeping things natural, so their designs focus on sustainability.

Contemporary architecture gives the designer space and freedom to incorporate different styles, structures, and elements to create a natural look. We have discussed different amazing contemporary exterior designs to give your modern houses a whole new look with contemporary styling.

Amazing Renovating Ideas for Modern Houses

Contemporary exterior house designs are the styles that focus on current trends embracing the classic look of the house. Contemporary houses usually have asymmetric structures and use different materials on the exteriors that can be designed in multiple ways to create a rich and elegant look.

1. Combination of Light and Dark Elements

Combination of Light and Dark Elements

In contemporary houses, a combination of dark and light goes well. Usually, the exterior is kept light with some dark additions to create depth in the entire look. Some contrast looks are created with dark-colored doors and some dark-colored sitting spaces with cute white cushions. The light and dark contrasts give an overall clean and elegant look to the exterior of our modern houses.

2. Multiple Design Elements

Multiple Design Elements

Contemporary architecture with innovative design elements creates a completely new look giving space to look aesthetic. Multiple design elements based on the exterior space are chosen to uplift the unique structures. One can play around with stonework, wood, some beautiful planters, and grass to make the exterior of our modern houses even more appealing.

3. Starting from The Scratch

Starting from The Scratch

Renovating and starting the design from scratch are two different scenarios one can work for their house. Designing the dream modern house from scratch gives you multiple options to play around with contemporary architecture. The spaces present in the modern house create bold, eye-catching aesthetics and photogenic scenarios.

4. Playing with The Textures

Playing with The Textures

Contemporary designing has no limits when it comes to designing the exterior. The designers analyze the geometry of the house and, according to that plan, the further architecture and additions to be done. Different colors and materials are used to create beautiful, distinct visual sections.

5. Bring Light to Things

Bring Light to Things

Everyone wants their house to have a bold, dynamic look that does not require white or bold colors. Playing around with light gray tones, wooden work and panels, and some white paint color gives a contemporary look to our modern houses. The different materials used to design the house craft a dynamic layout and lighter palette to make every detail stand out.

6. A Contemporary Look with a Flare of Rust

A Contemporary Look with a Flare of Rust

Rustic is not exclusive to any particular design style. The designers know exactly how to curate a trendy flare of rusty vibe to complete contemporary architecture for modern houses. More detailing to the rustic look can be added with wood accents, steel planters, and dark-colored seating to complete the contemporary look.

7. Emphasis on The Exterior

Emphasis on The Exterior

As we have already mentioned above, the contemporary design calls for a natural and neutral tone. So, working with white, gray, and nature-toned materials on the exterior of the house brings a homely classic feeling. This enhances and embraces the visual appeal of the house.

8. Embracing the Natural Materials

Embracing the Natural Materials

The contemporary design embraces neutral colors and natural elements to give a finished look. The natural contemporary look can be achieved by working around with wood paneling, concrete, black and gray accessories, and natural stones. It can all be complemented with greenery and planters considering sustainability.

9. Split-Level Designing

Split-Level Designing

If you are planning to get contemporary architecture for your modern houses, split-level structures are the best option. This way, you get to design a multi-dimensional layout with different kinds of materials. The complete modern house look can be elevated with some gray paint combined with wood and metal to add contrast.

10. Add a Fresh Look

Add a Fresh Look

Contemporary architecture is all about neutral colors and natural things, which adds to the freshness the house needs. For the exterior of modern houses, one can work with gray stones, wood, and dark accessories with some white additions to give a clear definition. With huge outdoor sitting areas, one can enjoy the fresh look of the modern house with the freshness of nature.

11. Color-Block Game

Color-Block Game

There are many benefits that contemporary architecture has when someone plans to design their modern house in a classy way. It provides various options focusing on neutral shades or color-blocking with the classic black-and-white combination. The complete color-blocking game brings a noticeable and bold, appealing look to the modern house.

Emphasizing the Irregular Structures

Working around irregular shapes and structures changes the whole look of the house, giving it a new direction to be designed. Contemporary architecture includes some key characteristics of combining angles and curves along with the composition of irregular shapes. One can bring huge attention to the entrance by adding a triangular peak on the top, which will additionally provide the benefit of expanded space and a new look.

13. Go for An Industrial Look

Go for An Industrial Look

Any minimalistic and modern designed house can be transformed into an amazing industrial look with contemporary architecture. By embracing natural materials and working on the outdoors using some creativity to play around with structures, the modern house can turn into a contemporary house. Industrial aesthetics can be planted with huge concrete panels, wood, glass, and metal, creating a completely unique design.

14. Level Up The Hardscape

Level Up The Hardscape

To give a contemporary look to the house, the designers usually do the exterior with a gray or black palette with wood accents as an addition. The complete look can be elevated to a much greater scale by working on the hardscape by redesigning the layout and creating a sitting space and accents to keep the sections functional and visually appealing aesthetics.

15. Play Around Accents

Play Around Accents

Some houses with clean lines just scream to get a contemporary redo and can look magnificent with a dark exterior on a tan roof and walls bringing in the contrast. Some detailing really brings strength to the house design. Big windows and glass-paneled doors headed with lights on the top bring in different accents and transform the modern house into a classic look.

16. Blending Various Styles

Blending Various Styles

With contemporary architecture, one can play and combine various styles and geometry. Blending various styles can result in rich and elegant designs produced by embracing the lines, shapes, and geometry of the house. The structures, furniture, accessories, and the rest of the design can be planned to make it a perfect balance of blending styles and neutral tones.

Final Thoughts on Modern Contemporary House Design

Do the above ideas compel you to make up your mind to give your modern house a contemporary look? That’s great; this will transform your house and give it a fresh, natural look! The house transformation with the above-discussed house designs will give your house a clean and dynamic look which makes them worth trying.

In this blog, we have discussed some of the ways one can design a modern house in classic or contemporary architecture. So, plan the renovation and decoration of your house in classic and neutral tones and see the freshness and magic it brings around. We hope we have covered you with some amazing house designs.

If you ever get stuck while planning, don’t worry; just let us know in the comments below, and we will surely try to help you.

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