20 Limewash Brick House (with Before and After Photos)

There are many ways to change the appearance of a building, the best of which is limewash. Sure many would prefer a new coat of acrylic paint, but not everyone can afford that. Not to mention those paints are full of solvents that are not beneficial for our health. And with limewash, your bricks will be protected and strengthened!

But how willlimewash bricks look in your home? The process of limewashing brick may be easy, but the result is not the same for every house. Not to mention the range of colors you will get in this simple procedure. Porous surfaces like concrete, bricks, or stone can easily be limewashed to a new color in just a few coats.

In this article, we talk about different homes and how they have benefited from a coat of limewash.

What is Limewash?

Limewash Bricks are a concept that has been used for a long time now, but what exactly is it? Essentially, a limewash is nothing but crushed limestones mixed with water to make a wash. The process of limewashing your brick wall is simple. You just need the following materials.

What is Limewash

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All you need to do is dilute the limewash with water and mix it well with a paddle before painting.

1. Simple Brick Homes

Brick homes are a classic approach that looks timeless. The exposed red bricks add texture to an otherwise bland house. But sometimes, the same walls can get a bit monotonous. A house repair and maintenance includes taking care of its exterior. And for most, that means a paint job.

Simple Brick Homes

But a far better alternative available for brick houses is getting Limewash Bricks. This will change the slightly outdated dark exterior. And with the help of this, you can make your simple home look more inviting and new. The texture of the bricks will appear softer in this new aesthetic.

2. Refresh Your Exterior

All houses need an update every few years to keep them fresh and lively. And the best way to refresh the exterior of your home is to limewash the walls fully. Limewash can stay on a variety of materials, like concrete, bricks, and stone, so you never have to worry about the walls.

Refresh Your Exterior

So, when you are redoing your home, consider limewash as an alternative to paint. The exposed bricks, along with dark window frames, look a little gloomy, but once it gets limewashed, the appearance changes. And, as a bonus, you will not have to spend a lot of money to achieve your dream exterior.

3. Brighten Up Your Home

Many people think that since limewashing brick is an inexpensive method, the result will not be impressive. However, it should be noted that limewash bricks come in a variety of colors. Getting artificial paint will help you make your home look bright in canary yellow or taupe, but limewash has its charms too.

Brighten Up Your Home

And while the base color of limewash is off-white, other colors can easily be achieved. The trick is to add natural, alkali-resistant pigments to the mixture before painting the bricks. For your home, you can choose organic taupe, grey, and charcoal, or go for a statement color like black or terracotta.

4. Limewashed Walls

The outside of a home is not the only place where you can get Limewash Bricks. You can limewash any room in your house. Some old and new apartments especially have exposed brick walls to bring warmth into the room. But if you do not like the bare red walls, limewash them a different color.

Limewashed Walls

The best thing about limewashing walls indoors is that it allows the bricks to breathe. The wash is not a seal but rather prevents moisture from building inside. Limewashing is also a great way to improve air quality inside the room.

5. Fireplace Renovation

The fireplace is a rather vintage concept, but it becomes the focal point of a house if built in. And most fireplaces are built out of sturdy materials like bricks to keep them safe. The bricks are used as special as well, as they are firebricks. Normal bricks cannot withstand such continuous high heat.

Fireplace Renovation

And limewashing the brick fireplace is a great way to change the look during renovations. The result is an aged, whitewashed finish which goes with most aesthetics. Limewash is also heat resistant and nonflammable, making it perfect for use in that area. With one coat, the fireplace will retain its texture but now look fresh.

6. Join the Greenery

One of the most impressive ways Limewash Bricks become superior to paint is due to their sustainability. Limewash is made of perfectly natural elements, unlike the harmful chemicals that are often put in paints. The coats are made of nothing but clay, pigments, and minerals. Thus, your home will be free of toxins and solvents.

Join the Greenery

So if you care about the environment deeply and only surround yourself with safe ingredients, choose limewash. As a perk, the exterior painted in natural tans and whites will also go well with your surrounding greenery.

7. Create a Harmonious Contrast

Many people also choose limewash to paint the outside of their homes to create harmony. The material is inexpensive and will last them for a long time. And once the coat fades, they simply need to apply a fresh coat. As a result, the whole house can be painted with it, barring the windows and doors.

Create a Harmonious Contrast

Creating a contrast with Limewash Bricks is very easy and needs little creative thinking. If your window and doors are dark, choose a brighter shade among the natural colors of limewash. This way, the dark and light contrast will create a statement and make your home look stunning.

8. Monochrome Garage

There are many ways to go slow if you want to check out limewash. You can start with a single wall and then see how you like the color and the feel. And while it can be difficult, not to mention unsightly, just to choose one wall, we have the best alternative. Start with the wall around your garage door.

Monochrome Garage

Brick or stone are often chosen as the material for a garage as they are sturdy and offer more room. And you can paint the exposed bricks or stone to match the color of your garage door for a complete look. Or go bold, and create a contrast with white walls and a dark door.

9. Charming Upgrade

If you are thinking about upgrading your home, designers will give you quite a few options to choose from. And among them, the first and most common one is paint. A few coats of acrylic paint can turn any home into a new one. But if you are looking for something more sustainable, maybe try limewash instead.

Charming Upgrade

Limewash brick exterior is sure to make your home look different from every home on the street. The technique lets you keep the charm and texture of exposed bricks while coloring them to suit your style. The upgrade is also far less expensive than a paint job, meaning you can refresh the coats any time you want.

10. Enjoy the Symmetry

Modern homes are a combination of a lot of different materials. From metal to bricks, cement, and concrete, the variety of houses they can produce are endless. But in the end, the whole building may not look cohesive or aesthetic without a little forethought. The mishmash of articles will lack style that even a paint job cannot fix.

Enjoy the Symmetry

The solution to that is getting limewash for the entire house. Limewashing will tie all the elements together, and the colors will be symmetrical down to the details. It helps eliminate that stark line between wood and bricks by turning the whole house white.

11. Limewash the Entryway

If you are looking for a way to make your home look more distinguished, why not redo your entryway? That is the area your visitors will look at as they enter the house. And by distinguishing it from the rest of the exterior, you will make it the focal point. The easiest, not to mention cost-effective, way of giving your entryway a makeover is with the help of limewash bricks.

Limewash the Entryway

Limewashing the entryway is a small undertaking, especially considering the exterior of the whole house. So, it is a good place to start if you are not sure about the process.

12. Lighten Your Stone Walls

A house is often a jumble of different materials put together for the best results. But in this way, the house may look a little clunky. And if your home has walls of different materials like stones and bricks, the best way to attain uniformity is limewash. Limewash bricks, along with stones on the same wall, will look charming by itself.

Lighten Your Stone Walls

A stone wall has many advantages over other materials, especially in terms of durability. No doubt a stone wall is costly, but it is also one of the best materials you can get. And with a limewash, your walls will never look somber, despite the stones.

13. Stone Fireplace Makeover

Your living room fireplace is sure to keep you warm and toasty all winter long. But what of the material and aesthetic of the fireplace? The most commonly used stones for a fireplace are limestone, slate, and granite. And each of them does a remarkable job of making blend seamlessly with the surrounding. However, after years and years, they do need a little makeover.

Stone Fireplace Makeover

There are many things you can do to a fireplace to make it stand out, the easiest of which is a limewash. It will keep the original integrity and texture of the stone intact while coloring it to suit the aesthetic.

14. Ranch Exterior Wash

Ranch-style homes are known for their sprawling expanse and open concept. They are a joy to live in. But even though the structures are usually just one story tall, they cover a lot of areas. And that might pose a few problems when you are thinking of renovating the exterior.

Ranch Exterior Wash

A brand-new paint job can be a costly affair, especially for large ranch houses. However, there is a solution around it, a way to change the look of your house without going bankrupt. Just use limewash for the outer walls. It will give the house a uniform structured look at a fraction of the price.

15. 70’s Home Brought to Life

Suppose you have an old house that is full of memories but in need of a paint job, consider getting a limewash instead. A paint job might protect it from the outside, but it will do nothing for the water damage the house has already sustained. Instead, the limewash will allow the bricks and wood to breathe and get rid of the moisture.

70's Home Brought to Life

70’s houses like these often have an L shape with a low-pitch roof that takes all the attention. To complement the dark shingles, add lighter shades of pigment to your limewash for the decor.

16. Modern Home with a Twist

Modern, generic homes can often lack a distinct architectural style. And when that happens, every building on the block looks the same. But a home should be unique and represent the owner’s personality. To achieve that, we decore the interior to the t. Every inch of the living space is proof of the owner’s taste. So, why not extend that creativity to the exterior?

Modern Home with a Twist

All your modern home needs to look different are limewash bricks. This simple method of renovation will give your home a character that is not found very often. With a custom color limewash, you can even make it match the other materials of the house.

17. Perfect for Small Homes

Limewash bricks are ideal for small homes. It makes for a project that you can attempt all by yourself and finish in record time. The items you need are nothing fancy either and are found at great prices. So, if you have a modest home in desperate need of remodeling, start with limewashing the exterior.

Perfect for Small Homes

Limewashing is a great way to project an ordinary paintless house too. If your walls do not have a protective cover, the materials might deteriorate and erode with time and rain. But putting a few coats of limewash will keep the structural timbers from rotting.

18. Create an Antique Effect

Limewash often leaves a unique texture on the walls that are coveted by everyone. After a few coats of paint, you will see that the wall now has a distinct mottled, matte, and chalky texture. This is often related to vintage looks and can even make a new house look like an old manor.

Create an Antique Effect

There are also ways to make your limewash look distressed to attain an old-world charm. The limewash bricks are sprayed with water during the drying stage and then softly wiped with a rag. This makes the fresh limewash look distressed and vintage.

19. Update Your Stone House

Stone houses have made a name for themselves for centuries because of their effectiveness. They have the best insulation and keep the inside warm during winters and cold during summers. Stone is also a sturdy material, meaning that the house will not easily be harmed. But even though stone houses have a natural timelessness about them, they can seem a little bleak.

Update Your Stone House

Updating your stone house may seem daunting, but if you consider limewash, it can be very easily done. It will brighten up your home almost instantly with its white, crystal-like glow. And the material is also antifungal, odorless, and hypoallergenic.

20. Bay Window Aesthetics

A bay window makes any home look distinguished and stately. The protruding structure changes the whole aesthetic of the house into something homely and comfortable. The bay windows let in far more sunlight than ordinary windows, making the interior bright and airy. But that means the exterior should look as beautiful as the inside.

Bay Window Aesthetics

To give your bay window a makeover, you can add many things to it. But to brighten up the exterior portion, all you will need is some limewash. The off-white color of the material will complement the inside very well. The chalky appearance also increases the old-world charm.

Bottom Line

Limewashing a house will not make it look like a dime a dozen; rather, it will make it stand out. Limewash bricks have been around for centuries and are used to help old buildings breathe. But it can also turn a modern homestead into a breathtaking piece of art.

And whether you have ranch style home or one made of brick walls, you can be sure that limewashing brick is good. It will keep your walls safe and look aesthetic while doing so. And if you have any other queries, do not forget to comment below and let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Limewash Last on Brick?

Limewash bricks are an excellent makeover option for the exterior of your home if you are looking for something economical. They are low maintenance and can remain the same for 5 to 7 years. They are also better than artificial paints as you do not need to peel the existing layer before retouching it.

How Many Coats of Limewash Are Needed on The Bricks?

To make the exterior of your home look new and glossy, you will need at least 4 layers of limewash. The mixture is applied on the exposed wall with a dry brush. The bricks get brushed at each coat as they start to gel. The resulting coat should also be free of brush strokes.

Does Limewash Come Off in The Rain?

You can rest assured that your limewash paint will not wash off with rainwater. However, the mixture will need to rest for 3 to 4 hours after being applied to dry off. For humid conditions, your limewash will need more time. But the result is always worth it.

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