Black accents with Evergreen Fog: Does it work?

Black accents with Evergreen Fog: Does it work?

With the new season marking its beginning, the urge to have a fresh and trendy lifestyle is at its peak.

There are plenty of ways through which you can achieve it. Many look forward to personalized preference. However, many keep wondering where to start.

And if you fall in the second category, there can’t be a better way to give your home a fresh look than by giving it a touch of Sherwin Williams 9130 Evergreen Fog with a dash of black accents for classic looks.

Unlike the other green shades that are too dark and warm, SW Evergreen Fog has a cool undertone and pairs great with blacks and grays.

The versatility of the color makes it suitable to paint even the bedroom walls.

But what makes it so special? In this article, we will delve into finding its importance, and it can perfectly match the black accents.

Undertone of SW Evergreen Fog

SW Evergreen Fog, being a cool green color, has a blue undertone. But don’t worry.

The blue undertone is subtle enough not to ruin the natural green look of the color. Blue will barely be reflected, but do its magic.

The gray undertone makes the color popular because the gray in Evergreen Fog calms the overall nature of the color rather than being too loud and strong.

The color steps away from the neutrals and sets the trend for classic darker shades.

Lighting Effects

Lighting Effects

SW Evergreen Fog has an LRV of 30, which means it falls in the darker shade category.

But the best part about this color is it does not lose its hue in the bright light.

The blue undertone does not take over in the rooms receiving either north, south, east, or west lightning.

However, the color might warm up in the southern or afternoon western lights without leaning hard into green-yellow.

Can Black Accents Match with Evergreen Fog

The cool undertone and gray shades of SW Evergreen Fog make it absolutely suitable to pair up with black accents.

Colors like black, gray, and wood accents, along with SW Evergreen Fog, warm up the area where it is applied

The dark and cool tones balance the area’s overall look and create a rich look.

Accent black shades, along with SW Evergreen Fog on the kitchen and the Living room cabinets, will set out a warm and perfect tone for the home.

Evergreen Fog is among the rare options that can fit your home’s requirements for both cool and warmer shades.

Adding black accents can elevate the entire look with multiple folds.

In the following section, we will discuss in detail the importance of this shade and how you can use it perfectly in your place.

Why Choose Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog?

Why Choose Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog?

The SW 9130 Evergreen Fog is a versatile color that adds a rejuvenating look with its warm and cool color components.

Green mixed with gray is an ideal color for any part of the home due to its calm and composed nature.

The versatile chameleon color can be paired with numerous other colors, giving you various options to bind your home’s paint together. Dark black elements, such as table lamps, enhance the look.

Other than using it with any darker or neutral accent, the advantage of using SW Evergreen Fog is that even as a standalone color, it can give a sophisticated color to the home.

Depending on how you use and accessorize the color, the color can bring out a rustic, classic look and a modern, tranquil look.

Where to use SW Evergreen Fog?

The versatility of SW 9130 was one of the reasons why it was chosen as the 2022 color of the year.

This soft green color’s soothing and blending nature works well in almost every backdrop.

Using black, brass, wooden floors, golden lights, furniture, and fabric with SW Evergreen Fog will elevate the look and make the interiors look even wider.

You can also use this paint on the exterior walls of the home.

1. Entryway


The entryway is the first impression the guests have. The SW 9130 paint will keep the area light and airy, thus not giving a feel of a heavily loaded home.

You can accessorize the area by creating a rustic look with wooden boards and black trays.

Keep natural plants and paint the trims with an off-white shade for a better look.

2. Bedroom


The bedroom needs to have a light and calm environment.

The SW 9130 works perfectly for this purpose. The subtle color makes the bedroom look light, calm, and airy.

You can use the color as an accent wall and the other three walls in a white shade.

A batten wall behind the bed will bring out an aesthetic vibe of the room.

The SW 9130 also works well with wall hangings and furniture for bedroom decoration.

3. Bathroom


The texture of the SW 9130 will not allow the water droplets to cling to the bathroom walls and cabinets.

The bright yet dark shade of the color will keep the bathroom area lively and fresh.

You can have open shelves to keep the toiletries and a few wall hangings to elevate the bathroom look. Black accents on the handles will bind the color of the bathroom together.

Some plants and light-colored flooring will help keep the bathroom even more fresh.

4. Kitchen


The neutral yet dark shade of SW 9130 painted on the walls and cabinets of the kitchen makes the area look spacious.

The green cabinets will do their magic if you have an open kitchen connected to the living room.

You can use white trims, chairs, and ceilings for an airy look.

The Evergreen fog brings a modern look to the kitchen with a touch of farmhouse look.

5. Outdoor


The Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog grabs attention, and painting the walls of the exterior of your home will keep the visitors and passersby hooked to the look.

To beautify the space, you can use black lamps and sidelights.

Doormats and white chairs will elevate the look. The patio can also be colored with SW 9130 for a rich look.


Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog is versatile and has a cool green shade with an LRV of 30. This makes it a desirable color to paint the walls of your house with.

The paint can add life to monotonous areas and paints. It pairs well with a wide range of colors, right from earthen neutrals to warm white and oranges.

The ability of this color to blend perfectly with other options makes it suitable to pair even with dark black accents.

The black accents add a darker face to the light, cool green color, thereby balancing out the overall feel of the area.

It is a great color to pair with wooden furniture and other darker shades.

How are you planning to start revamping your home? Also, let us know your views on our detailed guide.

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