Evergreen fog with complementary colors: muted blues, soft grays, and earthy greens

6 Colors That Pair With SW Evergreen Fog

When painting or repainting your home, selecting the primary color may seem like a daunting task unless, of course, you have to choose coordinating colors for the same.

It involves understanding the basics of the color itself, along with how you want the designated space to appear.

Whether you want it to look bold and flashy, highlight a particular element, or even give it a soothing appearance.

Does it sound too much to grasp in one go and one attempt to refurbish or set up your new home?

Well, if you have already decided on Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog 9130 as your primary color, we might just have some good news for you.

In this article, we cover the topic of what colors go well with Evergreen Fog, so keep reading if you’ve already painted your house with the 2022 Color of the Year or are planning to!

What Colors Go Well With Evergreen Fog?

 A cozy home office with a desk and window, providing a serene workspace.

Flaunting a unique green-with-gray combination with a blue undertone will give you a mesmerizing option in the form of Evergreen Fog.

But when put on the wall, it will surprise you every time! And we mean it in a good way.

In a well-lit room, SW Evergreen Fog looks refreshing and bright, evoking emotions of joy.

Hence, look nowhere beyond this option if you want a traditional, rustic, or slightly offbeat vibe for your space.

However, pairing it with complementary colors is essential for bringing out the essence of this enigmatic paint color.

Here are 6 colors that will go well with Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams. 

1. Shoji White (SW 7042)

Shoji White (SW 7042) .jpg

Are you trying to balance vintage and modern in your space to look contemporary with a perfect touch of traditional vibes?

Shoji White is the color to look out for! A warm color with an LRV of 74, Shoji White provides a neutral tone when paired with the cool Evergreen Fog (with an LRV of 30).

A pleasant sight to behold, this combination sets up a pleasant tone in your space – a color that is neither in your face nor dull.

It is a safe choice for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and/or trim as it generates an organic, airy feel, making any space look spacious and cozy.    

2. Urbane Bronze (SW 7048)

Urbane Bronze (SW 7048) .jpg

Exactly opposite to the warm white mentioned above, Urbane Bronze is one of the darkest colors with an LRV of 8.

The urban color gracefully adds a touch of sophistication with its metallic tinge and radiates a color equivalent to a range between dark brown and off-black.

The graceful combination of 2021 and 2022 Color of the Year is perfect for fireplace accent walls and studio space decor.

When pairing with the comparatively warmer evergreen fog, allow the bronze to take a backseat to complement the shade of green.

This not only allows it to highlight Evergreen Fog but also prevents the space from looking too dark, which is visually uncomfortable. 

3. Charcoal Blue (SW 2739)

Charcoal Blue (SW 2739)

Blue and green have always been a great combination. It is no different with this classic pair, where navy blue meets gray.

A dark color that looks bright, bold, and refreshing, to say the least, Charcoal Blue has an LRV of 5.19.

When used with the right colors, for example, the evergreen fog and charcoal blue, add depth to the space and make it look elegant.

Pairing Evergreen Fog with Charcoal Blue is a great option for larger bathrooms, living rooms, meeting halls, and reading spaces.

This rich color palette will make a stand-out statement if you use vintage furniture or solid metallic furniture.  

4. Bakelite Gold (SW 6368)
Bakelite Gold (SW 6368)

A bright yellowish-orange hue, Bakelite Gold by Sherwin Williams has an LRV of 38, hence, is a slightly warmer color than Evergreen Fog.

We recommend using this palette combination in bedrooms, study rooms, traditional living rooms, or modest office or studio spaces.

What is most unique about this pair is that, in this case, Evergreen Fog highlights SW Bakelite Gold.

Giving off a radiant sunny hue, this color can brighten up your space, giving it a freshness and spaciousness.

It won’t make a mark as an outstanding pair but will surely be a soothing sight; hence, we recommend this composition for formal spaces.

5. Clary Sage (SW 6178)

Clary Sage (SW 6178) .jpg

Contrary to the blue undertones of evergreen fog, Clary Sage stands out with a bright yellow undertone, thus making its impression as a warm color with an LRV of 41.

This combination is excellent for nature-inspired spaces that serve as retreats or spaces that give a botanical look and feel.

Owing to its ability to add warmth to a space, you can use SW Clary Sage in rooms that don’t receive ample sunlight. This color blend can be used in kitchens too to make it feel more airy.

Painting the bedrooms will give you the cozy feel you crave on lazy days.

6. Uber Umber (SW 9107)

Uber Umber (SW 9107) .jpg

A darker shade of brown, Uber Umber is a bold yet cool color with an LRV of 12.

While you may be wondering how you would pair two cool colors, but, here’s the catch.

The Uber Umber shade adds a touch of royalty, making a vivid appearance that is hard to miss.

But here’s the catch – for spaces that aren’t exposed to sufficient natural light, this color combination might be a bit too risky to try out.

You can, however, use it for any space you want to set up a rustic vibe for, irrespective of the size of the space.

Incorporate some wrought iron furniture, and you’re ready to make your space shine! 

Picking The Right Shade: Final Words

Your responsibility of choosing the right shade for your space does not end unless you decide the right color to pair with your primary color.

Understanding the shades, undertones, and the temperature of the color will help you make the right choice.

The purpose that you intend for the space to serve is another factor that you should keep in mind when selecting it.

Have you used Evergreen Fog for your residential or commercial space?

If yes, let us know which color you have paired it with. And if you intend to use it in any of your upcoming projects.

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