Glam dining room ideas

17 Glamorous Dining Room Decor Ideas

A dining room is not just a place to eat, and it is where families come together and catch up with each other. Designing your dining room and giving it a glam touch can make everyone feel warm and welcoming during their family time. There are many ways in which you can give a glam touch to your dining room, from crockery to chandeliers, centerpieces, dining pieces, etc. If you are thinking of the different types of glam dining rooms, their decor, and how you will create your glam dining room, then we bring you some amazing glam dining room ideas that you might want to try.

1. Mirror-Mirror on the Wall

Mirror-Mirror on the Wall

Your dining room wall can also bring a luxurious and glamorous feeling to your dining room. Put an oversize mirror on the wall, and it will give you the illusion of more space. In addition, it will also make the room brighter by bouncing back the outside light.

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2. Traditional Meets Modern

dining room with brown round table blue upholstered chairs shelves with kitchen decor brown carpet

Adding a modern touch to the traditional dining room can bring a contemporary glam look to it. For example – Adding upholstered dining chairs, using an antique dining table, and putting a chandelier will give your dining room a luxe touch.

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3. Let it be Open and Airy

open and airy with focus to the windows

If your dining room is open and has windows, then using muted tones and natural materials is the best choice. You can also use a glass chandelier to enhance the look of your dining room. It will give an elegant and luxurious look to your dining room.

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4. Less is More

dining room

Keeping it minimalistic can also bring glam to your room. Upholstered benches that are joining a mixture of non-coordinating yet complimentary chairs and the white glossy texture of the wall can give a glam and luxurious look to the dining room.

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5. Here Comes the Wood

dining room with dining table and chair

If your dining room has a white or neutral accent, then adding wood furniture will enhance the look and texture. Be it the wooden table, chair, and chandelier with wooden carving, and it will give your dining room a rich look.

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6. Embracing Black

Embracing Black

Painting your dining room black or keeping the black decor can add a glam look with chic style to your dining room. If your dining room is open and has space, then decorating your wall with the floral style wallpaper in combination with the black decor will give a more ravishing look to your dining room.

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7. The Mix-up

dining room glam look

One of the best ways to give your dining room a glam look is by mixing up the designs. From modern, to bohemian, to chic style, as well as traditional, mixing it all up will bring a glam and chic look to your dining room. For example – Putting in bold colors, contrasting patterns of wallpaper, flooring, and ceiling, enhanced seating options, and putting in plants and pottery.

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8. Round Table and Velvet Barret Chairs

Round Table and Velvet Barret Chairs

Using a round table instead of the usual rectangular one is a good option to add space, style, and coziness to your dining room. Keeping Velvet Barret Chair not only compliments the round table in your dining room but also adds class and glam to your dining room. With a classy velvet finish and chic neutral look, it gives a dazzling touch and is a great statement for your dining room, especially if it has a monochromatic accent.

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9. Choose Bold and Bright Colors

Bright Paint Color Ideas For A Family Home Decor In Russia

Choosing bold and bright colors will not only make your dining room dazzle but will also elevate your dining room design and texture. Be it the wallpaper, or the dining table and even chairs, experiment with bold and bright colors and add glam and dazzle to your dining room.

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10. Glamorous Chandeliers

Martini graduated drop chandelier

A chandelier is a centerpiece that can completely transform and elevate the vibe of your dining room. You can use different types of chandeliers to bring glamour to your dining room. If you have a modern and cool space, a glitzy traditional chandelier will be a good choice. For a dining room with a contemporary texture and velvet chairs, putting a crystal chandelier will not only give a glam touch but will also bring classic charm to the dining room. If your dining room needs a Mid-Century Modern interior design backdrop and Hollywood glam, then a sputnik chandelier is the best for your glam dining room.

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11. Putting the Velvet Curtains

dining room can appear richer and grander with velvet curtains

Your dining room can appear richer and grander with velvet curtains. The beautiful velvet upholstery adds glam and luxe vibes to your dining room. You can use golden curtain rods and choose navy blue/emerald-green/gray color curtains for a luxury look.

12. Your Dining Room Ceiling

Dining Room Ceiling

Designer ceilings can elevate your dining room features and textures. Decorating your ceiling with a chandelier and different wallpapers can change the vibe of the dining room and give it a dazzling and luxe look.

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13. The Monochrome Effect

Monochrome Effect

If you stick with using a single-color palette in your dining room, especially the neutral colors, then it will give a contemporary classic look to your dining room. Using tufted chairs with velvet covers will enhance the color palette, design, and texture of the dining room.

14. Chairs with a Bench

chair with a bench

Adding a bench with chairs in your dining room is quite refreshing and different from the casual modern look. And if the chairs and bench are wooden, then it gives a mix of classic, formal, and informal look, which makes your dining room attractive.

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15. The Chair Play

chair play

It is hard to imagine a dining room without chairs. Chairs not only change the vibe of the dining room but can also play a huge part in enhancing the dining room design. One can put different chairs according to the design requirement of the dining room. If your dining room is monochromatic and you would like to have a chic style and glamorous vibes in your dining room, then putting the velvet barrel chairs is one of the best options.

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16. Your Gallery Wall

Brittany gallery wall

Making your dining room accent wall talk glamour and sophistication is not that hard. Just add some gallery frames that compliment your dining room design and put some pictures depicting your warm moments and memories with your family and friends so that it adds warm and welcoming vibes to your dining room, and you will see warm, welcoming, and dazzling vibes entering your dining room.

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17. The Velvet Touch

Velvet Touch

Velvet in your dining room will instantly bring luxury and glamorous vibes into your dining room. Whether velvet chair, velvet dining tablecloth, or velvet carpet, it usually gives a touch of royalty and glamour with the class to your dining room as well as enhances the dining room design.

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A dining room is a place in your home where you enjoy your meals surrounded by your friends and family. To make sure that the dining room setup is ideal for dinner and get-togethers, you can add glam decor to your dining room. There are many ways in which you can do this. You can select the dining room style and décor which you think is ideal for your dining room from our given list.

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