How to Match a Boho Coffee Table with Other Furniture

How to Match a Boho Coffee Table with Other Furniture?

Boho coffee tables can easily be paired with any furniture in your house!

As it is boho, the theme itself tells us that the creativity and mixture of color, texture, and everything can be mixed together to get a personal touch. You can create your wonder with the boho coffee table if you know the theme coordination. Wondering what is theme coordination? Don’t worry! We are here to cover you.

Let’s explain how the diverse furniture and the unified design blend together to create free-spirited, electric warmth with a natural flow. To put it simply, let’s explore the techniques and strategies to create a captivating living space with your boho-style coffee table!

1. Color Cohesion

Color Cohesion

Color coordination is the first thing you might need to look for when you buy your boho coffee table. As boho is always natural, it always symbolizes earthy tones of warmth and pop-up colors. The color of your table should mingle with the couches, rug, and wall color of your living space. It is best to pick the same color as your already existing furniture.

2. Boho Material

 Boho Material

If you are a nature lover, there is no doubt why you have fallen for the boho. The boho theme always embraces nature, like rattan, raffia, wooden or woven cotton. These organic materials are the basic touch of the boho; if you already have any of these types of furniture in your house, you can go for the same material boho coffee table to gain the classy look.

3. The Handy Pillows

The Handy Pillows

Boho is a global style that is inspired by various cultures and architecture. To make these global accents mingle with your living space, you can arrange to throw pillows over your couch to connect with the coffee table. This connects the coffee table to your entire house.

4. Balance the Proportion

Balance the Proportion

If you are taking the option of mixing your furniture style, then you need to maintain the proportion of your furniture. Every piece should correlate with the other furniture. You should know that an oversized couch can make your antique chair a silly sight. So choose the boho coffee table in an appropriate size; it should not be oversized or too small to notice in the living space.

And one more thing you need to consider is the visual weight of the furniture too. Light-colored furniture always feels more spacious, and light white, the dark theme, feels like it has occupied the majority of the space and is dark.

5. Layer the Arrangements

Layer the Arrangements

Use matching accessories on the side tables of your sofa, like a flower vase with the same theme, and use the same patterned pillows on all the couch seats. Use your personal displays to mirror your style by adding a photo collage of your family in the center of your wall and all other ornaments to match the collage.

6. Mismatching the Furniture

Mismatching the Furniture

Are you afraid of mismatching your furniture? You can comfortably do this with the boho coffee table for sure. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that all the furniture should have a common element, like color, material, or texture, to connect with each other.

Definitely, this will be a hit; imagine the all-wood furniture or all-metal furniture in your house. It doesn’t feel great, right? So go for the difference, where you can elevate the space into an extraordinary place.

7. Personal Touch

Personal Touch

Your decorative items in the living space can be unique to showcase your reflection. Give some minimal touch of your life to accelerate the overall view, like your family photo, the collections from your recent trip, or your long-time collections like books, souvenirs, or any personal gifts from your besties.

You can have the mixing of generations in your personal styling. This shows your guest your inner soul with the most welcoming appeal. Arrange them in a way of organic mode to connect with your boho coffee table.

8. Plants on Your Boho Coffee Table

Plants on Your Boho Coffee Table

The greenery has a great impact on the boho theme, so that you can incorporate any indoor plants in your living area. You can add a pot plant nearby to your couch to get connected with a more organic touch.

The natural vibrancy is an undeniable fact to infuse any theme into your house. Simultaneously plan a particular theme that is in your mind and add the decor, such as rugs, pillows, and an armchair, accordingly to correlate with your theme. This can enhance the level of coordination within a few pieces of furniture.


We have discussed the various patterns of furniture and getting them into a single piece of showcase inside your living space. The main thing here is you need to maintain the Balance between your furniture by giving the colors, material, or texture singly. Never forget to look for the details of your boho Coffee table size, which has to be in proportion with other furniture to enhance the view.

Have you picked the theme for your living space? It may be a vintage style of a Harry Potter Library theme. You need to pick all your furniture according to this and relate everything together with minimal decor like plants, books, and some idols over your boho coffee table. Share your favorite theme and ideas to accommodate it inside your living room in the comments!

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