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21 Most Elegant Coastal Dining Table for Modern Beach Homes

Do you have a beach house and desire to decorate it with the best furniture? The coastal dining table can be an incredible game changer of your home decor, as it will reflect your aesthetics. A well-handcrafted dining table can be the center of attraction so friends would like to visit you.

Being a bit choosy about the dining table is natural. However, you can go through the coastal dining table ideas to develop a framework for choosing the best dining table suitable to your purpose.

Exploring Coastal-Style Dining Table Ideas

1. Low-Height Wooden

This type of dining table is ideal when matched with cane chairs. This is the best suited for taking meals together and chatting around. The light brown color is attractive and aesthetically suited to the mood and purpose of the dining table.

low height wooden

2. Chapman Round Table Pedestal

This type of dining table is smaller in dimension and has a pedestal base. This fits well in a beach house and has some light chairs. You can carry on with the décor and buy exquisite flower vases and other items. The black color of the pedestal goes well with other furniture in the house.

Chapman Round Table Pedestal

3. Banks Extending Dining Table

The dining table is big and extends on both sides to accommodate more people on a busy day. The pedestal on both sides is pretty strong. You can prefer light-colored wood and chairs with low to moderate height. The stretchable idea is the most appropriate when there are too many unexpected guests. Make the most memorable time out of your beach home with the best furniture.

Banks Extending Dining Table

4. Cheatham Solid Wood Dining Table

You will love this round dining table as it’s easy to see while sitting here. This is a turned pedestal base with some traditional appeal. This table supports some alternating planked details too. This table looks like being hand-curated and made from solid wood, thereby featuring a rustic smoky finish. In addition, the table exhibits a natural grain wood color variation. There has been wood scoring and rubbing through this table to get its final shape.

Cheatham Solid Wood Dining Table

5. Valerie Pine Solid Wood Dining Table

You can give your dining table a rustic décor of a modern farmhouse with the warmth of this dining table. This versatile and neutral design goes with several chairs and features a sturdy and robust construction made with 100% solid pine wood. The finish is designed to match the wood panels’ unique grains, knots, and natural textures. The furniture is sanded, leading to variations in color, thereby making all the units unique. This distressed finish is durable and easy to touch up.

Valerie Pine Solid Wood Dining Table

6. California Dining Table

The table is made from 85% acacia and 15% teak. This is a modern classic picnic table with a painted finish and leaner proportions. The contrasting stretcher is excellent for 6-8 seats. It would be best if you wiped with a soft and dry cloth. Better that you avoid the use of abrasives. You may use coasters, trivets, and placemats to complete the finish.

California Dining Table

7. Bengt Trestle Dining Table

The dining table is the centerpiece of any ensemble. This is made from a blend of rubber wood and manufactured wood. The table features a room for six people. Having a clean silhouette and contemporary finish, it welcomes any dining chair. This means it will accommodate all sorts of chairs with much ease. Along with the table, you will get chairs and benches.

Bengt Trestle Dining Table

8. Thorn Hill Round Dining Table

The sturdy wooden base is hand-wrapped and is made from natural seagrass. They have a gorgeous texture and can pair it with slab style top. It is made of reconstituted stone and completes the look. This is an idea for a 4-6 person seating capacity. Hairline cracks may occur during the making of this table, but that won’t affect the look at all. The stone used is naturally porous and will absorb stains. Avoid the use of chemicals and abrasives.

thorn hill round dining table

9. Bamileke Rectangular Dining Table

This cute table is nothing but an African inspiration. The handcrafted basketweave is a tribute to the original one, but it’s done with weather-friendly construction and makes it an excellent choice for outdoor use. The table is ideal for accommodating 6-8 people. In case of spills, bloat it immediately with a damp cloth to avoid staining. In addition, you must protect the table’s surface from being hit by other objects. These coastal dining table ideas will amaze you.

Bamileke Rectangular Dining Table

10. Bali Hai Extendable Dining Table

This dining table is sure to make a statement and sure to impress. It has a sophisticated border and inlay. The pedestal has three leather-wrapped saber-shaped rattan legs. There is a natural variation and natural wood grey color. This is made from bamboo and has various shades.

Bali Hai Extendable Dining Table

11. Drury Lane Dining Table

This Drury dining table is made of a glass top and a base material made from wicker or rattan. The table height is 30 inches and has a seating capacity of 6 to 8 persons. You will have to match this with chairs and benches. The glass table top is ideal for keeping things.

Drury Lane Dining Table

12. Abasi Pedestal Dining Table

The Abasi pedestal has a rustic finish and goes well with the well-loved aesthetics. Having an hourglass-shaped pedestal and a round table top, the table would fit anywhere there is a space constraint. The base is X shaped and has diagonal support that supports the entire structure. This is made from solid and engineered wood and has a distressed finish. Apply these coastal dining table ideas for a masterpiece at your home.

Abasi Pedestal Dining Table

13. Bednarz Pine Solid Wood Dining Table

Pine is an excellent material and a solid wood that is meant for dining tables. It will pick up dents and scratches over the years and last for a few decades. Pine wood is the best choice for your furniture as it’s strong and shock resistant. If you like the rustic country sides, you will love pine and its various furniture. You can maintain the pine dining table with the help of wood oils. Hard wax oils are easy to apply and keep in spite of having repairs done.

Bednarz Pine Solid Wood Dining Table

14. Brandi Farmhouse Round Pedestal Dining Table

These sorts of tables have a wooden surface and a pedestal to support the platform. The color of the top is natural wood and scratch-resistant. You can maintain it with the oils and chemicals of your choice. You will love to enjoy drinks of your choice while using this farmhouse round pedestal dining table.

Brandi Farmhouse Round Pedestal Dining Table

15. Toscana Extending Dining Table

This table is made from kiln-dried wood, and they have a distinct open grain. This variety helps in preventing warping, splitting, and cracking. The use of veneers results in high-quality furniture and flawless surfaces. They will have consistent color tones and will not be subjected to cracking. They are sturdily built using the three-ply construction and secured with a wood block and flap joint.

Toscana Extending Dining Table

16. Modern Coastal Dining Room

The rustic wooden dining table with woven chairs would make a difference to the look of the coastal dining hall décor. The table is made of wood and suited to climatic conditions, and it’s scratch resistant. The table has beautiful grains, and each texture is different. Choose a suitable rug for this dining hall and a glass lamp. Good illumination to the room will make it even bright looking.

Modern Coastal Dining Room

17. Extendable and Broad

This table is made of wooden and plain finish. This can be extended on both sides. The texture of the wood and grains are distinguished here. You can match it with table cloth of your choice. Try navy blue and white for the ultimate show. Match with chairs that can go well with the elongated shape of the dining table.

Extendable and Broad

18. Plain Top and Broad

The dining table here is broad and black, and broad. This size is enough to accommodate 7-8 seaters. The pedestal is not a broad type of wood but can be fitted over metallic support. This type of table is comparatively lighter and can be shifted from one corner to another without difficulty.

Plain Top and Broad

19. Wooden Make and Small

This dining table is small and cute and rests over wooden legs. This is ideal for a 2-4 person arrangement, and you can even match the table with a bench. The top has to be a plain surface, and the table’s color must match the floor.

Wooden Make and Small

20. Glass Top and Hexagonal

The table rests on rattan support and bears a hexagonal glass top. You can match the table with cane chairs; the combination would look fabulous. The wooden look of the table and floors can be the same; that would be awesome.

Glass Top and Hexagonal

21. Wooden Elongated

The elongated dining table with a wooden finish would look great. The table is long enough to accommodate many people and rests over wooden legs. You can match it with white colored chairs and a mirror with a white floral border. This is aesthetically coastal.

Wooden Elongated

Tips To Choose a Coastal Dining Table for Modern Beach Homes:

Before spending on the dining table for your beach home, you need to know and decode some strategies for the best buy. A well-chalked approach would guide you to the most appropriate choice.

  1. Need for a new dining table: It is essential to have dining tables in beach homes, as they are meant to sit, eat, and dine together. The details should be a bit less complicated and more suited to an environment with the salty wind.
  2. Styles of dining table: It is highly advisable to choose dining table types that could be easily accommodated and relocated. Heavier dining tables are much more complicated and have a chance of getting scratched.
  3. How much space do you have: Your home space is significant. Choose shapes that can be adjusted according to the area. Generally, circular shapes accommodate lesser space. Long tables can be changed to the sides. You can work on customized forms to easily fit your home’s space. Your interior decorator will have a crisp idea of how to work on furniture that will suit your requirements.

Essential Tips Associated with the Table

  1. Applicable shapes: There are various kinds of conditions for dining tables –round, elongated, elliptical, square, rectangular, and hexagonal. They are chosen according to the room’s shape they would get adjusted to. You have to work out the economy of space. Make the furniture suitable for your flat/house and also the body.
  2. Best-suited material: Generally, beach houses are made from lighter material, mainly so the wood does not expand or get swollen. String chairs are the best suited for the purpose. This depends on the aesthetic value of the dining table chosen. Coastal dining table ideas are mainly economic and prefer those materials that stand the test of time.
  3. Choosing a color for the dining table: Your dining table should stand apart from the others in terms of the color selected. You can choose any light brown color shade or even mahogany any color. Choosing white or olive green can also be wise if it matches the rest of the furniture in your place.
  4. The number of people required to sit: The shape and size of the dining table depend upon the number of people using it. If it’s two to three, you can choose a smaller shape. Long and broad tables are mainly used for more people.

Many other factors are mandatory checks for choosing the right dining table. These could be monitoring the finished work. A dining table must have an excellent finish and a color that can go about sufficiently with the floorings. Choosing the chairs is a vital job, especially one that can go well with the color and texture of the table. Roped chairs are the most suitable. The concept of a perfect dining table depends on its suitability to the surroundings. Look more and research more for the best coastal dining table ideas.

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