Neutral Christmas Decor Ideas & Inspiration

21 Ideas for Neutral Christmas Decor: Get Inspired

So, you are not a big fan of traditional Christmas decorations. The combination of red and green can be overpowering at times. Make your home posh with neutral Christmas decor. Pairing green with neutral colors can give you a cozy holiday. Imagine sitting at home with a glass of eggnog, spending time with your loved ones. How does it make you feel? Decorate your home with the love that you feel, and go with your gut. Let us go through some ideas that can help you out with Christmas decorations.

Neutral colour palette

Neutral Christmas Decor Ideas

I’m going to take you through a list of cool ideas for neutral Christmas decor that you can add to your shopping list. Remember that you can’t go wrong with neutrals, no matter what your present wall color is.

1. Neutral Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is essential for any holiday decor. Decorate your living room or bedroom with a neutral-toned Christmas tree. You can achieve this by choosing a white-flocked Christmas tree and decorating it with neutral hues. If you don’t want to give up your traditional Christmas tree look, then decorate it with gold, silver, white, and rose gold ornaments.

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Neutral christmas tree

2. Oversized Pinecones

Add oversized pinecones to your decor. They can inspire nostalgic memories, and they belong to vintage Christmas decorations. You can place oversized pinecones in a wooden basket or a rustic vase and add other decorations to it. Oversized pinecone decorations can be kept near the fireplace or over the table.

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3. Tabletop Trees

Tabletop trees are cute additions to any room. They come in so many neutral colors, which is exactly what we need. You can place them throughout your home and use them to fill in empty spaces. You can add more detail to your decor by finding tabletop trees that represent the seasons.

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Tabletop trees

4. Christmas Stockings

If you love knitting, knit white or black stockings. You can add complimentary earthy shades to your knit. Knitted stockings will go along with other neutral Christmas decorations. You can hang these stockings on the fireplace mantel or behind the door. If you are in a rush, you can find various collections of knitted stockings online.

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Neutral living room decor

5. White Tablescapes

It goes without saying that the Christmas feast is the most important part of the holiday celebration. For elegant and neutral dining table decor, decorate your dining table with white tablescapes. You can also place ivory candles on the table between savory items. Decorate your table with pine swags for the perfect color fusion.

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White tablescapes

6. Pillar Candles

Pillar candles come in neutral tones and are available in various sizes. They are lovely and delicate to look at. Choose candles in shades such as white, ivory, or calm blue. Place the candles on a rustic plate or in a candle holder. Decorate the dining table with pillar candles for a warm holiday dinner.

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Pillar candle

7. Neutral Christmas Ornaments

How can we skip Christmas ornaments? Buy Christmas ornaments in neutral shades. You can also buy metallic Christmas balls and use them to decorate your Christmas tree or hang the ornaments over your bed. You can also place them in vases or near the presents. Pressed flower balls are another great idea for neutral Christmas decor.

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Neutral ornaments

8. Neutral Christmas Bedroom

You don’t have to change everything about your room for the perfect neutral Christmas decor. Change the color of your bedsheet and pillow to mild shades that match the wall. If you are a reader, now is your time to shine. Let your warm book covers be an object of decoration next to the bed. Add a carpet that is complementary to the bedsheet color. Do the same with the curtains.

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Neutral bedroom decor

9. Modern Wreath

Stay up to date with home decor by replacing traditional wreaths with modern wreaths. They are elegant looking and come in many neutral shades. They are chic and of varying designs. Decorate each room with these wreaths and achieve minimal decor. You can also make a modern wreath yourself with leftover tree trimmings and holiday greens.

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Modern wreath

10. Vanity Decor

If you own a vanity, feel like a celebrity by decorating it with white lights. This is a great way to get that studio light for holiday makeup. You can also decorate your vanity with warm fairy lights and make your room look magical. Go extra by adding a white faux fur rug under the vanity.

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11. Neutral Cushions

Don’t you love a fluffy cushion to support your back after a long day? Christmas, as joyful as it is, can also be tiring. Add small decorative cushions in neutral tones to your couch and bedrooms. You can even place them on the dining chairs. If you own a pet, make sure to share a cute little cushion with your buddy for life.

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Neutral cushion

12. White Villages

How can we forget the cutest addition to every Christmas decoration? Going neutral with decoration doesn’t mean you have to exclude Christmas villages. Buy villages with neutral roofs and a white mantel. Or go for a fully white-themed Christmas village. You can decorate them with fairy lights so that they stand out.

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Neutral Christmas village

13. Metallic Christmas Sculptures

Don’t we all love Christmas sculptures? They come in so many aesthetic shapes and colors. Choose metallic Christmas sculptures in colors such as silver, gold, and rose gold. They can be great little additions to neutral Christmas decor. Place them on the shelves, over the fireplace mantle, and on the center tables.

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Metallic sculptures

14. Wooden Crafts

Wooden Christmas crafts are great for porch decorations. They can also be placed near the presents and the fireplace. If you are into crafts, make wooden Christmas crafts with your loved ones as a fun project. Decorate the wooden craft you made with contrasting neutral colors. You can also write sweet or funny messages on them.

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Wooden craft

15. Neutral Mantel Decor

On a cold Christmas, a fireplace can be the heart of your living room. It is very important to decorate the fireplace mantel decently. Decorate the mantel with either white or gold Christmas ornaments for neutral Christmas decor. You can add a modern wreath or a rustic frame on the wall over the mantel.

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16. White Poinsettia

White poinsettias are graceful flowers and were considered a symbol of purity by the Aztecs. Place these beautiful flowers along with holiday greens and candles as table decor. If you want to keep your poinsettias year-round, move them to the outdoor garden and plant them in an area that receives morning sunlight.

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White poinsettia

17. Mini White Flocked Christmas Tree

Don’t we all love mini Christmas trees? If you lack space for a Christmas tree, then decorate your bedroom with mini-Christmas trees by placing them over the bedroom table or in the corner of the room. For neutral Christmas decor, go for a mini white flocking Christmas tree. Make sure to keep the mini-Christmas tree in a cool area that receives indirect sunlight.

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Mini Christmas tree

18. Black and White Gift Wrapping

Ditch traditional gift wrapping and get inspired by modern gift-wrapping ideas that are easy to do. Gifts wrapped in black and white wrapping paper will look best next to a white flocked Christmas tree with neutral decor. Add more details to your gift wrapping by using ribbons and simple Christmas ornaments.

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Neutral gift wrap

19. White Boho Balls

White boho balls are ideal for neutral Christmas decor. You can knit your own white crochet balls or buy them. They are super cute and chic. Place the white boho balls on glass or in a wooden bowl. Hang them on the Christmas tree next to contrasting colors. You can also scatter them among the candles.

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Christmas Ball Ornaments

20. Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are stunning and come in earthy tones, which is exactly what we need for neutral decor. They are an inexpensive alternative to fresh flowers. They are also an excellent choice to gift someone who has an eye for beauty. If you place dried flowers away from the sun and give them proper care, they can be a Christmas reminder, lasting around a year.

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Dried flower

21. Neutral Wall Hanger

A wall hanger can be the perfect focal point for someone who enters the room. Decorate your wall with neutral wall hangers for the perfect neutral Christmas decor and to renew your style. You can also add fairy lights and holiday greens to the hanger to make it more delightful.

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neutral wall hanger

Make Happy Spaces

Now that we have gone through so many ideas, that is all for neutral Christmas decor. I hope I have awakened the inner decorator in you. So, hop on the ride and start planning right away. Don’t be shy about adding every idea we talked about. After all, Christmas comes only once a year. Have a merry Christmas.

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