Best Mid-Century Modern Entryway Decor Ideas That Truly Stand Out

21 Best Mid-Century Modern Entryway Decor Ideas That Truly Stand Out

The mid-century modern style is one of the few design styles that can be put under the umbrella of things that were way ahead of their time. A home decor style that was introduced in the 1930s withstood the test of time and has been passed down for decades is a testimony to how timeless it is.

Design elements like accented tones, graphic shapes, clean lines, functionality, and minimalistic silhouettes have all been key elements of mid-century modern designs and continue to thrive in a majority of homes even today.

If you’re on the lookout for a mid-century modern entryway for your home, we’ve listed 21 retro-inspired entryways that will comfort your soul and ensure that your investment lives on for the coming decades as well.

1. Make Your Staircase the Star


Staircases are no more just means of getting from point A to point B. Staircases, when adorned with the right decor, can be a work of art as well. This staircase exudes a light aesthetic that is classy and elegant. The white creates an organic feel that goes beautifully with the natural wood banister.

2. Display Your Art With Artful Framing

Display Your Art With Artful Framing

Art has the tendency to lighten up an entryway and set the tone for your home. Displaying your art in the right pattern creates a super elegant vibe and seamlessly connects two different areas. The caramel-colored wallpaper in the above picture does an exceptional job of maintaining the balance between appearing too cold or too corporate. What helps further is how the dark frames create a nice contrast between it and the wallpaper.

3. Draw Up a Mural to Instill Drama

Draw Up a Mural to Instill Drama

Another one that is in favor of art, but in a different form factor. A panoramic mural does not only transport you to a different space (figuratively and literally!), but also a nature-based mural such as this one does wonders in blurring the lines between the outdoor and the indoors when it is designed to echo the scene outside the window as well. This effect induces a restful and comforting effect in your home.

4. Make Your Space Truly Stand Out

home's midcentury entryway

What better place to showcase your style and its traits than in your home’s midcentury entryway? Make a bold statement using interesting color schemes and textures and jazz up the interiors with a unique one-off piece of decor to create interest in awkward or small spaces. This decor shows that art always helps create a perpetual sense of intrigue and is a great way to draw focus to a space.

5. Brighten Up Your Midcentury Entryway With Colors

Brighten Up Your Midcentury Entryway With Colors

Bold colors are the perfect way to transform your midcentury entryway. The colors that you choose reflect personality and character on your home’s wall. Bold colors and vivid tones work well in a modern entryway and do well to add that element of surprise to an entrance. They occupy their designated space beautifully without being “too much” on your senses and your surroundings.

6. Build a Bespoke Staircase

Build a Bespoke Staircase

This one is for the long run. It may seem like a daunting endeavor if you opt for it, but the payoff is of similar proportions and stays in your home forever. Of course, you’d need professional help, but it gives you an opportunity to completely remodel your home’s midcentury entrance. Changing your staircase can turn standard interior decor into something that is eye-catching and becomes a talking point for guests.

7. Make Use of Classic Color Combinations

modern entryway combines the blue-white combination

The blue-and-white color combination is usually associated with beach house decor but is not necessarily confined to it. These colors help bring a timeless look to your midcentury entryway and work equally well with a contemporary home. This modern entryway combines the blue-white combination with pale wood to lend a softer, more organic look to its surrounding spaces.

8. Play It Safe With Your Favourite Colors

 vibrant yellow in this midcentury entryway is paired up with crisp white woodwork

It’s always a great idea to paint your walls with your favorite colors. It invokes a feeling of comfort and helps give it purpose and character. Colors that emerge from the same tonal set, even if they’re from opposite ends of the spectrum, blend well together. Bolder and brighter colors are easier to work with as you can see how a vibrant yellow in this midcentury entryway is paired up with crisp white woodwork to create a modern contrast.

9. Whiten It and Embody It

White creating entry way

White represents new beginnings and spreads purity in your surroundings, making them perfect for a midcentury entryway. To some, It also reflects clarity and cleanliness. Blending this in your entryway helps create order and does away with unnecessary distractions. What’s even better is it becomes very easy to pair the rest of the decor with the ethereal white creating a calming aesthetic.

10. Link It Up

entryway with internal glazed doors

A midcentury entryway with internal glazed doors doesn’t have to be confined to ground level – it can be just as effective at a higher level as a means of connecting two spaces. You can see that the lines between indoors and outdoors are further blurred through the usage of marble flooring in a bespoke design. The floor is glazed to reflect as much light as possible, creating that stunning contrast between the two elements.

11. Embrace Mid-Century Inspired Furniture

Embrace Mid-Century Inspired Furniture

Over the passage of time since the introduction of mid-century modern-styled furniture in the 1930s, there are thousands of shoppable styles available at almost every price point, making it easy to find them but also making it hard to narrow down on just one style. Go for furniture that exhumes retro vibes, organic shapes, tapered legs, and possesses a minimal silhouette.

12. Synchronise It With Symmetry

Symmetry it with symmetry

Balance is key in any midcentury entryway decor. Symmetry helps bring that sense of balance and keeps things personal. This decor displays how symmetry helps in recreating the original spirit of mid-century modern decor. Placing chairs on both sides of your foyer table and filling the tabletop with items of various sizes helps add to the symmetry.

13. Make it Light and Bright

Light and Bright

Try to maximize the inflow of light, whether your hallway is at the front of the house or at the middle. This is one of the cornerstones of contemporary design. Sticking to light colors like white or beige can help enlarge the room in your mind and generally help the indoor space feel more open and airy.

14. Choose a Modern Mirror

Modern Mirror

A mirror can be both decorative and a functional piece of decor in your home. Using them in your entryways can help make an otherwise tiny space feel larger. You can even create a statement with the shape, frame, and size that you choose for your mirror. Additionally, hallway mirrors are perfect for fast check-in on your attire before leaving the house.

15. Select a Stylish Console Table

Stylish Console Table

Console tables appear the best when they’re at their most basic. They’re intrinsically designed to work well with modern design styles owing to their slim and obtrusive nature. Choosing the slickest designs for your table can find a permanent space in your midcentury hallway.

16. Hang Modern Chandeliers

Hang Modern Chandeliers

Hallways are usually cramped spaces. You need to ensure that you layer your lighting so that light reaches every corner. If your hallway has a high ceiling, chandeliers are a great way to spread light to every nook and corner of that space. Contemporary-styled chandeliers go a long way in shaping up your midcentury hallway designs from the moment you walk in the door.

17. Keep the Entryway Bench Clean & Simple

Entryway Bench Clean & Simple

To get the best out of your entryway, it is best to stick to the fundamentals. But that also doesn’t mean you leave out any space to relax. Remember, it is important to keep it as minimal as possible to make it feel current.

Go with the less is more strategy by purchasing a clean-cut bench with a minimal silhouette. Look at the simple contrast that this bench creates through its nominal design with its white walls but doesn’t overwhelm your senses either.

18. Use Stone to Create Hallway Tiles

Stone to Create Hallway Tiles

The entryways in your home are the busiest intersections, with family members and guests passing by throughout the day. While you may want to keep the design elements of the entryway as fresh as possible, it is also important to consider its durability.

We suggest you incorporate stone tiles. Tiles that are either polished or open to a little texture and contrast are a terrific way to achieve an aesthetic of grandeur in your limited space.

19. Adopt a Mid-century Modern Aesthetic

Mid-century Modern Aesthetic

It’s never a bad idea to peek into the past and pull it into your indoor space. Mid-century architecture has been on the up in recent years, so why not use elements from the 1930s through the 1960s to transform your home too? Adopt designs with clean lines and geometric shapes, as seen in this beautiful midcentury entryway. You can never go wrong with mid-century modern styles in your home.

20. Floors With Patterns

Floors With Patterns

Patterns always add new layers of interest to any part of your home, let alone the entryway. But incorporating patterns in your midcentury entryway goes a long way to forming a memorable bond with your home. Stir things up by embracing floor patterns that promote the flow of energy leading you and your guests into your living room.

21. Office At Your Entrance

doorway space into your workspace

Remember, the key to a mid-century modern home is minimalism. No more lamenting about a lack of room for your home office because you can convert your doorway space into your workspace. The doorway is mostly underutilized, so why not just transform it? You can opt for a flip desk with stow-away chairs that can be hidden when not in use. There are also workstations that can be fixed into shelving units so that it doesn’t seem obtrusive upon entering inside.

Final thoughts

Sprinkle some love on your midcentury entryways and show it off to the world because they create one of the first impressions of your home. Make it a memorable experience for yourself every time you walk through it.

We hope this list has provided you with a little more clarity about decorating the entryways in your home. Comment below your favorite ideas from the list or any ideas that you’ve always wanted to incorporate in your home!

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