Coastal Coffee Tables to Uplift Your Beach Home's Living Room

21 Coastal Coffee Tables to Uplift Your Beach Home’s Living Room

Beach homes are a relatively common thing in the 21st century. However, living by the beach also comes with its pros and cons. The pros are that you get to live right by the sea in a beach home, and the cons are that you need to be aware of how to decorate your home. Adding a coastal coffee table can be a good idea.

Coffee tables are the centerpiece of your beach home’s living room. They’re what reflects your and your living room’s personality. There are so many different coastal coffee tables available that it’s hard to choose just one.

Natural materials such as wood and rattan should be the way to go while shopping for a coastal coffee table. Here are some coffee tables that we recommend buying for your beach home.

1. Teak Coffee Table

Teak Coffee Table

To create an eco-chic look, the individual teak branches are sorted manually by size in this super minimal coastal coffee table. The white-washed finish of the wooden pieces helps bring the feel of the outdoors to your indoor space. In addition, the simplistic make of this table is sure to add a unique look to your living room.

2. Off-White Coffee Table

off white coffee table

The off-white finish of this table gives it a timeless charm that is refined to represent the outdoors. The plank top creates a rustic look, and the wired brush finish gives it that unique multi-toned finish. What’s even better is that the open storage option allows you to maximize your storage.

3. Sea Foam Coffee Table

Sea foam coffee table

This coastal coffee table nicely reflects the blueness of the ocean outside your door. Inexpensive and stylish, these tables in classic coastal colors would fit perfectly in your living room. Throw in the added benefit of the storage space up & below, and this design is an evergreen classic in any beach home.

4. Bohemian Coastal Coffee Table

What’s better than a bohemian coffee table in a beach home to represent the minimalism of living by the ocean? This table is ideal for books of art and vases brimming with blooming buds. The slightly tapered legs give out a bare-bones approach that goes in tandem with the natural textures of the table.

5. Wicker Coffee Table

Wicker coffee Table

Create an instant indoor oasis with this beautiful coastal coffee table made entirely of wicker accompanied by colonial-styled wooden legs. The low-key profile of the table will go beautifully with the rest of the coastal decor in your living room and makes it an instant coastal-chic icon!

6. White and Teal Coffee Table

White and Teal coffee table

This beach-styled coffee table is made of fir wood that is topped with a boardwalk white and teal finish. The teal color is reminiscent of the constantly changing colors of the ocean, and the white represents the smoothness of beach sand. What better way to bring in the outdoors inside your living room?

7. Off-White Wood Round Coffee Table

Off White Round Table

This round coastal coffee table is made of capiz and wood to make a statement in your living room. Its rustic shape spreads an incredibly chic and comfortable vibe around your living room. The detailing on it makes this table an excellent accent piece for your home.

8. Rectangular Coffee Table

rectangular Coffee Table

This coffee table blends European influences with a warm antique white finish that has splatter and watermark accents on them. The weathered bark top brings that coastal vibe onto your table and spreads it beautifully across your living room. It also comes with full-extension metal slide drawer glides and a fully stained interior drawer for storage purposes.

9. Sofa Coffee Table

sofa Coffee Table

This unique coastal coffee table is crafted with poplar solids with pine and birch veneers and features an antique white finish with a wire-brushed tobacco-planked top. It comes with two full extension drawers and a bottom shelf that are anchored by round-turned legs that flow into bracket feet. This table can summon your beach-themed living room’s luxurious yet unique feel.

10. White/Brown Coffee Table with Storage

white brown Coffee Table with storage

This gorgeous coffee table takes inspiration from a treasure chest buried deep in the ocean with a brazen wooden top and charred table sides that are accented with an off-white touch. Sporting a two-tone finish with a dual-sided lid design and expansive storage space, this table takes the art of rustic living to a whole new level.

11. Solid Wood Drum Coffee Table

solid wood drum coffee table

A coffee table like this one completes your living room with a coastal farmhouse aesthetic. The way it is crafted in an organic brown hue brings out the natural wood grain color variations and patterns. Designed with a drum-shaped tapered base in a close-slatted style, it really brings that country feel into your living room.

12. Lift Top Coffee Table with Storage

lift top coffee table with storage

Featuring a weathered gray finish, this coastal coffee table complements your beach-themed indoor living room decor like none other. It features a functional lift top that makes it easy to work and eat from your sofa. Underneath the tabletop is a storage compartment that is ideal for your throw blankets, board games, and magazines. The faux drawer handles also add an extra layer of charm to the table.

13. Grey Oak Coffee Table

grey oak coffee table

A coffee table that is compact in design but still demands attention to your living room space. This table is all about living life clutter-free. A bottom storage shelf is an ideal place for you to place your remote, coffee, or cocktails. Reviews from users suggest that you can’t really go wrong with this minimal piece of furniture, and is an excellent addition to your beach-themed living room.

14. Transitional Coffee Table with Storage

transitional coffee table with storage

This lo-fi coffee table is the transitional piece of furniture you need in your beach-themed family room to give it that mood lift akin to the one you get when you’re out by the sea. A tier of spacious bottom shelves offers plenty of room for display or storage if needed. It also comes in endless color options, so you’re spoiled for choices here.

15. Bohemian Coffee Table

bohemian coffee table

A coffee table for your living room that carries a bohemian charm with a modern twist. Made from natural abaca, this lightweight material makes the piece easy to move and super versatile. Ideal for breaking up those tired spaces in your room, this coastal coffee table is the perfect porch for your novels, teapots, and coffee mugs.

16. Wicker Coffee Table

wicker coffee table

Another attractive option is to round out your beachside home decor with this clean-lined coffee table. Made of natural elements, its airy design is handwoven from wicker and water hyacinth, making it a very neutral color that is ideal for a coastal home setting. It features a tapered silhouette that offers lots of room for a vanity tray, coasters, or a flower vase to complete that beachy feel in your living room.

17. Block Coffee Table

block coffee table

A coastal coffee table that is equal parts relaxed and equal parts refined. This piece of furniture embodies that laidback beachside style that is perfect for every coastal living room. Wrapped in a natural woven banana plant, the concentric color pattern and the walnut-stained wooden feet help bring a unique aesthetic that is hard to beat.

18. 4 Legs Coffee Table

4 legs coffee table

This modern McArthur table celebrates everyday ease and carries a low-key yet chunky profile. The square-shaped coastal coffee table is crafted from reclaimed acacia wood, which is known to be highly durable and naturally spill-resistant. The pinkish-hue finish and the natural weathering make this coastal coffee table sit perfectly in contrast to the softer surroundings in your indoor space.

19. Rounded 4 Legs Coffee Table

rounded 4 legs coffee table

This coffee table is a statement-making addition to your living room with how it blends into your existing arrangement. Designed with a combination of boho and a traditional approach, this unique drum-shaped table is crafted from woven banana leaves to provide a touch of texture. This rattan addition will not disappoint you!

20. Cross Legs Coffee Table with Storage

cross legs coffee table with storage

A coastal coffee table with a clean-lined silhouette made of wood that is neutral in tone is the way to create that coastal farmhouse accent in your family room. The two ends of the table feature soft-close drawers where you can keep spare coasters, chargers, and magazines. The table’s base has two sled legs with another sled leg running perpendicular to it, helping create a unique silhouette that adds to the table’s simplicity.

21. Weathered Finish Coffee Table

weathered finish coffee table

This coffee table comes with a clean-lined aesthetic, and the weathered finish on its body nicely compliments the sandy elements from the outdoors. The legs have a criss-cross pattern that gives an open and airy look to them. Its large tabletop can hold a variety of things without looking cluttered.  The simplistic design of this table also makes it easy for it to fit in with the other textures in your living room.


A coastal-themed home or a beach-themed home must have a coastal-themed coffee table that is the center point of the living room. It sets the tone for how the rest of the decor will be set up. This list of coffee tables has been curated to fit into any beachside home’s living room, and we hope that it helps you find the piece that will perfectly fit into your indoor space.

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