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20 Best Modern Dining Table Design for a Stylish Outlook

Dining tables are the center of attraction of your home. You may live in a single accommodation or a luxurious space to party hard every weekend with friends, but to make your living room look nice, you have to choose a modern dining table design. There are various types of dining tables you can choose from for your living room. Well, you might have preferences, but choosing a modern dining table design depends on several factors.

20 Stylish Dining Tables to Transform Your Dining Room

1. Solid Metal Dining Table

There is a solid metal-dining table having bold proportions of angular sled legs sleek and stable silhouette. This table is ideal for accommodating six to eight people; bears a minimalist look. Place a runner or table mat of your choice for that ultimate modern look.

portside outdoor expandable dining table textilene chairs

2. Studio Apartment Dining Table

This type of dining table has a flat top and strong wooden legs. They can be placed outlining the walls or maybe in the mid of the room. The table can moderately adjust for up to 4 persons. The white base adds to the glamour quotient of the table.

apartment dining table

3. Clifton Dining Table

The dining table has a steel base and a chrome finish that adds a polished touch to the designs. The top comes in several sleek and stylish options. This will fit any dining room, be it minimalist or even Scandinavian. The size is ideal for six to eight people, and the design accommodates chairs and benches. This is an excellent instance of a modern dining table design and a popular idea.

Clifton Dining Table

4. White Top Dining Table

This type of solid white table has a perfect linen finish. The legs might be supported with a metal or maybe anything else. The top is narrow and elongated and can be placed at the side of a room. You can adjust it to a medium-sized or cozy dining room. The table would justify the dimension.

White Top Dining Table

5. Budapest Dining Table

This dining table is built from an oak tree and is ideal for six to eight people. The warm wood grains have boomerang-shaped legs and celebrate the modern-shaped design without being retro. This is ideal when living in an elegant room and bringing some friends for dinner.

Budapest Dining Table

6. Thomas Oval Dining Table

The dining table draws inspiration from mid-century designs with a starburst patterned table top and boomerang legs. Built with kiln-dried wood with a deep finish, the table can easily accommodate up to six. Place your pasta dish will this dining table. This modern dining table designis trendy and simple. A designer table mat might do justice to the dining table.

Thomas Oval Dining Table

7. Fenway Round Dining Table

This dynamic dining table is built from solid oak and veneers and can accommodate up to four persons for Sunday brunch. This table shows a sunburst pattern- top and a flared design with boomerang-shaped legs. A modern dining table design like this one would be lightweight so that you can carry it around anywhere.

Fenway Round Dining Table

8. Square Compact Dining Table

The medium-sized table is ideal for four-people seating. The table has a flat top with white veneer and strong wooden legs for support. They go well with chairs, white in color for the best combination. This can be placed in a cozy or well-spaced dining room.

Square Compact Dining Table

9. Lumini Round Dining Table

The dining table is inspired by the simplicity of the mid-century Scandinavian style, and the circular top rests on flared legs and angular side braces. They deliver extra support and architectural silhouette. The table is ideal for supporting a seating capacity of up four persons. You might place a flower vase for a great look when not using the table.

Lumini Round Dining Table

10. Fenway Round Dining Table

This inviting dining table shows a dynamic mid-century design and sunburst pattern boomerang-shaped legs. They are made from solid oak and veneers and are can adjust up to four persons on holiday.

11. Imperial Round Table

This is ideal for smaller dining spaces. The table’s pedestal is smart and trendy, leaving room for other things to accommodate. This is lacquered and adds a minimalist twist to the silhouette. The space is enough to accommodate four people.

imperial round table

12. Barnett Round Dining Table

Crafted from metal, the base of the tripod design forms an X shape to support the tabletop. The glass table top is rounded and layers an airy vibe that introduces a bold flow. This is designed for smaller spaces and easily accommodates up to four people. A modern dining table design with a glass top can match any décor.

Barnett Round Dining Table

13. White Compact, Sturdy Table

The medium-sized sturdy table has a white veneer on the top and sides. This is compact and ideal for dining rooms that are cozy as well as spread apart. This table is perfect for 4-people seating and goes well with roped chairs. Ideal for tea gatherings, this table can get a permanent place at your farmhouse. This type of modern dining table design is a contemporary thing and gets a place in almost every farmhouse.

White Compact, Sturdy Table

14. Wooden Top Metallic Legs Table

This sort of table is suitable for a room that can be either cozy or even wide-spaced. The wooden top bears a smooth finish and a sophisticated look. The legs are made of metal and can support the table where  4-6 persons can sit comfortably. The wooden table with metal legs can be a great eye-catching factor.

Wooden Top Metallic Legs Table

15. Antique Décor

This dining table is made from reclaimed wood and has solid wooden legs. The table bears a rustic flair and is ideal for enjoying your evening tea and snacks. The table goes well with cane chairs for the ultimate look. The table’s wooden grain looks different from the others and bears characteristic features.

Antique Décor

16. Pattern Dining Bench

The dining bench is made from flared wood and has well-supported legs. The wooden color of the bench can impart a great sense of aesthetics to the dining room. The table will be lightweight and efficiently support a seating capacity of four to six persons. The lightweight table can be easily carried elsewhere. This simplistic and modern dining table design is sure to win hearts.

Pattern Dining Bench

17. Natural Texture Flat Top

This table has a slender top, white in color, and has two structured support for the entire structure. Choose a white color for your table or any natural-wood shade; this is ideal for cozy dining rooms and some sizeable. The table is enough to accommodate six to eight persons at a time. Nice flared chairs go well with the table, and the entire system matches your living room.

natural texture flat top

18. Quartz Table

This is a rounded table with a quartz top and a wooden pedestal. The pedestal is strong enough to support the tabletop. It is compact and can support up to four-person seating arrangements. This table arrangement is ideal for a cozy corner.

Quartz Table

19. Reclaimed Wood Table

You will love this versatile, bespoke table made from reclaimed wood, ideal for coffee, dinners, and desk work. The rustic finish dining table is made from an oak tree and has a well-crafted table top.

Reclaimed Wood Table

20. Green Touches

The Wooden table with distinct grains can be the most suitable fit for your sleek dining room. A table should be sturdy to bear the weight of crockeries even when more people are in your place, occasionally.  This table literary goes with metallic chairs and adds a flair to the entire look. The look is so simple that it can go well with any green décor. Add a splash of green for that ultimate look. Home decor is all about adding a touch of comfort to your existing living space. Make sure that whenever you add furniture to your room, should make your living space eco-friendly and not make the space congested unnecessarily. Utilizing the economy of space is the primary concern of modern home decor.

Green Touches

How To Choose the Right Kind of Dining Table for Your Home?

Several factors govern the decision to select a modern dining table design.

  • Size of the Dining Room: The size and dimension of the dining hall are great determinants when selecting the right dining table. Literary, you need to measure the space left between the edge of the dining table and the walls. Choose a manageable size that fits right for the dining room. You can place the chairs, and there should be enough leg space.
  • Style of the Dining Room: The dining hall style is evident in choosing the perfect style. The dining room might be traditional, Scandinavian, or rustic, but choosing a dining table design depends greatly on the room’s aesthetics. For example, a modern dining table design cannot properly fit a Victorian type of dining hall. Similarly, a wooden table has to be placed in a chic living hall. It’s all about matching the aesthetics and style.
  • Material and Finishes of the Room: if you choose a high-quality material for your dining table, you must maintain it well in the long run. If you choose a wooden dining table, choose walnut, mahogany, oak, or teak, quality-wise. If you choose a dining table with a glass top, that might work well with several decors. Glass tops might easily clean and add a brighter feel to the room. Choosing MDF (medium-density fiberboard) can assure durability and quality. Granite and quartz tabletops can be considered elegant and contemporary style. In all these cases, maintenance is comparatively more straightforward as it can be done with a damp cloth.

Room’s Shape and Usage

  • The Room’s Shape: Dining rooms can be elongated, slender, or spacious. The shape of a dining table depends on the available space one can get to accommodate the furniture. If you have a smaller space, then a 36-44 inches square dining table or a rounded one with a 36-48 inches diameter is enough. These can accommodate up to 6 people. If you have more significant space, the 72-inch rectangular table is ideal for accommodating six people, and a 96-inch rectangular table is comfortable enough for eight people.
  • Type of Usage: The pattern of the dining table you will buy depends a lot on the usage. Say you and your family want to use it regularly, then it is best to pick a sturdy, medium to sizeable table made of durable material. If you’re going to use it occasionally, you prefer decorative finishes like patterned veneer table tops. While living in a rented room, choosing a lightweight and durable table is better. You can buy a drop leaf dining table, where the top can be extended according to requirement.
  • Seating Type: You can pick your dining table according to the seating system. According to the earlier styles, a dining table used to be matched to some chairs of a particular design. But, nowadays, you can match a dining table with any chair. For example, a wooden dining table would go well with an eclectic seating system. Mixing and matching seating with a bench is good enough for great décor.

Apart from these, the factors influencing your purchasing decision are your budget and buying purpose. A contemporary design would dominate your mind at the time of purchase.

Wrapping Up

Spruce up your living space with a dining table that can add glamour to your room. Choosing a modern dining table design depends on several factors, the most important being its purpose and use. Other factors are significant. If you live in a tiny home, you must choose a design that can work as multi-utility furniture. Living in a spacious, luxurious home also demands the purchase of a dining table of great design. Your purpose has to be solved; yes, choosing a modern dining table design depends on your sense of aesthetics. Your plans would reflect your aesthetics and style. Instead, home designs reflect your personality. So, make sure your choice of furniture is trendy and matches well with your aesthetics.

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