How Does a Murphy Bed Desk Combo Work

How Does a Murphy Bed Desk Combo Work?

You have definitely seen a Murphy bed desk combo, even if you cannot relate to it. Remember those two pieces of furniture? You open a flap, and it becomes a dining table. The one where you unfold the table, and it turns into a bed. That’s what is called a Murphy bed desk combo! But did you know that these are not the modern forms of furniture? They’ve been here since our grandparents’ days, and it would not be wrong if we said that old is definitely gold!

People did have smaller homes then, but requirements for storing things in little space have always been a struggle. That’s when, at the beginning of the 20th century, these Murphy bed desk combos became popular!

Now let’s understand how these combos work:

How and Where to Use Them

If you are wondering how and where to use these Murphy bed desk combos, here’s everything that you need to know about fixing it. We have ideas as to where you should place them and their prime utility.

For Children’s Bedroom

For Children’s Bedroom

You need a lot of space in your child’s room. They want ample space to play, study, and, of course, beds. Fitting everything together was earlier a task, but now you can make things possible easily with the help of the Murphy bed desk combo.

All you do is lower down the bed when it’s nap time for children, and during the day, you can keep the desk side up! It is super easy and uses the space of your room wisely.

For Master Bedroom

For Master Bedroom

We would suggest you not just buy a Murphy bed desk combo but two storage towers attached with each on each side. It’s the ideal choice because you need space for storage more than anything.

Having two storage towers can solve your problem, and you need not spend a single penny on any other furniture.

For Your Study

For Your Study

Could it be any better if you could actually turn your work desk into a bed while your desktop is still plugged in? Let’s face it: we often feel tired and want to take a power nap while we are working, but we always lack comfort in our studies!

Murphy bed desk combo is here to help you tackle and has a perfect solution. Buying a single bed is a good choice for study.

For Guest Room

For Guest Room

We have all had unexpected guests arriving at home before prior notice. You obviously cannot ask them to leave; hence, converting your study to a quick guest room sounds wow! You can literally transform your study into a guest room in no time.

Not only will a Murphy bed desk combo give your guests their privacy, but it will also give them enough space for their luggage.

For Living Room

For Living Room

Imagine you are watching a wonderful movie with friends and family, but lying down would have made the environment more cozy and comfortable. With a Murphy bed desk combo in your living area, you can relax while binge-watching!

Just pull the pivot down off the desk and make it a bed! Now, grab some popcorn and enjoy your film.

For Studio Apartments

For Studio Apartments

We cannot tell you enough about how a Murphy bed desk combo becomes a savior for people who move into a studio apartment. Living in a tiny apartment does not mean you will require less furniture. But investing in the right furniture can be of big help!

Murphy bed desk combo is honestly for all those who stay at a studio apartment or who are shifting soon. Without any further thought, you must buy this!

Now comes the most important:

Why Should You Choose Them?

If you are not convinced, these reasons should be enough to change your mind.

Why Should You Choose Them

  • It does save space. You do not have to buy furniture separately because you get everything in one. We have all been at home confined during the coronavirus pandemic, and we all realized that our homes need space. Most felt restless and wanted spacious and breathable homes. Murphy bed desk combo is an alternative for making space in the home while not breaking the bank in a complete makeover.
  • Improves functionality of rooms. Giving rooms enough space can make them work harder and come across as a multitasking setup. If you are a workaholic like us, you can conveniently convert the bed to a desk and make it a study. It can make any place hospitable and welcoming.
  • It adds to productivity. We’ll explain how we feel drowsy when we work lying in bed, and we need a proper desktop to work on. A convertible desk-to-table is what you need when you are working from home. Murphy bed desk combo helps in bringing your workplace home.

However, it does have a few drawbacks, like they have a little smaller workspace. It needs to accommodate the applications of the Murphy bed desk combo and add a bed to itself, which is why it has to compromise on the size of the study. Another limitation is that it cannot hold much weight because it already needs to hold the weight of the bed.


Keeping everything aside, you cannot put the fact down that it serves wonderfully as a utility and is a one-stop solution to your space-related problems at home. Also, trust us, it cannot improve as you get a bed and a desk at one price. You can even get the Murphy bed desk combo customized as per your needs, storage, and size requirements.

The best part is that it does not compromise on the aesthetics and fulfills your criteria for buying a Murphy bed desk combo. You can actually upgrade your home with these and bring home something that adds to your functionality and productivity besides saving time, space, and money!


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