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22 Ways to Style Blue Velvet Sofa in a Living Room

Sofas are a crucial piece of furniture in the living room. Whether using it for lounging or as a decor item, it acts as an integral part of interior design. Therefore, it is important to choose the right kind of color and fabric for the sofa. 

If you want to glam up your living room with statement furniture, then go for the blue velvet sofa. The blue color gives a regal touch to the surroundings, whereas velvet adds the needed shine to the sofa. However, styling this bold piece of furniture can be tricky. But do not worry because we have some amazing ideas to share with you that will amp up your living room.  

Blue Velvet Sofa Living Room Ideas

A blue velvet sofa can transform your ordinary-looking room into a luxurious living room. This piece of furniture is very versatile and can be styled in many ways. What you need are some tips to help you build your stunning living room. You can take inspiration from these ideas when giving your living room a makeover. 

1. White Rug with Navy Blue Couch 

The simplicity of the white rug combined with the elegance of the navy blue couch gives a perfect balance to the living room. The rug makes a nice neutral base for the couch to stand out in the room.

White Rug with Navy Blue Couch

2. Gold Accents 

Gold complements the color blue. This color combination adds a warm touch to the interiors of the living room. There are many ways in which you can add gold accents to give a high-end look to the place. A good idea would be to add a golden coffee table to your living room with a blue velvet sofa.

gold accent

3. Adding Nature to the Living Room

Adding indoor plants is the easiest way to get a soothing atmosphere in the living room. The greenery of the plants paired with your blue velvet sofa would make the room look more alive and open.

Nature to the Living Room

4. A Gallery Wall 

Creating a gallery wall with lots of artwork is a great choice. It adds a little character to the living room by introducing many colors and textures onto the wall. Also, this kind of decor blends well with the blue velvet sofa.

gallery wall

5. Wooden Flooring 

Wooden flooring in the living room is a classic option that never goes out of style. It adds a traditional touch to modern design items.

The dark wooden flooring will go beautifully with the dark blue velvet sofa in your living room.

wooden flooring

6. Touches of Blue Patterns and Prints 

The blue patterns and prints give the interiors of the living room a more textured look. Incorporating armchairs with light blue patterns or sky blue printed stools would go very well in a living room with a blue velvet sofa. 

Blue sofa in a window on sunny day with table in foreground

7. Go for a Monochromatic Look 

A monochromatic color palette looks very charming when styled properly. Having different shades of blue in your living room will help in achieving a monochromatic look.

A blue wall with a blue velvet sofa gives artistic vibes to the decor of the living room. You can also put some navy-colored plant pots to give a stunning visual look to the room. 

Luxurious dark blue plush couch surrounded by green plants standing on a chessboard floor in a living room interior

8. Pillows 

Pillows are very important accessories that can help in elevating the look of the blue velvet sofa in the living room. The pillow covers add a pop of color and personality to the classic velvet sofa. 

You can also use different shapes and sizes of pillows for your sofa to create a more natural and inviting look in the room. 


9. Add Neutral Pieces 

The neutral tones of white and gray will provide a nice undertone of colors to the dark blue velvet sofa. Adding a creamy white rug or a gray color vase would be a nice option to style with the sofa in the living room. 

blue couch with cream and blue area rug

10. Lighting in the Room

Lighting adds a high-end look to the living room. The wall lights and lamps placed in the different corners give a visual dimension to the furnishing items in the room. A good tall lamp over the blue velvet sofa will make the room look brighter and bigger. 

lighting in the room

11. Throws and Comforters 

Throws and comforters are an apt choice for the blue velvet sofa living room ideas. They add a warm aesthetic to the place. 

The fuzziness of the throws makes the velvet sofa more cozy and welcoming. 

throws and comforters

12. Cool Silver Tones in the Room 

Silver tones with the blue velvet sofa look very chic and cool. Incorporate silver accents with some plants to give a more inviting look to the living room. A lamp with silver touch would be a great option in this category. 

Cool Silver Tones in the Room

13. Bright and Bold Color Accents 

The bright colors make an exceptional contrast with the blue color. The blue velvet sofa with bold color accessories would be a perfect combination for an art decor living room. 

Orange-colored pillow covers or a bright color rug will make the living room more colorful. 

Midcentury Modern Blue Velvet Sofa

14. Modern Tufted Blue Velvet Sofa 

The modern tufted blue velvet sofa adds a mid-century elegance to the living room. The French charm that it creates is impeccable.

tufted blue velvet sofa

15. Rustic Coffee Table 

A rustic coffee table provides warmth to the atmosphere of the room. The table gives a beautiful pop of color in contrast with the blue velvet sofa. It can be useful too in displaying items like candles, books, etc. for decorative purposes.

blue velvet sofas diybunker

16. a Bulb Chandelier 

A bulb chandelier would be a great alternative to a crystal chandelier and it looks elegant too. The design of the chandelier when paired with the velvet sofa provides a contemporary style to the place. It also adds a sparkle of light to the room. 

Bulb Chandelier

17. Black and White Striped Rug 

The black and white striped rug is an eye-catchy design that looks unique. It is a great choice for adding texture to the living room. It makes the blue velvet sofa the center of attention in the room.

sapphire blue velvet sofa chaise lounge black pillows

18. Yellow lamp

Yellow lamps add a contemporary design to the room. It gives a noteworthy pop of color to the living room while complementing the blue color of the sofa. A yellow lamp beside a blue velvet sofa can give an eclectic approach to your living room.

Interior Photographs of four bedroom apartment on LaGuardia Place, Greenwich Village, New York City.  Interior Design by Tilton Fenwick.  Styling on shoot by Scout Designs.

19. Gray walls 

The gray walls add depth to the living room. The color will act as a perfect background for showing off your velvet sofa. It will also make the blue velvet sofa look brighter. 

gray walls

20. Angled wooden legs on the sofa 

Angled wooden legs on the blue velvet sofa will give the living room a classic 1950s touch. This will add a sense of sophistication to the room. 

wooden legs on the sofa

21. Marble Tabletop

A marble tabletop with metal legs amplifies the visual experience of the living room. The elegant marble table highlights the deep blue velvet sofa.

round white marble coffee table with blue couch

22. Floral Touches 

A blue velvet sofa combined with flower decor gives a chic style to the room. It also adds a happy vibe to the living room. 

An interesting way of adding floral touches in the living room would be through pillow covers and paintings. 

floral touches


A blue velvet sofa is a luxe item to have in your living room. The perfect centerpiece for your living room that can lift the energy of the whole place. We wanted you to know all about the blue velvet sofa living room styling. 

We hope that you liked our top blue velvet sofa living room ideas. You can take inspiration from this listicle and give your living room a makeover. You can build your dream living room with the blue velvet sofa, which will get you many compliments from your guests.

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