What is a Living Space Sectional

What is a Living Space Sectional?

Modular, L-shaped, or U-shaped sectional couches and sofas grab your attention almost instantly. But what is a living space sectional, or how can it add to the aesthetics of your place? Are these couches functional, comfortable, and befits a small space?

Living space Sectional couches can easily become the focal point in a room. The availability of space is a crucial consideration. Continue reading below to understand more about sectional sofas and couches, the different design types, and how to choose the right one for your space.

What Is a Sectional Couch? What Are the Key Features?

What Is a Sectional Couch

Unlike conventional sofa sets, living room sectional couches come in multiple parts. These are not a single piece of furniture. The upfront advantage is that you can arrange them in different styles in your living room for better aesthetics and comfort.

Adding to this advantage is the fact that the couches are available in different shapes: L, U, rounded, and more. To top it off, there are various sizes and colors, giving customers a comprehensive range to choose from.


1. Sectional sofas have two or three sections that can be detached and attached to form different shapes. L, U, and round shapes are the most common. In the picture here, you find the L-shaped sectional couch laid out against the window.


2. A chaise lounge or an extended part with a backrest allows people to relax and stretch out conveniently.

chaise lounge

3. A variation of the sectional couches is the modular arrangement. In this case, every part or section is separate, offering greater arrangement flexibility in a preferred style.

Modular Arrangement

4. You also get these couches with extra space, especially for sleeping purposes. For example, pull-out sofa beds are pretty common. In such sectional couches, storage space for cushions, pillows, and mattresses is an added advantage.

pillows, and mattresses

5. For extra comfort, some of these couches come with recliner options, footrests, lumbar support, headrests, massage options, etc., all of which can be either manually operated or operated via a power switch.


6. Extra features can also include things like cupholders in the armrest, tray holders, workspace options for keeping your laptop, etc. In the picture here, the left side of the couches has extra space that can be used for multiple purposes.


Common Shapes & Arrangements of Sectional Couches

1. L-Shape


This is the most common shape. It has two sections that join to form the L-shape. If you need to separate your living room into different zones without using a partition wall, the L-shape sectional sofas are the best bet. Place them against corners for ergonomic utilization of space.

2. U-Shape


This shape creates ample space to accommodate almost everyone on a single couch. It is suitable for a bigger space. Place this arrangement at the center of the room and let it become the ideal place for bonding times.

3. Modular Arrangement

modular arrangement

Love flexibility and change? Go in for the modular sectional couches. You can change their arrangement at any time to suit your personal preferences. This arrangement complements smaller and larger spaces seamlessly.

Buying A Sectional Sofa? Evaluate These Factors

Consider these factors to spruce up your living room with a sectional lounge before buying one.

1. Left and Right Arm Facing Couches

Left and Right Arm Facing Couches
 Right Arm Facing

You need to understand that there are two major types of sectional sofas – left-arm facing and right-arm facing. These are named depending on which side of the sofas is the chaise lounge located.

2. The Living Room Space

The Living Room Space

A big room is ideal for sectional couches. However, if you have a smaller space, you can still invest in one of these couches, maybe a L-shaped or a modular, and adjust it to fit it into the space. Remember, though, it is always advisable to first get a hold of the living room dimensions and speak with a specialist to understand if it is the right choice for your room.

Sectional furniture consumes a lot of space. Understand the space ergonomics before making a decision.

3. How Big or Small?

How Big or Small

The next factor to consider is the size of the sectional sofas. There are multiple seaters that you can buy – evaluate how big or how many seaters you require for your living room. Most sectional sofas can have five or more seaters. You can opt for less or more, as per the needs of the family.

4. The Look

The Look

Conventional couches give a more formal look to your living room. Sectional sofas, on the other hand, have a more casual setup. It is more of a place to put your feet up, relax, and let your hair down. That is why you need to assess the style that you want for your living space.

5. Sectional Sofas Are A Long-Term Commitment

Sectional Sofas Are A Long-Term Commitment

One major concern with sectional sofas vis-a-vis conventional sofas is that the latter is far more flexible than the former. Do you want to change the style and look of your living room regularly? Conventional sofas are more the type for you. You need to consider this aspect seriously before making this long-term investment.


Sectional sofas are transformative, becoming the center of attraction of the place, wherever you place them. These are perfect for hosting friends and family and also make for a beautiful space to curl up, rest, and relax. However, there are quite a few limitations to these couches, and you must consider the same before making a choice.

Let us know the comments below about your experience with sectional sofas.

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