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What Drawbacks Do Ranch-Style Homes Have?

Well, what is your understanding of what a ranch-style home is all about? Here lies your answer to the same.

Ranch-style homes are one- or two-story homes that add to iconic masterpieces of American architecture in off-the-city limit areas. Or, in other words, at suburban locales.

Ranch-style homes have been popular since the 1950s or the ‘60s. Popular American families spend their holidays at guest houses or ranch-style homes to escape the hustle and bustle of a hectic city dweller’s life.

Again, if you look at it, ranch-style homes have one or more stories. Therefore, these homes have horizontal layouts with rooms adjacent to one another.

A single-storey staircase may lead to your master bedroom or so. At the same time, the living area, hall, kitchen, and side bedroom have layouts adjacent to one another.

Let us overview the 7 main drawbacks modern ranch homes have in common!

Sleek and stylish modern ranch home with clean lines and contemporary design

1. Requiring More Square Footage Space

You may need a larger area to construct this home, as ranch-style homes have horizontal layouts with fewer stories.

Therefore, you need an area with a higher footage space or land area to construct modern-style ranch homes.

You must further configure the space to build a home with living rooms, office spaces, recreation areas, etc.

All these rooms must be configured to suit the square area footage of your property. Having a word with a renowned ranch home builder can help you get ideas for constructing a property of this kind.

2. Looking for Spacious Yards Becomes a Concern for You

Although you decide to construct the property with a horizontal layout design, having smaller yards or smaller open areas may not be desirable for you.

It would be best if you had more open spaces for your kids to play or for you to arrange open-spaced parties or other recreational events.

As a country house property, you plan to build, you may have to buy more land to fit the budget of having more open spaces near the courtyard area.

You may need an extra lease of land for maintaining gardens or horticultural spaces too. At a modern-style ranch, this is a consideration you cannot afford to skip out on.

3. Privacy is Another Aspect that Needs Working Into

Having fewer close-ended stories equates to a lesser amount of privacy. Ranch-style or country homes are more suited for extended families who love catching up for summer or winter vacations.

Therefore, happy memories and get-together moments between immediate family members compensate for lesser privacy at ranch homes.

This is over what you find at apartment-styled buildings or condominiums on the whole. With larger outdoor spaces, families have cozy evenings with night bonfires, music and chirpy conversations.

4. More Expensive to Build On

As you need a larger area to build a ranch home for the palatial bungalow-styled living, plus having access to plenty of outdoor or open-ended land spaces, you may have to purchase the area worth two or three acres of land that can fit 3-4 close-ended apartments.

Therefore, building a ranch-style home or country-style bungalow can be more expensive than investing money in a regular ready-to-move apartment.

Your lifetime savings or investments may have to be broken in to mobilize funds for this property.

5. Maintenance Costs are on The Rise

Maintaining a country-style bungalow again adds to quite a lot of maintenance costs. The rooftops or ceiling tops may leak post-rain. Rooms may need repainting from time to time.

Garden maintenance may require you to hire 2-3 gardeners to maintain your horticultural zone, which comprises plants, shrubs, and trees.

In an apartment-style building, you barely find these elements; the homes are more of a concrete jungle. At a country-styled property, you need open spaces and air to beat the hustle or bustle of a city-dweller’s life.

Therefore, you must also shell out huge sums of money for property maintenance.

6. Finding an Experienced Builder Can Be Challenging

You must find a credible builder with decades of experience and expertise in building country-styled bungalow homes or rustic-styled ranch homes.

Finding a realtor of your choice can be a challenging affair. At the same time, finding realtors who build good-looking apartments, villas, or condominium units may be easier to discover or locate.

However, finding a realtor who builds high-quality ranch-style homes can be tedious or challenging. It would help if you searched online through ratings or reviews.

Otherwise, it would help if you got feedback from similar friends who have worked with a particular client. Or, it would help if you went on a door-to-door search spree for high-quality builders.

7. Excessive Snowing

As you build ranch-style homes on a flat or horizontal open-spaced design outlay, you can expect winds, torrents or snowing to be on the extreme sides of the bandwagon.

Clearing heavy layers of snow can also accentuate the maintenance costs of your ranch-style home.

If you have a country house or a ranch-style home and you visit the property only once every year, then you may have to hire snow-mowing experts to do the job for you, and you must pay them salaries on a monthly, bi-monthly, or yearly basis.


Overally, we have covered 7 main drawbacks of constructing or maintaining ranch homes.

However, these homes are now garnering interest in today’s youth or Gen X crowds because families prefer getaways that are home away from home.

Stylish and sophisticated builders are ready to build ranch homes with electricity, recreation, and all the facilities you need for a happy and comfy living.

With simple designs and outstanding outlays today’s younger crowds love hanging out in suburban areas the place has to offer.

With plenty of greenery and open spaces ranch properties can offer, can you say no to this arrangement?

“Certainly not!” would be my answer to the same!

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