What Do Homebuyers Look For In Interior Design?

For most homeowners and buyers, everyone seems to have very strong opinions about home design. A lot of people tend to assume they know what is essential to a home in terms of value. As a realtor looking to sell a property, your idea of what’s ideal in interior design should be based on more than your personal opinion.

You need solid facts about what buyers prefer and what’s considered practical when designing the interior of a home. That said, here are some tips from an experienced cash home buyer in Kansas City on some of the essentials to look at to increase the value of your home. The key to making any home look high-value is all in the detail.

Kitchen Island

The heart of a home is always the kitchen, and one of the biggest trends these days that you ought to have in your kitchen is an island.

62 Kitchen Island Ideas You'll Want to Copy

A kitchen island almost always adds value and makes the cooking space look appealing. It not only offers additional seats but also extra working space for those labor-intensive meals.

It can act as a place for entertaining, working, or gathering, offering the versatility needed in most homes. It comes first on our list as it is one of the top things considered by a huge chunk of home buyers.

Laundry Room

Gone are the days when people would be okay with the washer and dryer that sit in the corner of a kitchen or bathroom.

32 Modern Laundry Room Ideas to Make a Timeless Statement

Most homebuyers these days want the laundry room to be independent, easily accessible, and customized to make the job of doing laundry easier. There are several ways you can finesse your laundry room, from painting the walls to adding cabinets, racks, or shelving.

The racks can go behind your door. You could also install a built-in ironing board or a folding table that can be put away when not in use to save on space.

Freestanding Tubs

For many, it might not be considered a bathroom necessity. However, it might be a deciding factor for some buyers.Freestanding Bathtubs - Eye-catching And Elegant Design | Duravit

The reason most people prefer a home that has a freestanding tub is because it mostly means the house was recently remodeled and saves the person who already bought the home time and money to do it themselves.

There is a certain type of elegance that comes with a standing tub, and when it is set up and displayed elegantly, it certainly adds value.

Cohesive Color Palettes

The general rule when it comes to painting is to choose neutral colors that appeal to almost all tastes. This can mean different things depending on your taste. However, the general rule of thumb is to choose shades that complement each other and don’t awkwardly stand out.

Color Palette for Home: 12 Combos Designers Love | Havenly | Havenly  Interior Design Blog

When people who are interested in buying your home visit, they are probably thinking about the potential changes they will likely put in place should they buy the home. Neutral colors give them the room to fantasize and imagine the changes they could make to add a personal touch.

Exterior Lighting

17 Exterior Home Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Home | Build Beautiful

Lighting is not exactly something most people look for when searching for homes. However, great lighting adds great value to the home. This is also important when it comes to security, as not everyone would want to purchase a home that has a single light at the front door. We recommend landscape lighting to increase its appeal.


Although you may not be able to control the real estate market, there are elements of your home you can control and increase its value. Strategic improvements in interior design go a long way toward ensuring that you get the offers you desire from clients.


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