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Sherwin Williams’ Top Earthy Boho Colors

Earthy boho colors refer to botanical and natural color palettes or schemes. Sherwin-Williams provides thousands of color shades.

Boho colors are a set of unique and free-spirited collections. It provides modernized color accents with handmade decor. An earthy boho color provides your wall with a natural and luxurious glow.

Adopting the right boho color can lighten up your entire room or any other area. You can use these colors to implement earthy boho kitchen ideas, too. You can also utilize them in your living room, bedroom, or laundry room.

Earthy boho colors have various reflective values, like low, medium, and high. A perfect color shade can give your room a vibrant glaze.

In this blog, you’ll discover top earthy boho colors by Sherwin Williams. After that, you can adopt a suitable color for your room.

Best Sherwin Williams Earthy Boho Colors

1. Cloudburst

Cloudburst .jpg

Cloudburst is the most popular boho color of the brand. It belongs to the blue category for its deep blue color shades.

The undertone of this earthy boho color is cool, with a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 26.0. The RGB value of Cloudburst is 92,149,152.

Thus, it’s an adequate choice for your wall regarding light reflection.

2. Requisite Gray

Requisite Gray

The Requisite Gray boho color belongs to the gray family. Although, it’s not an ordinary gray color. It also has a cool undertone with a 45 Light Reflectance Value (LRV).

This boho color is suitable for bright rooms. The RGB value of this color shade is 185,178,169. Requisite Gray can furnish your room’s walls with a vibrant look.

3. Haven


Haven is one of the most popular boho colors of Sherwin Williams. It is notable for its green shades. It also has a few variants that belong to the green family. Haven has a cool undertone with 42 LRV.

Haven’s RGB value is around 163,180,140. It’s a good choice not only for the interiors but also for the exteriors.

4. Mellow Coral

Mellow Coral

Mellow Coral is another popular earthy boho color of Sherwin Williams. It is popular for its pink color shade. However, it belongs to the red family. It has a warm undertone with an RGB value of 227,181,168.

Meanwhile, the LRV of Mellow Coral is 52. It’s also suitable for both interior and exterior designs. It can provide your home with a smooth and versatile glow.

5. Butter Cup

Butter Cup

Butter Cup is another notable collection of Sherwin Williams’ earthy boho colors. It’s popular for its creamy shade or color tone. It belongs to the yellow family with an RGB value of 246,221,163. Butter Cup has a warm undertone, and its LRV is 74.

Thus, it can brighten your room with more reflections. In addition, it might assist you in energy efficiency.

6. Totally Tan

Totally Tan

Tan is one of the most perfect Sherwin Williams earthy boho colors. It conveys a timeless glow with its classic color shade. It belongs to the brown color family.

Totally Tan has a warm undertone with a medium LRV of 42. The RGB value of this color is 204,166,131. It’s the best choice if you are looking for a neutral color shade.

7. Aloe


Aloe is a popular earthy boho color that comes under Sherwin Williams. It has almost the same color as the ‘Aloe Vera’ plant. This color is a mixture of blue and green with an RGB value of 132,202,188.

It has a cool undertone, and its LRV is 55, which is medium. Thus, it’s a perfect choice for your walls and interiors.

8. Honeycomb


Honeycomb color is one of the most popular collections under Sherwin Williams’ earthy boho colors. It’s popular for its golden color shade with an orange tone.

It belongs to the yellow family with an RGB value of 213,152,88. The honeycomb has a warm undertone, and its LRV is only 37.

Despite being low reflections, it can brighten up your room. It can convey versatility in your rooms.

9. Peppercorn


Peppercorn is a popular earthy boho color for its darker gray shades. It has a cool color tone and belongs to the gray family. The LRV of peppercorn is very low, at only 10.

Meanwhile, the RGB value of Peppercorn is 88,88,88. The darker shades can create a sophisticated vibe in your room. In addition, it might furnish your interiors with a vibrant look

10. Honest Blue

Honest Blue

Honest blue is one of Sherwin Williams’s most unique earthy boho colors. It’s a combination of blue and gray color tones. The color shade of honest blue provides a charming and calm atmosphere.

It belongs to the blue family and has a cool undertone. The RGB value of this color is 178,199,211, and the LRV is 55. It can also furnish your house with an eye-catching look.


Sherwin-Williams’s earthy boho colors are natural colors with soft shades or palettes. You can find several ranges and types of boho colors. Each has different characteristics and comes with unique RGB and LRV.

If you want a cool undertone color, you can pick Cloudburst, Requisite Gray, Haven, Peppercorn, Aloe, etc. You can also choose a color with a warm undertone.

It includes Butter Cup, Mellow Coral, Totally Tan, Honeycomb, etc. Just make sure the color matches the vibe with your interiors. A right boho color can furnish your rooms with a vibrant look.

In this blog, you’ve acknowledged some of the best Sherwin-Williams earthy boho colors.

Which one is your favorite, and which color shade will you add to your home?

Let us know in the comments!

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