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21 Way to Glam Up Your Christmas Decor

Ever wondered what makes Christmas the most magical time of the year? The family, joy of sharing, gifts, and decorations are the things that fill the holiday season with magic. But, most importantly, the decoration can help uplift the holiday spirit in your house during this happy season. The more decorations, the merrier Christmas gets.

If you haven’t decided what kind of decoration you should choose for this Christmas, then this article will solve the problem for you. The glam Christmas decor is a very trendy option to choose from. It is a perfect combination of glam and wintry aesthetic. This decor blends seamlessly with any kind of interior style. The luxurious materials like faux fur and metallic tones in the decoration will add a glam vibe to the house; now, who doesn’t like that? This is your sign to make your house look elegant and classy during the holiday season with minimal effort. So let’s learn more about the glam Christmas decor.

Inspiring Modern Christmas Decorations

Glam Christmas Decor Ideas

Glam decor will make the house look ready for the welcoming of the Holiday season. It will radiate positive vibes into the house’s atmosphere, which is perfect for the festivities. So it is time for you to level up your festive decorating game with chic and glam details. You can look at some amazing ideas presented below to dress up your house this Christmas.

1. Lighted Spheres

These lighted spheres come in different sizes. These can be used indoors or outdoors according to your choice and style. It helps in lighting up the corners of the house. In addition, the geometric shape will add a modern touch to the Christmas decor.

light spheres

2. Gold Nutcracker

Gold nutcracker is the best option for a glam Christmas decor idea. This golden-themed nutcracker adds a beautiful sparkle of gold to the holiday decoration in the home.

Gold Nutcracker

3. Pearl and Velvet Ball Ornament

Pearl and velvet ball ornament give a gorgeous traditional look to the Christmas tree. The velvet fabric on the ball gives a luxurious vibe to the decor. It elevates the overall look of the tree while enhancing the glam side of the decor. It is also a perfect gifting option for the holiday season.

Pearl and Velvet Ball Ornament

4. Leaf String Lights

Leaf string lights are a unique way of adding shine to the interiors of the house. It can be used as a garland for the mantel or table and in many more creative ways. The leaf in the lights adds a rustic touch to the Christmas decorations.

Leaf String Lights

5. Gold Reindeer

Gold Reindeer is the perfect holiday accessory for your Christmas tree or a centerpiece on the table. It will bring the joyous holiday spirit into the atmosphere of your house.

Gold Reindeer

6. Red Christmas Ribbon

Red Christmas Ribbon will help in adding the warm vibes of the Holiday season. The traditional red color will enhance the beauty of the ribbon. It can be used on the mantel, tree for dressing it up, or even on gifts.

Red Christmas Ribbon

7. Velvet Stockings

The glamorous velvet fabric of the stockings will add extra elegance to the Christmas decor. Adorn your mantel with velvet stockings of any rich color to complete the luxe style of the interiors.

Velvet Stockings

8. Light up Birch Trees

Make your Christmas even more magical by adding light-up birch trees to the decor. You can put these on a mantel, table, console, or at the entrance of the house. It is a perfect glam Christmas decor idea for welcoming the holiday season.

Light up Birch Trees

9. Gold Candle Holders

Gold candle holders can never go wrong in adding glam to the house. Add some beautifully crafted candle holders in the corners of your house and on the table to light up the mood of the place.

Gold Candle Holders

10. Red Jingle Bells Garland

A red jingle bells garland can be the right choice for this year’s Christmas decor. It will add a festive feel to your Christmas Tree and mantel by adding a pop of color to them.

Red Jingle Bells Garland

11. Bay Leaf Wreath

A bay leaf wreath is one of the best glam Christmas decor ideas. It radiates cheery energy into the house, which is essential during the holiday season. A wreath on the door or above your mantel is a great way to adorn and welcome the guests in the home.

Bay Leaf Wreath

12. Crystal Snowflake Ornament

Crystal snowflake ornament is an item that fits perfectly into a glamorous home. The shiny ornament adds a wintry accent to the tree and the place. This statement piece can make your decor look outstanding.

Crystal Snowflake Ornament

13. Star Tree Topper

A Christmas tree is incomplete without a big and beautiful tree topper. That is why a star tree topper is a classic idea for glam Christmas decor. The pre-lit star tree topper would complement the overall aesthetic of the tree.

Star Tree Topper

14. Christmas Tree Table Top

Christmas tree tabletop in champagne gold or silver finishes add beautiful glam to the house’s interiors. It is a perfect way to bring some cheery Christmas vibes to your house.

Christmas Tree Table Top

15. Gold Ball Ornament Set

The gold ball ornament set suits the Christmas tree and the decor beautifully. You can add different sizes and designs of gold balls and accessories to dress up the tree. It creates a great visual effect in the room and gives a happy vibe to the atmosphere.

Gold Ball Ornament Set

16. Advent Calendar with a touch of Glam

The glam advent calendar is a perfect way to celebrate the arrival of Christmas. It is a fun way to participate in the activity with your family and friends.

Calendar with a touch of Glam

17. Faux Fur Table Runner

The faux fur table runner adds a luxe style to the interior design of the house. In addition, the softness of the runner gives a warm touch to the Christmas decor of the place.

Faux Fur Table Runner

18. Glam Tree Stand

A tree stand serves as a glam ornament in the Christmas decor. Adding a stand with a silver or gold touch will elevate the tree’s overall look. It is a very practical element to add to a Christmas tree.

Glam Tree Stand

19. Metallic Accents

Metallic accents are very important in glam Christmas decor ideas. If you want to bring out the truly luxurious side of your interior design, use items with gold, silver, or copper finish.

Make your house lit up this holiday season by adding metallic touch in the various corners. Either add a gold centerpiece, silver reindeer to give an exceptional decor look to your place.

Decorative Candle Threshold Tree Electroplated Metallic Finish Holiday Candle

20. Neutral-toned decor

The neutral-toned decor is really in nowadays. If you want to bring the glam of the Christmas season into your house, then add neutral tones to your interiors. Metallic colors like gold, silver, or copper go well with neutral-toned walls and themes.

neutral christmas decor

21. Velvet Tree Skirt

Make a decor statement this year with a Velvet tree skirt. It highlights the Christmas tree and gives a glam look to the overall aesthetics of the place. Use a red colored velvet skirt to give a traditional touch to the holiday season.

velvet merry chrsitmas tree skirt with pom poms


We hope that you liked the innovative decor ideas for the festive season. The above-presented tips will surely give you the glam decor that you have wanted for a long time. This Christmas, make sure that you adorn your house with items that can increase the glitz and glam of the place. A little item can change the whole look of the house. So what are you waiting for? Choose the glam decor for Christmas and fill the house with cheery lights and sparkle. Have a fun and happy holiday season.

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