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23 Farmhouse Accent Chairs – Relax in Comfort & Style!

Farmhouse accent chairs create eye-catching focal points in your rooms and serve as additional seating options as single-seat chairs. Unlike traditional chairs, they are not regular seats. These accent pieces pull together the look and feel of the home decor in terms of color, material, and shape to a new aesthetic sublime.

The popularity of farmhouse accent chairs is soaring due to versatility, and you can see a plethora of farmhouse accent chair suppliers and manufacturers offering amazing models to soak up the surging demand.

Coming in a variety of styles, farmhouse accent chairs provide the customer with the best of many worlds as he can choose from an array of materials, designs, and finishes. Accent chairs work well in all interior settings, including traditional and contemporary. Now let us go through an array of important cozy farmhouse accent chairs.

1. Modern Farmhouse Look with Neutral Buffalo Pattern

To infuse a modern farmhouse look with a farmhouse accent chair, this armchair with its buffalo-checked design will be class. It is available in three colors such as blue, black, and gray. The classic swoop style is very attractive. Among muted looks, light gray is better. For something, a bold black buffalo check is the right choice.

Buffao plaid accent farmhouse chair

2. Weathered Look from Toned Wood, Fabric Chair

If the looks of antiqued wood are what you prefer, this farmhouse accent chair with light linen fabric and light-toned wood trim is ready to give you a weathered look. The cushions of the chair are super comfy. It fits with any color scheme as a great combo of the farmhouse and traditional styles.

Toned Wood and Line

3. Texture with a Rattan Accent Chair

If you like to have rattan as the material to bring a warm texture, then this type of farmhouse accent chair is a bonus. Get this barrel chair that packs a thick white cushion for comfort and style. This also assures you of a casual vibe in the room.

Rattan accent chair

4. Make a Statement with Velvet Cow Print

If you are keen to bring farm elements into your house, this velvet cow print chair you cannot miss. You can make a statement with this chair as the room’s focal point or an addition to other bold patterns. It is soft and comfy too.

Velvert cow Print

5. The Nostalgia of Elite Bobbin Chair

The farmhouse accent chair you are seeking may be timeless and hard to beat, and then this country-style accent chair will be apt. Why not a Bobbin chair inspired by the 17th-century model? The hardwood frame and finished with a driftwood stain, is a cool thing to customize.

Bobbin accent chair

6. Classic Accent Chair Good to Dress Up

Farmhouse-style chairs celebrate soft neutrals. If your idea is to retain a classic look yet dress it up a bit, this farmhouse accent chair will be your best option. This rolled armchair in cream color has a handwoven fringe at the bottom, offering a rare touch. It works well in the farmhouse as well as in modern farmhouse interiors.

Classic Dressed up accent

7. Patterned Chair for a Neutral Interior

To add visual interest to your neutral interiors, a patterned chair like this will be nice. Patterned accent chairs in such a setting will not compete for attention as all other background furniture will be neutral. You can have variations too by having a bold and fun design or mute the pattern and be the neutral side. It is flexible, and everything works.

Patterned chair

8. Wingback Chairs For a Formal Look

To build a formal feel yet farmhouse style, a wing-backed farmhouse accent chair will be better and great for comfort. To reinforce the farmhouse style, light fabrics and wood legs will be the visible signatures. These chairs closer to the fireplace will also add to the room’s aesthetic interior design.

Wing back chair

9. Subtle Pattern Chairs For all Interiors

Your choice for a patterned accent chair can be multipurpose and aesthetic too. These subtly patterned farmhouse accent chairs are perfect thanks to natural colors and align with all decors. When you have a pared-back color it unlocks a feel of luxurious simplicity and silent verve.

Subtle patterns chair

10. Earthy Feel with Leather Accent Chair

As a material, leather is excellent for farmhouse designs. A leather swivel chair with metal legs and brown shade will suit many rooms, including the dining room or living room. This versatility and visual impact of farmhouse accent chairs make them cool in any room and embellish the decor anywhere.

Leather accent chair

11. Wicker Accent Chairs for Budget-Friendly Decor

As a Bohemian option, you can have a pair of wicker farmhouse accent chairs that assure a high-quality farmhouse look but are also pocket-friendly. When you add a plaid pillow and a throw over them, the transformed looks will break your normal expectations. They also work well in dining spaces.

Wicker chairs

12. Recliner Accent Chair for Comfort

The wish to experiment with a recliner as one of the farmhouse accent chairs is also possible. Better comfort is assured by the overstuffed seats and faux leather. The recliner can also add texture to the room and looks good with all color schemes.

Fabric Recliner chair

13. Relax with a Modern Farmhouse Chair

If your idea is to have a chair to relax after a hard day’s work, this lounge chair in the class of farmhouse accent chairs is for you. A solid frame made of wood and filled with foam offers a perfect spot to lay back at the end of the day. This lounge chair would look great in any corner of your living room.

Modern farmhouse living deep seated

14. Woven Lounge Chair for Fun Vibes

To liven up your room, you can feel happy with these woven lounge chairs as they exert a natural feel and fun vibes. The thick cushions and colors can be your choice. This chair will look amazing in modern farmhouse designs too.

Woven lounge chair

15. White Slip Covered Accent Chair

If you want to have a low-key style farmhouse accent chair for your chair yet match other furniture, take this slip-covered chair for farmhouse, country, and cottage designs. It is also fine in bedrooms. Replacement slipcover is also easier in case kids or pets stain them with playful use.

Swivel Chair

16. Buffalo Check for Farmhouse Feel

Black buffalo check print is a sure-shot farmhouse style. To heighten the farmhouse tone, this chair is excellent. If you want something beyond black, options are available in blue, green, and brown. The appeal of the accent chair will zoom when positioned near a couch or next to the fireplace.

Upholstered arm chair

17. Small Tufted Bench for Accent

When you want a small bench as a cute farm accent chair in your room instead of a traditional accent chair, try this piece. You also have the option to get a striped or plain bench that invokes romantic or casual styles. Tufting lends a classic touch plus a soft look. This looks great if you need an accent chair placed near a wall.

Striped accent bench farmhouse

18. Barrel-Shaped Accent Chair 

This gray-colored elegant accent chair has a fun barrel shape but is very cozy and perfect for the living room and bedrooms. The square chair made of wood is very relaxing and upholstered with a lacquered finish.

Grey Barrel shaped accent chair

19. Tufted Armless Accent Chair

This farmhouse accent chair is an example of old-world charm playing upon modern comfort, stamping a great impression in your space with richly finished faux wooden legs and exotic curves. It is armless, back tufted, a textile-made, relaxed and polished chair that will be like collectors furniture.

Tufted armless accent chair

20. Beige Accent Chairs

These beige-colored farmhouse accent chairs will excite guests in a modern setting and will mesh well with all types of home décor. The intricately carved wooden armrests hike comfort, and the fabric appearance gives a feeling of floating within a solid wood frame.

Beige accent chairs

21. Upholstered Club Arm Chair

The accented chair boasts well-padded seats for super relaxation. The hardwood frame brings stability and strength. It is offered in many shades, including charcoal, beige, gray, scarlet, and mustard yellow. The barrel-style back has button tufting and thick padding.

Upholstered Club arm chair

22. Casual Armless Accent Chair

The chair impresses with classic striped patterning and vintage appeal. The seating is plush seating wrapped in linen. The brilliant combo of light and neutral hues makes it match all decor styles. It is without armrests and sits well in all spaces, including a bedroom or as a pair in the living room along with a sofa.

Casual armless chair

23. Mid-Century Modern Accent Chair with Ottoman

The accent chair charms with chic looks. Upholstered in high-quality linen, the farmhouse accent chairs have sturdy backs and resilient seat cushions. The cushions are removable, and covering of cleaning the cover. The lounge chair, made of wood, has a solid structure. A matching ottoman helps you relax with your feet up after a hectic day. The armchair’s mid-century modern upholstery will be your showpiece for a luxurious swagger in the living area.

Mid century modern accent chair n ottoman

The Landscape of Farmhouse Accent Chairs is too Vast

The accent chairs we highlighted are only a fraction of your choices on farmhouse accent chairs. In farmhouse decor, there is a preference for neutral colors. That is, fabrics like linen and cotton are preferred. Within that class of chairs, you can go for tufted and upholstered ones too. Some have fabric armrests, while others may be having wood armrests.

You can go by your own yardsticks for a selection of farm accent chairs in terms of colors, patterns, stripes, and preferred materials, including natural fabrics. A modern farmhouse accent chair with an armchair can have different colors, such as black, blue, and gray.

Cosy Farm House accent chair Bottom

Most top-quality farmhouse accent chairs have soft fabrics and neutral colors to fit into any room. To add warmth to a room, farm accent chairs give the cushion to choose from any natural material such as leather, rattan, or wicker. The choice is yours along with your interior design consultant, whether you want bold looks rendered by a buffalo check pattern or a subtle, classy look.

The discussion has parsed different aspects of farmhouse accent chairs that will enhance your home decor. You can buy these high-demand seats from outlets of furniture brands like Ashley furniture or department stores of Kroger, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, etc., and also order online via Amazon from the comfort of your home. Certainly, New Year is the right occasion to upgrade your lifestyle with color and cheer.

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