Lovesac Sactional Couch Review

An Honest Lovesac Sactional Couch Review

Is your living space demanding some changes? If you are trying to shift from the conventional sofas and ottomans, you will want to move towards a more spacious seating arrangement.

Sectionals are a great choice for renovating your living place. Having a sectional provides you enough room to sit and lay down with a complete headrest and footrest.

By having a sectional in a room, you can easily equip 4 to 5 guests at a time without any complimentary furniture. The sectional sofa comes in different layouts as per the space preferences. One of the most famous sectional sofas is the chaise sectional sofa.

It comes with a stationary sofa and a long chair. The L-shaped sectionals and U-shaped sectionals work well in the living area, where you can place a lounge on either side or both sides.

The Lovesac sectional is a modular sofa, where you have to assemble all the sections to form the sofa as per your requirement and space.

Here are a few Lovesac reviews that will give you insights into this product so that you can decide whether it is worth buying.

Why Purchase a Lovesac Sactional?

Why Purchase a Lovesac Sactional

While shortlisting for a sofa, one always looks for a unique style, comfort, and a generous size, to equip guests, lay down for a nap, and pair with other single chairs if required. The advantage of having a modular sofa like Lovesac is that you have the privilege to arrange the modules as per your use. The LoveSac sectionals are multi-purpose pieces of furniture. You can convert your sofa into a single bed to equip your guests.

The Lovesac sectionals can be arranged from a minimum of 3 seats + 4 sides to 10 seats + 12 sides. This is an advantage for studio owners to penthouse owners for a comfortable, lavish seating arrangement.

The back cushions of this sofa are a valid reason to purchase this piece of furniture. The comfy pillows allow you to sink into them, and they can be moved or tilted as they aren’t attached to the back. To restore the original shape of the cloud-like cushions, you need to fluff them back.

The bottom cushions, on the other hand, are harder, and they remain in shape due to the standard foam filling inside them. Furthermore, the cushion covers are machine washable. So your Lovesac can be maintained on a regular basis. Even after machine washing or washing it with hands, the fabrics of this sofa don’t pill off or lift up over time.

How Can I Use Lovesac Sactional Efficiently?

How Can I Use Lovesac Sactional Efficiently

This modular sofa gives you the provision to assemble the sections as per your requirement. If you are living in a small space or studio apartment, you can choose to have a permanent Lovesac in the form of a sofa, with or without a chaise. Furthermore, if you are using it as a sleeper sofa, just arrange two chaises in front of the sofa to use for lying around. As per your footfall and living space, you can add or reduce the sections.

The best part about having this sectional is that you can try different combinations for a whole new look to your living space. The advantage of having a sactional is that it is space-saving. The sofa can be easily converted into a bed by just adding a few modules.

Besides the layout, these Lovesacs come with top and bottom storage, which is usually out of sight. There is storage under every single bottom, and you can choose to purchase top storage if needed. In the top storage, you just have to move the bottom cushion and open the wooden layer.

The bin or storage helps you store blankets, and pillows, use them as cubbies for kids, etc. In the bottom storage, you have to lift up the bottom section and flip it upside down, and then store the stuff underneath, which is locked by three metal bars, so you can keep your extra stuff like towels, cushions, etc., there.

How Can I Order a Lovesac Sactional?

How Can I Order a Lovesac Sactional?

Although this sectional sofa is more expensive than other sofas, its comfort, size, and storage are worth purchasing it. The price varies according to the cushion fill, fabric, accessories, and top storage options.

The Lovesac comes with a lifetime warranty and 60 day home trial. Along with this, the endless module arrangements and free shipping are other major reasons to choose this sectional sofa for your living space. You can choose your LoveSac from the store or even order it online. If there are any holiday seasons, you can get the benefit of some discount.

These sactionals are delivered in about one or two weeks, so you need to make space for the new one and make some arrangements to get rid of the old one.

Besides this, you can get the benefit of free fabric samples and 3 types of cushion choices to decide. You can choose any colored covers and, later on, just replace the covers for a whole new sofa look.

How Can I Assemble Lovesac Sactionals?

How Can I Assemble Lovesac Sactionals

A plus point in the delivery of Lovesac is that the sections come in different boxes. This makes it easy to assemble as per need and store the others for future needs. The benefit of delivery in boxes is that it can easily pass through any door and stairways without causing any damage inside.

Furthermore, each box that arrives from Lovesac is labeled accordingly, like the backs, faces, cushions, and base. This makes the assembling process lot easier. The set-up of these modules takes at least 2 to 3 persons to complete in 2 hours.

Although the instructions on the box are very simplified, make sure that the cushion cover in either the back or bottom is covered properly so it looks perfect. The seams of the cushion covers should line up with the seams of the wooden base, as these covers are too tight to remove or add on.

Apart from keeping the cushion covers in line with the wooden base, you have the freedom to assemble the sections the way you want them. The sections come as individual pieces of the sofa, but they are attacked by a lock system at multiple places to hold them as one unit and give the Lovesac maximum stability.

The LoveSac sactionals make it easy for their owners when they are shifting to a new place. All the modules can be fitted in a square box and transported easily without any fuss.

What is a Deep Side in a Lovesac Sactional?

What is a Deep Side in a Lovesac Sactional

The LoveSac can be arranged in either a standard manner or a deep side manner. The reason for selecting the deep side is its coziness and sinking factor. The deep sideof the sofa offers you to keep your feet and head resting with the elongated section in front and the deep cushions at the back. You can arrange the entire sofa as a deep side or choose any one side; it is totally dependent on your functionality.

Other than choosing the above options, you can have deep sides on both ends of the Lovesac, making it a U-shaped sactional. This not only helps two people lay down but also gives two seats to sit. If you see it from another dimension, these deep sides are great for equipping more guests and providing a sleeping area.

A deep side seat depth is definitely ideal for you if you want to recline, nap, or sit with your feet up on the sofa.

What Accessories Can i Attach to The Lovesac Sactional?

What Accessories Can i Attach to The Lovesac Sactional

Sofas are the perfect place to relax and spend time in leisure. Apart from comfort and cloud-like cushions, Lovesacs have accessories that make your mind to purchase them. The washable cushions are a savior for families with pets and kids, as they’ll be facing regular stains. Apart from this, you can accessorize your sactional with a cup holder, as they come with armrests. This will prevent stains from spilling. However, they have compartments to keep your remote and other belongings handy.

Most of the Lovesac owners have made their office on this sectional, as they can convert it to deep sides. You can choose to put a built-in power supply in the sectional sofa for charging phones and laptops. This makes the sofa more functional and efficient.

Furthermore, you can add the Lovesac U-table to the sections for keeping your food or coffee when there are guests over. You can also use it while working on the sofa as a support. You can also choose sofa clips on the armrests to keep your laptop, food, etc., for efficiency. With the help of the given storage, you can harbor some cubbies in the bin to de-clutter your kid’s toys, or pet stuff, making the area look cleaner and bigger.

Lovesac has made it a lot easier for the owners when it comes to coziness, comfort, and efficiency.

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What Are the Negatives to Consider Before Buying a Lovesac Sactional?

What Are the Negatives to Consider Before Buying a Lovesac Sactional

  • This modular sofa has a few drawbacks to consider before ordering them. Lovesacs need to be assembled on your own, and this is a big task for working individuals. There will be days after delivery when the boxes have not been opened.
  • Besides this, they quote that the delivery will be done in almost 4 to 6 weeks, but it arrives in almost 1 week. This can be tedious, as you have to get rid of the old one, and there will be box piles of new sections.
  • Not only are these Lovesacs expensive, but they come in limited styles. So if you are looking for something with intricate details, this is not the one.
  • The Lovesac, if arranged as sectionals, is not practical enough for huge footfall. Even if you are assembling the 10 seats + 12 sides in your gigantic space, guests will not sit in a line. Not only does this waste the seating area, but you also need to complement it with other furniture like chairs, ottomans, etc.
  • Having a Lovesac in your living space will take up a lot of your area if it is a small apartment. If they are assembled as a full-fledged sectional, it makes the room seem smaller and makes the space inefficient.
  • Apart from this, these sectional sofas need to be kept fluffed after a nap in order to maintain their shape, as they are not firm enough.
  • A Lovesac sactional makes it a little bit congested area when set as a sectional. If you are having guests over, there is limited place to keep the food and beverages. It is not feasible for everyone sitting around the sectionals to access a single table in the center.
  • This expensive piece of furniture can be your last investment in couches. All you can do is change their covers for a new feel.
  • Lovesac’s fellow competitors offer white glove delivery, i.e., assembling the piece, and many of them still cost less than this sectional.
  • Initially, the cushions will feel a bit firm, but later on, they’ll get fluffier. You’ll need to reshape them now and then.


The versatile Lovesac Sactional has included all the needs a homeowner searches for while buying a sofa. Even if you have limited space, you can arrange the sections accordingly. Not only do these sectionals save space, but they also help in storing extra stuff.

Due to the endless combinations, you can create different sectional designs at regular intervals. Besides this, the instructions and tutorials have made it easy to assemble the sections. Even if the sections do not provide comfort and coziness, you can choose to replace them in two months.

The fabrics have a warranty of at least 5 years; exceeding this, you can always put on new covers as a part of the renovation. Sectionals are a great place to have a spot for throw pillows, throw blankets, and a wood sofa table to elevate the place.

By selecting a LoveSac Sactional for your place, you can enjoy the cloud-like comfort and numerous arrangement pattern that fits your space and guests. This multipurpose piece of furniture will surely elevate your space.

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