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18 Blue Christmas Decor Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss!

The color blue is notorious for its calm presence and can remind you of a cold winter and ice on a Christmas holiday. Even though red and green are timeless and popular choices for Christmas decor, blue is also a traditional holiday color, suitable for Christmas decorations.

The best thing about the color blue is its versatility to blend easily with other color combinations. There are many shades of blue that you can choose from according to your decor style.

French blue or mysterious midnight blue accents are both lovely choices for Christmas decor. Deciding to decorate your home for Christmas in blue is an uncommon choice that may set you apart from your friends.

List of Blue Christmas Decoration Ideas

If you are wondering where to start with blue Christmas decor, you have come to the right place. Let us go through some blue Christmas decor ideas that are hip and effortless.

1. Blue Flocked Christmas Tree

We are going to start with the most important part of Christmas- a Christmas tree! A blue-flocked Christmas tree is the first step toward a blue Christmas decor. They look icy and straight out of a fantasy movie. You can sit around the blue-flocked Christmas tree with your loved ones and admire its beauty. You can add blue Christmas ornaments and other complementary colors to the tree for a complete blue Christmas tree decor.

Blue Flocked Christmas Tree

2. Blue Pinecones

Pinecones are treasured at Christmas, and they help us make long-lasting memories. Choose blue pinecones over rustic ones for your blue Christmas decor. You can keep them in a dark wooden bowl or a white porcelain bowl. These color combinations will surely give an adorable balance to the eyes.

Blue Pinecones

3. Blue Floral Wreath

Representing the cycle of seasons, wreaths are another famous decor accessory at Christmas. Blue and rustic shades are a great fusion together. As a fun project, make your own blue wreath with Hydrangeas or daises. You can also buy many lovely blue floral wreaths and make things easy. Blue wreaths are eclectic and can bring a pop of color to your home.

Blue wreath

4. Blue Christmas Vignettes

Vignettes are fun and a great addition to your Christmas decor. Use mini velvet Christmas trees and a glitter ball to create a blue Christmas vignette. You can add a few holiday greens to go with the cool blue. A blue Christmas vignette is creative and will bring a focal point to your decorations.

Velvet Christmas Tree

5. Gold and Navy Flower Vase

Combining two of the grand colors, a gold and navy flower vase will be a small but grand addition to your Christmas decor. You can use navy and gold Christmas ornaments with blue artificial flowers to get this combination. Place this vase on a comparably darker area of your living room for a dark visual contrast.

Navy and Gold vase

6. French Blue Gift Display

Gifts are a big part of Christmas and can also be used for decorative purposes. Wrap your gifts in French blue gift wrap and a white ribbon. This is an elegant color combination that is timeless. If you want to lean more towards a frosty Christmas, use white wrapping paper and a blue ribbon for your precious gifts.

Blue Gift Wrap

7. Blue Porch Decor

You can show off your inner decorating skills on your porch by adding so many items that go with your style. If you love the minimalistic decor, then you can achieve this through the simple use of blue ornaments and a vintage vase. Try adding blue flowers on the porch and hanging a blue ornament wreath on the door. A blue porch can give your guests an idea of what to expect inside: a beautiful blue Christmas.

Blue porch

8. Blue and White Tablescape

Choose blue and white table settings for your Christmas decorations. Make use of navy blue napkins andporcelain plates. These color schemes are exquisite by nature. Using white candles can help your tabletop design stand out more. If you don’t want to exclude Christmas red, use red flower arrangements to do so. You’ll get a splash of color out of this.

Blue tablescape

9. Blue Paper Ornaments

If you love crafting, then now is your time to shine with your skills. Grab blue crafting papers and make your own blue paper ornaments. Find inspiration from a holiday theme or explore your imagination to bring a craft to life. Glitter paper ornaments can add sparkle to your Christmas tree.

Paper Ornament

10. Blue and White Plush Stockings

We are not going to leave Christmas stockings off our list. These cute little additions can transform your living room mantle. For a blue Christmas, decorate your mantle with white and blue plush stockings. You can stuff goodies such as holiday greens and red berries inside the stockings to make them cuter.

Blue stockings

11. Ceramic Ginger Jars

Ginger jars are a classic beauty. They are delicate and come with so many artistic patterns on them. Place tulips or forsythia flowers in the ginger jar and use them as a centerpiece decoration. You can use them for mantle decor or blue tablescape decor. Even after Christmas, a blue and white ginger jar can be a lovely decorative addition to your home.

Ginger jar

12. Navy Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are an essential piece of blue Christmas decor. You can add pillar candles to your home for a warm Christmas evening. They can be placed over the mantle, dining table, or even on the center table. Navy blue candles will go great with calm blue or gold ornaments. For a more elegant look, place the navy blue candles inside a glass.

Navy blue candle

13. Blue Living Room

If you have a blue living room, then blue Christmas decor is perfect for you. The coolest thing is that you don’t have to add so many decor pieces to get the result you desire. Add blue Christmas ornaments to the Christmas tree and create a visual contrast by combining colors such as silver or red with blue. Use ivory candles to highlight the blue wall of your living room.

Blue living room

14. Velvet Pumpkin

If you are fond of Halloween pumpkins, you can still add pumpkins to your blue Christmas decorations. Velvet pumpkins look luxurious and charming. They have the perfect size to be incorporated into various decor arrangements, including on the shelf or as blue Christmas centerpiece decor. Find a velvet pumpkin that plays well with the other colors of your choice and makes everything look more delightful.

Velvet pumpkins

15. Year-round Forsythia Wreath

A blue forsythia wreath looks so elegant and modern. They can be a reminder of the winter season. They will look great on a rustic and neutral background. Their delicate appearance will let you hang them in any room of your choice without compromising the balance of blue Christmas decorations. If you are not a big fan of ornamental wreaths, then a blue forsythia wreath should definitely be on your list.

Forsythia wreath

16. Chinoiserie Balls

Chinoiserie balls look so beautiful and artistic. They are an effortless addition to blue Christmas decorations. You can place them over the kitchen counter, as centerpieces, or even in your bedroom. Hang these balls on Christmas trees to stand out among other ornaments. Another easy way to keep these balls is to place them inside a glass or ceramic vase. You can also opt to keep them in a rustic vase for a vintage look.

Chinoiserie balls

17. Velvet Decorative Pillows

If your living room has neutral decor, then you should definitely add navy velvet decorative pillows to your couch. They will add a pop of color and enhance your blue Christmas decorations. You can also scatter these pillows throughout the home and on the gift display. Convey Christmas wishes to your family and guests through these cozy little additions.

Velvet Pillows

18. Blue Plush Gnomes

Plush gnomes are adorable and cute. They can be used as decorative pieces and as toys after Christmas. Add a blue plush gnome to your decor for a blue Christmas. Many plush gnomes are handmade and come in adorable patterns. After Christmas, they can be used as toys all year, and you can also customize them yourself as a fun project. My favorite way to keep them is near the presents, guarding them.

Plush Gnome

Little Blue Christmas Decorations

I hope you find these ideas inspiring enough to decorate your lovely home this Christmas. You can have an elegant and soft blue Christmas with light tones such as French blue or a classic and traditional blue Christmas using dark tones such as navy and royal blue.

Blue Christmas decorations are easy and effortless. Add complimentary metallic colors next to the blue for stunning color contrast.

Enhance the details of your decorations with holiday greens and florals. That’s all, folks! So, grab your list and start decorating.

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