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17 Scandinavian Style Home Office Decor Ideas

The home office is evolving into a crucial space in the house as more and more individuals opt to work from home, thanks to modern technology. Minimalism and simplicity are the foundations of Scandinavian design. It encourages the use of organic and neutral-colored components, which, when combined with natural light, produce a calm, collected appearance. Conveniently, those are the only qualities needed for a successful home office.

While browsing home office design ideas, your eyes may become overstimulated, especially if you keep seeing dramatic color schemes. Although those colors can look fantastic in some home offices, they actually should match a person’s personality and preferences.
The Scandinavian home office can be found here if you are more into a bright but neutral color palette. Bright yellows, reds, or oranges are not present in a Scandinavian setting. Instead, you’ll see variations of white, cream, grey, and a variety of other very modest colors.

Here are some ideas and suggestions to help you transform your home office into a workspace with a Scandinavian touch.

1. A Scandinavian Office That is Neat and Bright

scandinavian office

Design professionals advise home office owners to consider painting their walls in bright colors. To create an accent wall, homeowners may choose to paint all the walls the same color or leave one wall white. In this case, the remaining walls should likely be pretty light in color. This will give the home office a neat, tidy, and bright appearance.

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2. Perfect Lighting

Scandinavian office lights

Ensure your Scandinavian office has plenty of light to prevent headaches and eye strain. This can be accomplished by either opening the windows to let in sufficient natural light or by installing adequate artificial lighting to make the office bright. Position the computer monitor away from any windows or overhead lights, and place a modest lamp on the desk for task lighting.

Wall lights are a stylish and functional complement to any decor design. They may provide gorgeous ambient and accent illumination along with excellent and practical task lighting. They also have the capability of being unique in terms of design.

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3. Norwegian Desks

norwegian desks

The fact that a Scandinavian desk is minimalist in form and highly practical is its most significant feature. Large executive-style workstations are uncommon in Scandinavian households. Instead, Scandinavians favor modest writing tables or desks with just two or three drawers to keep their workspaces as uncomplicated as possible.

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4. Mid-Century Wood Desk

mid cen wood desk

Mid-century wood desks are flexible and well-designed, keeping in mind both practicality and natural beauty. These vintage desks will endure the test of time thanks to their clever design. In an office with a Scandinavian influence, they nevertheless feel modern, stylish, and current.

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5. White or BlackWindow Frames

white window

The most common color for window frames in a workplace with a Scandinavian design is white. This is mainly because it looks better than other colors and contrasts nicely with the different house colors. In addition, the timeless look of white window frames complements a stunning Scandinavian workspace.

black window frames

On the contrary, Black window frames contrast starkly with white or light-colored walls and look fantastic in your Scandinavian office as well. Black window frames are traditional. Black windows provide the perfect setting for your perspective. Black windows will help you feel more connected to the outside and merge your indoor and outdoor spaces. Black window frames look stylish in practically every space.

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6. Desk Near The Window

desk near window

Place the workstation close to a window so that you can see something more interesting instead of staring at a blank wall when you glance up from the computer. Naturally, a Scandinavian workplace benefits from natural light through windows, but if you’re in a space without any, hang a lovely picture over the desk or turn your chair toward the door.

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7. White Desk

white desjk

The traditional desk for the Scandinavian home office is a simple, white desk. It is straightforward, adaptable, and, most importantly, useful. It can be decorated however you wish, providing a transparent design surface.

corner desk

A white corner desk can be added to your office with a Scandinavian design. In your Scandinavian office, corner desks create areas where you can move around while still having plenty of room to work effectively. As they efficiently utilize space, they are great for small or home offices. Additionally, corner desks provide you with additional space to work.

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8. Built In Desk or a Compact Desk

Scandinavian-inspired office and create a spacious

Using built-in or multipurpose furnishings will help you make the most of the space in your Scandinavian-inspired office and create a spacious appearance. This gives you a place for clutter and enables you to make the most of your limited storage space.

small space desks

A smaller wooden desk is an easy and economical substitute for a more oversized desk in tiny rooms. Having a compact desk to keep a laptop and the necessary workplace supplies would be best. In your Scandinavian office, you can use a small wooden desk with one drawer for writing and a computer.

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9. Nordic-style Office Chairs

office chair

In the design of your Scandinavian home office, you must definitely include chairs. A sturdy chair is required at every desk for you to sit at it and work. You’ll spend hours upon hours in your Scandinavian office chair. A beautiful, comfortable, and ergonomically sound seat is priceless. A decent ergonomic office chair eliminates long-term sitting-related back, hip, and leg pain. As a result, you will be able to work more efficiently and productively.

Additionally, Tolix chairs

Despite their robust appearance and steel construction, Tolix chairs are surprisingly comfortable for a Scandinavian office. Additionally, Tolix chairs don’t rust easily because of their powder-coated galvanized steel composition.

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10. Office Chair in Black

Office Chair in Black

A neutral wood writing desk can match a basic black office chair. In Scandinavian home offices, the office chair’s color frequently contrasts with the desk’s. If not black, you may pair another darker-colored chair with a light desk.

Due to their gorgeous, solid Beachwood structure and one-piece bent wood back, a black cross-back chair or x-back chair can also be an excellent addition to a Scandinavian office.

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11. Shell Chair in White

white shell chair

You can also make exceptions; pair a white shell chair with a white desk rather than a black or a darker chair. A popular mid-century Scandinavian chair design that has been used in many houses all over the world is the White Shell Chair. The plastic shell chair’s four legs are made of brown wood. A small pillow or blanket can be placed next to your chair to increase comfort during extended work hours.

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12. Scandinavian Office Decor

scandinavian home office

It’s time to consider how you want to decorate your Scandinavian-inspired office once you’ve chosen your office furniture. There are many things to consider, from storage to wall art. Making the workstation feel more like your own will require the addition of modest accents and office supplies.

Pick accents for your Scandinavian workplace that give it a cozier feel, including a lovely cup for a pencil holder, chic notepads and sticky notes, and a vibrant trash can. Your bulletin board can be covered with beautiful fabric, and you can hide functional bookcases with drapes made of the same material.

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13. Black and White Photos

Black and White Photos

Many Scandinavian-style home offices have lovely black-and-white photography prints with either black or white frames, as you may have already seen on websites or in magazines. Black-and-white images help you work at your desk while creating a subtle ambiance. On the wall above your workstation, you can display plain photo prints.

Decorating the Scandinavian office’s walls is among the most pleasurable activities. To give your office personality, create a gallery wall using your favorite Scandinavian wall art. Combining photographs, calendars, chalkboards, clocks, and artwork can create a stylish and functional office wall arrangement.

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14. Task Lamp

task lam

The task lamp is a standard home lighting option for an office desk. You can direct focused light in the right places without using much electricity. For example, you can place a dark task lamp in your minimalist Scandinavian home office, which will look lovely against the room’s light walls. It will fit the decor and the black-framed images on the wall if you pair your white desk and chair with a black task lamp.

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15. Hide Unwanted Cord and Wires

Hide Unwanted Cord and Wires

You should hide unsightly cords and keep them tangle-free. Then, if you need to unplug it later, ensure your equipment is accessible and close to the outlets. Desk grommets, a cap made of plastic or metal that helps direct wires through desk holes and conceals them underneath, should be used to cover any desk cords with fabric cord covers. To keep the floor’s cord tangle free, use cord winders, tubing, or a wire organizer attached to the desk and raises the wires off the surface.

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16. Plants

office plants

Place small succulents on floating ledges or plants on your Scandinavian office desk to free up floor space. If you have the area, adorn your cabinet with larger plants to complete the look. If you add plants, your Scandinavian-inspired office may be incredibly gorgeous and serene.

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17. Workplace Rug

workplace rug

Rugs for home offices should typically be placed beneath the desk to highlight and enhance the desk. Purchase a large enough rug to make your desk the center of attention in your office. In addition, low pile rugs provide for more effortless movement of office chairs with wheels and better accommodation of heavy office furniture and equipment.

You can also look for beautiful, current, sustainably produced, handmade, and affordably priced vintage carpets. Vintage carpets have a style that combines interior design and fashion. These are also known as distressed vintage rugs. Due to their rarity and inability to be replicated by contemporary production, older antique rugs will be a lovely addition to your Scandinavian-inspired office. The vintage UGs that are in good condition are also more valuable.

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Final Words

You’ll feel at ease in a cozy Scandinavian home office, unable to imagine leaving as you work uninterruptedly there. Such a setting is ideal for keeping you concentrated while still making you feel at ease, at home, and relaxed—not too formal.

In your Scandinavian home offices, nothing inspires you to do high-quality work like an abundance of natural light, a practical workspace, and a chic light fixture. When you have a well-designed home office, whether checking email, working on a project, or performing mundane tasks, your productivity will rise, and you’ll achieve more.

A home office designed in the Scandinavian style prioritizes functionality and utility. Scandinavian interior design is frequently simple and uses neutral colors such as white, black, and grey to create a clutter- and distraction-free environment. The primary aesthetic of Nordic interiors, specifically Nordic home offices, is reflected in Scandinavian home offices.

Whether you want a dedicated office space or one that also serves as a home library or mudroom, these Nordic office ideas will motivate you to construct the ideal Scandinavian-inspired office of your dreams.

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