Trendy Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas

17 Trendy Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas

Mid-century modern bedroom design has advanced significantly since its start and is now admired for its simple lines, easy appeal, additional wood accents, and pleasant aesthetics. This trend initially came up in the 1950s and had a great influence till the 1960s, after which it came up in trend only in the early 2000s. Although the phrases “contemporary” and “modern” might not seem like they belong in a book on mid-century decorating, they are just what you need to give a room that has been furnished with the desired element of uniqueness.

1. Brightly Colored Walls

Brightly Colored Walls for mid century modern bedroom

You may utilize color to set the mood for your area. Try a vivid accent wall in a vibrant shade of green, orange, red, or yellow if you want to go for a more playful appearance. Homes from the mid-century used to have a lot of these colors. Try pastel colors like pink or blue if you’d want a more somber atmosphere. If you want something more neutral, you can also stick to white.

2. Add Decorative Accents

Add Decorative Accents for mid century modern bedroom

The bedroom’s mid-century design components are an important factor. Try using colorful design items like lamps, throw cushions, or vases to bring some vibrant bursts of color around your space. Even an old dresser or nightstand can be painted with chalk paint or spray paint for an antique appearance. Additionally, vintage furnishings from shops, like lamps or ancient clocks, can give the room some individuality.

3. Clean Lines

Clean Lines for mid century modern bedroom

The use of clean lines is a hallmark of mid-century modern architecture. Whether on the frame of a lounge chair, the legs of a cabinet, or the arms of a chandelier, clean lines illustrate the mid-century modern design idea of function over form. So while a mid-century modern bedroom is straightforward and clean, it nevertheless has a beautiful appearance. Each piece of furniture has sharp lines that give the impression that it is lighter and airier than it actually is.

4. Include Furniture with Unique Shapes and Structures

Include Furniture with Unique Shapes and Structures for mid century modern bedroom

The furniture used in mid-century decor tends to have unique silhouettes and structures, such as tapered ends and abstract bodies. This is another distinctive feature of mid-century modern bedroom decor. Although the legs of furniture items may appear to be an unimportant element to focus on, their tapered leg ends up adding a lot of dimension and quirk to the room.

5. Wise Use of Natural Materials

Wise Use of Natural Materials for mid century modern bedroom

Natural materials are used extensively in mid-century modern design, which is both calming and adds character and texture. Using natural teak wood for a few items or accents helps the area feel organic and in harmony with its surroundings. In addition, experiment with the natural vibe of the bedroom by adding plants. If you don’t have any expertise in gardening, you can add a few plants or decorate with synthetic greenery.Greenery is a treat to the eye and helps in creating a relaxing atmosphere.

6. Metal Accents

metal accent

Metal accessories are an easy way to add contrast to your bedroom. Mid-century modern bedroom designs rely extensively on metal accents to generate contrast, whether they are gold, brass, bronze, or matte black. Most individuals use metal accents in their homes without even recognizing them, such as sconces, drawer knobs, or the base of a lamp. In addition to providing contrast, metal accents offer a sense of glam and uniqueness to a space.

7.’60s Dream

'60s Dream for mid century modern bedroom

It wasn’t until the 1960s that the mid-century modern bedroom design became popular, which is why bedrooms decorated in a Midcentury Modern style often include extremely vivid patterns and color palettes. Interior design at the period was equally hip, and this bedroom’s successful use of various hues makes it difficult not to swoon over it.

8. Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge for mid century modern bedroom

A contemporary chaise lounge chair can be the entertaining accent your bedroom needs. It increases the room’s seating capacity while having a significant impact. Many times, you’ll want to add elegant seating to your room so that you may sit and read a book without slipping right into your bed to rest or when you want to have an extra place for visitors who might want to sit in your room, having additional seating is fantastic.

9. Geometric Forms

Geometric Forms for mid century modern bedroom

Geometric shapes distinguish mid-century modern bedroom design. The front of this midcentury sideboard cabinet, which provides chic storage in this living area, is embellished with metallic chevron accents. Contemporary art incorporates primary colors and more geometric shapes, maintaining the mod aesthetic.

10. Warm It Up with Wood

Warm It Up with Wood for mid century modern bedroom

Even while the mid-century aesthetic leans toward simplicity, your bedroom doesn’t have to be cold and unappealing. The Mid-Century Modern style made extensive use of unfinished and natural wood. Your room will feel warmer if you choose furnishings and decor that highlight wood’s natural beauty and texture, especially when compared to more contemporary, industrial materials.

11. Layer in Organic Forms

layer in organic form

Curved lines, rounded curves, and asymmetry all contribute warmth to mid-century-inspired environments in a similar way that wood does. The sculptural forms reminiscent of nature or even the human body were frequently embraced by the designers of the time. These organic shapes are frequently used in lamps, chairs, tables, and artwork. And make sure to search for minimalist designs devoid of superfluous decoration.

12. Choice of Mirrors

Choice of mirror for mid century morden bedroom

Mirrors are important in determining a room’s aesthetic. Therefore, the ones you choose should be carefully thought out. An industrial-chic mirror can ruin the mid-century modern bedroom vibe you’re going for, so pay attention to the style and design elements. Going for mirrors with distinctive frames is a new trend in master bedroom interior design, especially for wall mirror designs for bedrooms. This could be a mirror with a distinctive design, color, or frame that embodies modern decor while also having a vintage feel.

13. Play with Textures

Play with Textures for mid century modern bedroom

Adding texture may make any room more interesting or intriguing and more varied. It is advised to play with area rugs, velvet chairs, and wool blankets while curating a mid-century design because these textures offer warmth and softness to your room. These textures are required by mid-century modern minimalism to warm up a space and prevent it from looking cold.

14. Embrace Natural Light

Embrace Natural Lightfor mid century modern bedroom

Any room benefits from natural light, but how you use it is equally essential. Keep heavy patterns and big shades off the windows when creating a bedroom. Use sheer, flowing draperies instead to give the impression of movement and airiness while allowing light to pass through. Light-filtering curtains made of linens or light cotton in a neutral color scheme also give the room a sense of privacy.

15. Use Blues and Greens

Use Blues and Greens for mid century modern bedroom

While soothing, calming hues, blues, and greens also serve as reminders of the natural world. According to top design experts, the use of blues and greens is typical of mid-century modern architecture because they foster a sense of balance and harmony. Choose bedding with gentle blue or green tones, or use blues and greens in accents like rugs and lampshades.

16. Lighting ideas

Lighting ideas for mid century modern bedroom

Wall-mounted lights and modern down-lighters are quite uncommon in mid-century modern bedrooms. Instead, the living room is decorated with hanging lights. Additionally, most designers like employing a variety of beautifully designed lamps, such as table lamps and floor lamps, to complement the house’s theme.

Designers frequently use inventive mirror frames or pendant lamp shades to adhere to the primary theme of this style, which is creativity and boldness. These provide your home with a timeless and creative aspect.

17. Choose a Platform Bed

Choose a Platform Bed for mid century modern bedroom

Platform beds are recommended to achieve a mid-century modern aesthetic. Select light wood or cloth mattresses because they highlight the modern platform beds’ sleek lines.

Platform beds have the practical advantage of being simple to add to any bedroom and are frequently straightforward to put together and disassemble for folks who are constantly on the go. If you plan on adding a platform bed to your room, adding a few tiny pieces of accent furniture will draw attention to the bed’s clean lines.


When taking the first baby steps towards decorating in a mid-century modern aesthetic, keep in mind the fundamentals of the style, such as functionality, simplicity, and modernism.

It is an approachable style for everyone, whether you start with a piece of art or a statement light fixture in a small corner of a room; who knows, you might decide to adopt that style for the rest of your home if it suits your taste right away!

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