Inspiring Farmhouse Christmas Decor

21 Epic Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas You’ll Love!

We have all seen in movies how at the end of a Christmas-themed movie, all the characters meet and greet together in a farmhouse that is beautifully decorated with Christmas trees and wrapped gifts, and how can we forget the cookie baking?

A farmhouse has an aesthetic charm and quirks and is the perfect place to celebrate the holiday season. The architecture of a farmhouse lends itself to a nostalgic aura, where you can add everything from knitted stockings on the Christmas fireplace to old ornaments that take us back to our good old childhood days.

In this article, you will find a bunch of farmhouses’ Christmas décor ideas that will help you with your Christmas decoration this year in the best way possible.

1. Customized Christmas Photoframe

Customized Christmas Photoframe

Decorating our homes is an opportunity to show creativity and make our space cozy and enjoyable, which also communicates one’s personality. One can add a customized photo frame with an elegant farmhouse script that can create a nice ambiance and can be a great farmhouseChristmas décor idea. Arranging the room with a flocked Christmas tree and adding an area rug can make the room look alluring.

2.Cotton Christmas Wreaths

Cotton Christmas Wreaths

Small décor elements play a vital role in welcoming guests into a living space. The entrance is the first place that ushers guests into your house.  Hanging a cotton Christmas wreath on the front door of the house not only will look elegant but will also show the joyful Christmas spirit to the visitors.

3. Christmas Cotton Garland

Christmas Cotton Garland

To give your house a farmhouse look this Christmas, you can add a natural garland made with cotton and olive leaves to your Christmas decorations. You can also make a garland of your own, with artificial leaves, so that you can use it every year for your decorations.

4. Candle Set

candle set

Adding a three-piece candle set will give your space a cozy and rustic look and blend gorgeously with the other farmhouse-style furnishings in your room. Go with a combination of green, red, and white colored candles to enhance the Christmas look of your room.

5. Christ as Pillows

christ as pillows

This Christmas, give your room a farmhouse touch in one of the least expensive ways. All you have to do is add new pillows with your favorite Christmas colors.

6. Cozy Porch

cozy porch

Make your front porch a Christmas curly up cozy dream with floor lamps, faux fur rugs, and pillows.

7. Centrepiece


You can make use of a neutral-colored lazy susan to turn it into a centerpiece. Keep your favorite Christmas decorations on it. This will make the decorations look less cluttered and add to the farmhouse-style decorations.

8. Center Table

center table

You can make use of sage green furniture and top it with woodland creatures to evoke farmhouse Christmas vibes in your house. Add a modest wreath to elevate the Christmas decoration.

9. Living Room

living room

To have a farmhouse-style living room at Christmas, you can mix ribbon with plaid pillows and a festive table runner.

10. Classic Décor

classic decor living room

A tinge of metallic colors will give a traditional and sophisticated look to the space of the farmhouse. The head of the fireplace mantel can be decorated with a fresh garland which will enhance the beauty of the room where one can celebrate Christmas with their near and dear ones.

11. Sleigh


What’s a Christmas décor without a sleigh? For making a budget-friendly sleigh, you can use an old wooden sled to create an exquisite Christmas décor effortlessly for your Christmas-themed farmhouse.

12. Christmas Basket

Christmas Basket

Fill the corners of your house with a simple wooden basket. You can add branches of a Christmas tree to the basket to create a perfect farmhouse Christmas décor.

13. Christmas Entrance

Christmas Entrance

A mini Christmas tree at the entrance of your house will be an adorable idea that can give a charming eyeshot in the room. You can also add a small bench and a shelf adorned with a touch of festive décor.

14. Fresh Christmas Trees

Fresh Christmas Trees

This is one of the cutest farmhouse Christmas décor ideas. You can create your mini display of fresh farm Christmas trees of various sizes. You can also add a sign which reads anything related to Christmas to enhance your décor.

15. White Stocking Display

White Stocking Display

You can make your Christmas décor look more classy by adding a row of all-white stockings. Display it on your mantel to make the décor more attractive.

16. Christmas Bedroom

Christmas Bedroom

Don’t forget to incorporate the farmhouse décor in your bedroom. A simple way to achieve this is to add one or two extra pillows, a throw-in blanket to your bed, and a Christmas-themed sign on your bedroom wall.

17. Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

For a farmhouse-style Christmas tree, you can make use of distinctive elements from nature to decorate your Christmas tree. You can use pomegranates, lamb ear springs, eucalyptus garlands, and anything of your choice that will deck up the tree beautifully. To enhance the look of your tree, you can keep the look of your room rustic.

18. Christmas Wall Decor

Christmas Wall Decor

Anyone can add a little farmhouse Christmas charm with some farmhouse wall décor. You can add a large rustic bed and breakfast sign which will help you add a ton of Christmas flair to your home. You can also go for a retro Santa sign that would add some throwback appeal to your room.

19. Christmas Side Table

Christmas Side Table

You can make a layered vignette just by using old vintage frames, mini Christmas village houses, and bottlebrush trees. Adding a wreath o the top of the side table is always a good Christmas décor idea.

20. Christmas Dinner Décor

Christmas Dinner Décor

You can decorate a frosted Christmas tree and keep it in the dining room to create a wintry atmosphere. Add vintage linen runners and dress up the table with pillows to give an essence of a farmhouse to the décor. You can also top the dining table with greenery and mini white ceramic houses.

21. Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings

There are so many different options for farmhouse-style Christmas stockings. You could choose stockings made out of burlap, grain sack fabric, or even sweater knit, depending on the look you want.


The purpose of this article is to provide you with top farmhouse Christmas décor ideas and offer some impressive picturesque for your living space and make it ready for a Grand Christmas celebration with your loved ones.

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