Gorgeous French Country Tiles for Walls and Floors

17 Stunning French Country Tiles for Walls and Floors

Decorating the space of your residence plays a significant role in creating a vibrant quality in your living space. French tiling is gaining popularity worldwide.

Tiles are the core of home decor and play a significant role in uplifting the room’s ambiance. You can captivate attention by decorating your home with gorgeous French tiling and creating a sumptuous ambiance.

1. French Farmhouse-Style Tiles

You can create French farmhouse-style decor by using blue and deep orange color tiles. Bright blue-colored French tiling and sunflower yellow complement each other and create a cheerful combination. Sapphire blue tiles add a burst of energy to a space. This will create a nice ambiance in your living space.

French Farmhouse-Style Tiles

2. Neutral French Tiling with Feminine Engravings

French tiles are inspired mainly by neutral tones engaged with feminine engravings like flowers, creating a beautiful and elegant view of the space.

french floral tiles

3. Beautiful White and Blue French Tiling

A set of beautiful white and French tiles is an impressive idea to add a sheer touch of exquisiteness to your living space for a sophisticated ambiance and quality of the residence.

Blue and white tiles

4. Black and White Checkered

You can choose the classic black and white checkered French tiling for a timeless French look. Black and white checkered floor tile designs were popularly used in medieval French castles. These floor styles are from the historic European palaces where the French pattern looked very elegant and impressive.

white and black tiles

5. Fleur-De-Lis Tiling

Fleur-de-Lis tiles represent the style used in the European and notably French portion of the American design character. Flowers, specifically lilies, inspire these kinds of tiles, and they symbolize the essence of royalty. This pattern creates a seamless beauty and showcases imperialism.

fluer de lis tiling bathroom

6. Floral Motif Design French Tiling

French tiles are inspired mainly by floral design and patterns. Motifs designs are floral designs where the patterns are shaped geometrically. You can use floral motif tiles to create an antique and retro-looking look for your living space.

floral motif design

7. Lantern French Tiling

lantern tiliing

The French tiling patterns also consist of lantern-design tiling, which is basically curving and diamond-shaped tiles. These kinds of tiles are mostly associated with French country décor and are considered to be related to artisan and ethnic styles. These tile shapes are perfect for adding charm with a statement look to your floors.

fluer de lis

8. Terra Cotta French Tiling

The french terra cotta tiles have a history of artisans who created these handmade tiles with prudence by using natural clay. In order to give the authenticity of the French provincial life, you can create an eye-appealing contrast of terra cotta tiles to enhance the beauty of your residence.

terra cotta tiles

French Style Cement and Concrete Tiles

cement tiles

A wide variety of French cement and concrete tiles are considered to be part of the European French culture. They are handmade from natural materials, which have a unique appearance.

1. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic-styled tiles add a decorative backsplash in the kitchen, bathroom, and other places in the household. You can use ceramic for both residential and commercial areas.

ceramic tiles

2. Glazed Porcelain French Tiling

Glazed porcelain Tiles are suitable for interior space and give a perfect Vintage look to the touchline and can be a great idea to decorate your home with a wonderful design. Porcelain tiles are highly durable to wear and tear and almost impervious to water.

glazed porcelian tiles

3. Parquet Flooring

For a traditional style with beautiful textures, you can opt for parquet flooring to magnify French ideals and pair the room with a sizeable sofa to create a lavish spectacle. You can use silk drapes to elevate the grandeur of the room.

paraquet flooring

4. French Pattern Travertine

It is a unique style of pattern that uses four different sizes of tiles to create a bold and unique look to any outdoor hardscape. You can show your creativity by giving an eccentric look to your living space.

French Pattern Travertine

5. Doubled Charged French Tiling

You can add the essence of French Beauty by adding gorgeous double-charge French tiling, inspired by France’s monuments. The double-charged material means that two tiles are combined to give it strength, making them highly durable for your living residence.

double charged tiles

6. French Cement Tiles

French was the epicenter of clay design, and the cement tiles were derived from “Carreaux de Ciment.” These French cement tiles can add a traditional vintage spirit to French-styled residences.

bathroom french cement tiles

7. Green Colored French Tiling

green coloured tiles

A tinge of green color in tiles with floral design can add exquisiteness to your living space for a sophisticated ambiance and quality of the residence.

8. Hand Painted French Tiling

handmade tiles

To make your residence pleasing and exhilarating, you can add hand-painted tiles on your walls or floors and customize your living area with handmade allure and a charming artistic look.

handmade tiles


French style in your home is easy to perceive, which creates an effortlessly chic and exclusive mood and creates a refreshing and relaxing easy lifestyle.

French tiling has its own history, yet they are a universal trend that is set to sail. You should certainly add an essence of French into your flooring and walls, which will show creativity by enhancing the beauty of your space.

Tiles are used to protect your house from footfalls, and adding a bit of design can add opulence to your living residence.

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