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23 Coastal Bedroom Ideas for a Stunning Decor You’ll Love

Most people have often dreamt of owning a home on the beach. Getting up to see the beautiful sunrise and ending your day with the most peaceful sunset can alleviate the stress of any day. Let us not forget the easy access to the timing to get the beach all to ourselves and the opportunity to get a lot of vitamin D any day we like. Living near the beach is a happy decision with plenty of perks. But, how about having one at your home itself with stunning coastal bedroom ideas effects? It is vital to put in the effort to decorate a beachside home. Our home decor reflects our personalities, and our bedroom can be the heart of it.

Coastal Bedroom Ideas

If you are looking for coastal bedroom ideas, nature is your friend. You can take so much inspiration from the beach scenery. From the orange sky in the morning to the shimmering waters at night, getting inspired by nature to decorate your bedroom can be the most rewarding task you can do. Decorate your bedroom to match your vibe, and escape to your world. There are many types of coastal bedroom decor, such as tropical, Mediterranean, or modern, to name a few. You can also mix and match them as you like.

Let us go over a few coastal bedroom ideas for your perfect space.

1. Nautical Flower Arrangements

Nautical flower arrangements are a fusion of colors based on the beach that sums up the energy of blue waves and sunny sides. The flowers can be clematis, hydrangeas, white lilies, or any beautiful flower that reflects the coast nearby. Such flower arrangements also consist of shells or sea glasses. Select the flowers according to the climate or bedroom wall color.

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Flower arrangement for nautical coastal bedroom ideas

2. Rustic Wardrobe

A rustic wardrobe looks great and goes well with other furniture. Most wardrobes are handmade and can be customized as you like. For example, choose a contemporary, light-colored wardrobe if your room consists more of light colors, and a dark, glamorous, rustic wardrobe for a darkly themed, coastal room.

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Rustic wardrobe

3. Bold Blue Wall Paint

Bold blue wall paint can be moody and resonant with the deep ocean. If you have a large room, then do not skip this color. On a sunny day, painting your room a bold blue can make it darker and cozier. This color is appropriate for both ultra-traditional and modern decor and is a very modern choice for coastal bedroom ideas.

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Bold blue wall

4. Bamboo Silk Rugs

Bamboo silk rugs are soft and luxurious fabrics. They are durable and cherished for their uniqueness. These organic rugs are available in colors such as white sand, beige, and brown, which can mimic a beach sand layer. You can also opt for a bamboo silk rug with modern designs for an artistic touch in your bedroom.

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Bamboo silk rug

5. Stained Glass Art

There is something so mesmerizing about stained glass that I just cannot put it into words. They are so beautiful and magical to look at. You can either buy an art piece and place it in an area where there is direct sunlight or install a window with stained glass art. Then, you can admire the sparkling colors in your bedroom.

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Stained glass

6. Tropical Wall Art

Tropical wall arts are colorful and aesthetically pleasing. They bring an island vibe to the room, perfect for coastal bedroom decor. Choose art that has dominant colors, such as teal green or ocean blue. You can hang a large art piece or multiple small ones over the headboard of your bed so that it becomes the highlight of your room.

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Tropical wall art

7. Indoor Palms

Indoor plants are great at bringing life to any room. Palms such as Golden Cane and Rhapis are ideal for enhancing the coastal feel in your bedroom. They have long green fronds and are perfect for filling up any corner of your room. In addition, palms are easy to care for and can grow well indoors.

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Indoor plant

8. Beaded Chandeliers

Many coastal bedrooms are painted in neutral colors or bold tropical colors. Beaded chandeliers are excellent additions that can add the right amount of glamour and elegance to your room. Many are handmade and affordable. They come in mild neutral colors that can go well with your coastal bedroom decor.

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Beaded chandelier

9. Textured Wallpaper

Adding textured wallpaper has been done forever, and yet it is still in style for a coastal bedroom. Textured wallpaper adds personality to the bedroom and is an excellent choice if you don’t want to clutter up the decor. You can add wallpaper to the whole room or just an accent wall. Choose wallpaper that has tropical prints or natural texture wallpapers.

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Natural textured wallpaper

10. High Ceilings

One of the features of coastal bedrooms is their high ceilings. I cannot leave this behind for coastal bedroom ideas. If your room already has high ceilings, you are one step closer to nautical decor. If you don’t have a high ceiling, you can create an illusion and draw eyes upwards using a four-poster bed.

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Four poster bed

11. Pop of Colors

Coastal bedroom ideas consist mostly of white or other mild neutral colors as a dominant choice. However, in a white-themed room, you can add colors such as orange, green, or any other nature-inspired hues to add style to your bedroom. An easy way to do this is by adding colorful cushions to the bed or a pop art piece in your room.

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Pop of color bedroom

12. Ocean Wave Pictures

Ocean wave pictures are for beach lovers who can’t get enough of blue waters. Pictures of ocean waves, it goes without saying, can not only add color to your bedroom but also remind you of the beach. In addition, if you are not a fan of tropical wall art, you can keep wall decor minimal yet modern with ocean wave pictures.

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Ocean wave picture

14. Boho Curtains

For a chic and stylish coastal bedroom, use boho curtains. They come in so many carefree styles and can lighten up your room. Choose colors that go well with the wall paint, or you can also use different boho curtains for the same window. But, of course, bohemian style goes against the rule, so don’t be shy about adding a last-minute boho touch to your bedroom.

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Boho curtain

15. A Black and White Decor

Stand out with modern black and white decor for your coastal bedroom. They are edgy and a reference to the black and white materials from the sea and the coast. This creative contrast is uncommon, and you can add a few additions of other colors to this decor. This eye-catching decor can help you cut out a lot of items from your shopping list.

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Black and white decor

16. Neutral Canopy Bed

If you need a splendid focal point in your bedroom with less effort and want to make the decor sophisticated, install a neutral canopy bed. They have a way of turning any bedroom into a paradise. They are a favorite of mine for coastal bedroom decor, reminding me of childhood classics.

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Canopy bed

17. Coastal Reading Nook

A cozy reading spot watching magnificent waves tops any library in the world. If you love reading, you cannot skip this part of the coastal bedroom ideas. This will be the perfect place to relax after a tiring day. Add colors matching the sea nearby to make a statement in your room.

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Reading nook

18. Funky Chairs

Funky chairs are plush and unconventional with modern decor. Colorful funky chairs can add spice to your coastal bedroom, which mostly comprises neutral colors. You can either select a chair with a bold color that pops or a chair with cool prints that remind you of the sea. Make this your favorite spot to chill.

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Funky chair

20. White Curtains

White curtains are graceful and elegant and complement most of the bedroom decor. In addition, they remind people of peaceful vibes and white sands. Adding white curtains is a classic vintage choice for a Mediterranean bedroom. They also create the illusion of an ample space and help highlight other colors in the bedroom.

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White curtains

21. Coastal Striped Rug

Striped rugs in neutral and earthy tones look so contemporary. Striped blue-colored rugs can be the ideal selection for a coastal bedroom. You can also use a black striped rug for a unique look and to add an edge to your bedroom. Make sure to select plain curtains to maintain a nice visual balance in your room.

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Striped rug

22. Accent Wall

Accent walls with bold colors, such as navy blue, can give your room an excellent color fusion. Dark accent walls can make the room feel cozy and also provide a focal point in your bedroom. They can also make your room look vintage. If you don’t like adding so many details to your decor, an accent wall can be your best choice.

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Accent wall

23. Coastal Bedspread

Using a coastal bedspread is the easiest way to get nautical decor for your room. Such bedspreads typically feature fish or other aquatic animal prints, which are adorable and will appeal to children. Also, if your room has a neutral theme, adding a coastal bedspread can give you the right amount of mild hues.

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Coastal bedspread

Vacay in Your Room

I hope you found what you were looking for and that these coastal bedroom ideas have inspired you to style your room. A cozy coastal bedroom tops a fancy resort any day.

There is no rule for decorating your room; you can mix and match modern and classic decor ideas. Don’t be modest; stay true to your personality when decorating your room, and you will surprise yourself.

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