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21 Enchanting Nautical Bathroom Decor Ideas You Must See

When you are so enamored by the beauty of the sea and sand, you will inevitably want to recreate the vibes of the sea with a nautical bathroom at home. It can be a new one or reworking an existing bathroom to a nautical-based theme.

Among other reasons that warrant a change to a trending bathroom decor include seeing a bathroom with a nautical touch, and having a perfect escape route from the busy world into one of rejuvenation with vibes of nature that soothes body and mind.  Depending on the scale of your bathroom makeover, the joys of soaking in the tub, the thrill of the hot shower, or the skincare routine in an inviting space will make your personal life more refreshed.

If there is a feeling your bathroom is not up to the market, it is time you pick up one of the trending nautical-styled bathroom decor ideas that are vast. Let us explore the 21 nautical bathroom decor ideas below.

1. Anchor as Bathroom Wall Decor

When you have an anchor as the best nautical stamp in your bathroom, it becomes the best classic nautical decor on the wall. You can see this maritime symbol in coastal-style bathrooms. In terms of color palette, the navy and white shades combo is the ultimate for nautical decor in the interior.

Anchor Nautical-bathroom-

2. Sailboat Wallpaper

For a perfect coastal feel for your bathroom, splashing navy sailboat wallpaper on the top part of the bathroom backsplash will be grand.

Wall Paper Decor

3. Nautical Bathroom Geared for Kids

If you want the new bathroom setup to be with striped walls, it will be a treat for kids. They can imagine the ocean from the gray and white stripes on the wall with tan tiles below that match the sand. With prolific accents such as rope-wrapped mirrors, round lanterns, and dark cabinetry, you only make the nautical feel intense.

kids bathroom

4. Maritime Caged Sconce Lights

In any bathroom plan, calming lighting is a signature nautical decor feature. For this, you can tape into sconces lighting that will take care of the task, accent, and ambient lighting. It also lights up the shower area, sink, and storage regions.

Caged sconce light nautical

5. Striped Bath Towels for Nautical Feel

In your bathroom setup, a sea touch can easily come via striped bath towels. There are the best pure cotton towels available made of soft and durable terry cloth fabric, offering a velour finish and soft feel on one side with terry loops on the other side.

Striped Bath towel for bathrrom

6. Ship Wheel Wall Decor for Nautical Touch

The ship wheel can be made of any material. They will include wooden and metal and are great wall hanging decor and accent the bathroom. You can choose the spokes painted in light blue and white around it and see their impact on the total decor.

Shipwheel wall decor

7. White Shiplap Walls for Nautical Bathroom

A shiplap wall style in your bathroom decor will add more depth to the theme. You can choose from an array of styles, such as vertical shiplap, traditional horizontal planked walls, painted shiplap, and the classic white shiplap.

White shiplap walls

8. Navy Bathtub as Nautical Decor

The bathroom’s nautical ambiance gets saturated with a nice bathtub. You can go for an easy design using nautical bathroom decor and play with many nautical accessories. The shades of blue and white are ideally the best.

Navy Bathtub nautical

9. Rope Framed Mirror for Nautical Feel

The decor of your nautical-themed bathroom can have a rope-framed mirror to replicate the ship feel. It will serve as a blend of art and functionality with a dash of chic in the bathroom. The round mirror is preferred thanks to the decorative rope loop at the top.

Rope framed mirror

10. Whimsical Nautical Bathroom

These are quirky ways to change your traditional bathroom into a nautical touch. A cast of fish on a wallpaper and centering it with pearl tiles and a porthole-inspired mirror with a warm, antique copper finish will be perfect. A chiseled stone sink and a wooden vanity can provide the contrast.

whimsical nautical decor

11. Nautical Bathroom Like Captain’s Cabin

Your bathroom can be an homage to many bygone nautical accessories. An example is a glass sink looking like a sea creature with faucet handles resembling antique ship wheels. The vanity can be made of water-resistant teak wood, and a wood-paneled backsplash will complete the elegant pairing. The ceiling can beam the look of a naval officer’s quarters.

captains quarters nautical

12. Nautical Bathroom with White and Navy Accents

A tranquil bathroom space will look dazzling when white walls, white vanity, and pops of navy blue accents stand in harmony. White walls, circular mirrors, and rustic black light fixtures convey the nautical elements.

white bathroom with anchor towel and boat painting

13. White Bathroom with Blue Whale Art

Whale decor has been an important part of nautical looks. You can also play up the little whales as a teal wood whale in your nautical bathroom.

White Bathroom with Blue Whale Art

14. Elegant Navy Blue And White Master Bathroom

The nautical theme in your bathroom decor can boost up with beautiful ash navy blue wallpaper. If that is, Have a circular rope mirror as the centerpiece and maintain the elegant white vanity. A rope mirror can hog attention in the nautical decor with its circular shape, reinforcing the feel of the ship’s port hole.

Elegant navy blue nautical decor

15. Navy Bathroom with White Shiplap

You can build an intelligent nautical design with a clean white shiplap wall. The coastal touch will be obvious from the shiplap accent and accessory display. The vanity and storage do organize the decor nicely.

White Shiplap Bathroom

16. Rustic Wood Vanity for Nautical Feel

If you want to tame the intense nautical tone in your bathroom with texture, rustic wood vanity is the best to play with. It works beyond expectations compared to the commonplace white vanity. If you add a round mirror hanging from a rope, the vanity’s rustic feel only multiplies.

Rustic Bathroom Vanities

17. Gray Tones Overlapping Blue for Nautical Bathroom

When you want to introduce elements of nautical bathroom elements, the laden rule of deep or bold hues can be compromised in some innovative ways. You have the liberty to save the walls from water damage using glazed subway tiles in gentle shades such as grayish-blue. You can try cool gray tones to set a color scheme by punctuating walls with accessories like a milk glass sconce common on oceangoing vessels or a medicine rack as in a submarine door.

Grayish Blue tones

18. Rug Magic for Nautical Bathroom

In nautical bathrooms, placing a cute bathroom rug adds more character to the personal space. Beyond aesthetics, it yields benefits such as softness, a textured feel, and some therapeutic properties. It also helps in floor protection and may prevent you from skidding.

Rug Magic for Bathroom

19. Shower Curtain with Nautical Theme

A lovely shower curtain for your nautical bathroom with stylish grommets and hooks will make the decor splendid. If you can get a full polyester shower curtain, it is best as it is environmentally friendly and safe. Its waterproof quality checks droplets dripping down and also enables faster drying.

Nautical sea turtles curtain

20. Nautical Tile Sticker Decor

You can try to make your nautical bathroom appear like a sailor’s ship. All you need is a nautical tile sticker decorated with multiple nautical patterns. You will see white and blue stripes and symbols, including those of ships and anchors. It is easy to set up and cost-effective too.

Nautical Tile Sticker Decor

21. Nautical Touch in Powder Room

After the bath’s great feel, you need a petite powder room that is fun-filled and packed with thematic yet whimsical elements. The walls and floors can be faux bois treated, and you can have a porthole mirror and place some antique vanity cabinets as well. For lighting, sconces are the best. Together, they give the feel of a ship’s compartment.

Powder room nautical touch

Vast Options to Induce the Classic Nautical Feel in Bathrooms

If you have made up your mind to set up a nautical bathroom, you can explore a plethora of vast options to induce the classic nautical feel in the bathroom, depending on your time frame, priorities, and budget.  At the accent front, you can try combining fish and various marine life, shells, vessels, mermaids, sea grass, and nautical wheels to bring to life the nautical feel of your bathroom. Then comes the scope to mix and match nautical-themed bathroom ideas and have a creative custom version of the ideas in the bathroom.

Nautical Makeover Focus on Components and Structures

In the makeover process of a nautical bathroom, you will deal with many structural elements. Nautical bathroom decor ideas also highlight many components that designers have to work with. For instance, recapturing images and shapes of fish and marine life such as shells, vessels, mermaids, and sea grass, plus tools like nautical wheels effortlessly express the sea world flavor.

The bathroom decor with nautical touch is possible in most spaces in the bathroom, ranging from the powder room to the water closet. You can refine the ocean’s color palette. Your choice of tiling can also infuse various decorative accents.

You can bring in shiplap walls, and trough sinks in that process. Nautical bathroom ideas in terms of striped towels, fish art, sailboat wallpaper, painting the walls with a theme, changing the light fixtures, and positioning new mirrors with ship accents are all workable solutions.

All-Pervasive Appeal of Nautical Decor Spreading

Nautical bathrooms are common in beach homes, lake houses, and seaside summer homes. Coastal homes exhibit the brilliance of excellent nautical bathroom decor ideas in terms of classic nautical motifs such as navy blue, ship steering wheels, and sailboats.

In the USA, New England homes show more love for nautical decor in the bathrooms with underlying sailing culture and nautical style. However, a place of residence is no limiting factor for a nautical bathroom if you are an ardent lover of the sea and the waves.

New England nautical

Using vintage furniture and seashell decorations, everything is possible with nautical bathroom ideas, including retro vibes as an out-of-the-box idea. If you are passionate about sailing and oceans, the attention-grabbing ornate porthole mirror brushed nickel and showcased paddles will make people fall in love with the design.

This wide-ranging discussion that touched on various aspects of the nautical bathroom and how to execute it will certainly move you to act on some of these ideas. A nautical-themed bath space is also a style statement with innovative ideas like pearl tiles, fish-packed sidewalls, and wall mirrors of copper finish.

All the nautical bathroom decor plans are practical ideas, with most nautical accessories open for easy sourcing, including online availability from Amazon and others. In addition, you can now discuss your thoughts, ideas, and plans with bathroom remodel specialists and try transforming ideas into action to enjoy the pleasure of having a grand new nautical bathroom at home.

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