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Classic Coastal Bathroom Design: 27 Inspiring Ideas

Are you looking for coastal bathroom ideas that will motivate you to renovate your beach or vacation home’s bathroom?

There are several kinds of coastal designs to pick from for your bathroom, ranging from nautical features to lake house vibes. This article will showcase the most popular design concepts and provide an overview of the various beach home bathrooms that have gained popularity in recent times.

1. Organize Your Shelves

Organize Your Shelves

Instead of taking up valuable floor space, built-in shelving keeps just about anything tucked away and off the floor. To add warmth and flair to your area, combine fashion and utility with a simple shelf positioned above the toilet. Make use of open shelves to store necessities such as toothbrushes and first aid supplies, as well as to display treasured artworks and little findings such as a starfish and sea sponge. Use these coastal bathroom ideas to utilize maximum space in your bathroom.

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2. Select Jute

Furthermore, jute's breezy

Items made of jute are long-lasting, easy to maintain, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. Jute cloth’s natural and earthy tones make it an excellent foundation for any home in any season. Furthermore, jute’s breezy, effortlessly fashionable appearance makes it a favorite of many home decor lovers. Such coastal bathroom ideas can elevate the look of your bathroom.

For example, instead of a standard fluffy bath mat, try a jute bath mat.

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3. Make a Pennant Frame

Pennant Frame

When it comes to art, don’t be afraid to look outside the box—the simplest elements can do wonders for connecting a room together. While covering an empty space next to the sink, a framed pennant gives homage to maritime life.  To display a pennant in a frame, first select a frame that complements the rest of your bathroom’s decor, and then set the pennant within the frame. Instead of hanging the framed pennant on the wall, you may place it on a shelf or cupboard.

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4. Herringbone Tiles Take the Prize

Herringbone Tiles Take the Prize

Many people in the United States identify the herringbone tile design with ancient houses. Hence it is considered out of date. However, this could not be further from the truth. Despite the fact that it has been around for centuries, it remains trendy and modern.

The herringbone tile pattern adds movement to your bathroom while also adding a touch of luxury. It also adds texture and creates a more visually appealing look.

Because this is everything a coastal bathroom desires, it’s no surprise that the herringbone pattern is regarded as one of the best coastal bathroom ideas.

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5. Use Retro Geometric Coastal Tiles.

Use Retro Geometric Coastal Tiles

Need something that will quickly upgrade your bathroom?
You can’t go wrong with these eye-catching blue and white tiles. Their presence will undoubtedly make your bathroom look unique and appealing.

These tiles would look fantastic as a sink backdrop, an accent wall, or even as a coastal bathroom floor tile alternative. To avoid the space feeling too cluttered, avoid going overboard with other patterns when arranging your bathroom.

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6. Blue Your Walls

Blue Your Walls coastal bathroom

Blue is the color of the sea and can instantly give you that beachy vibe you’re looking for.

Painting the walls blue is the most common coastal bathroom ideas. Incorporating blue into your area is the simplest method to create a seaside coastal bathroom. There are other ‘blues’ to pick from, including turquoise, navy, and sky blue. When you’re surrounded by this lovely color, you can’t help but feel at ease.

Light blue as a wall color provides a very spa-like atmosphere, but it may also be used as an accent color to achieve the same effect. It pairs beautifully with white tiles and trim accents for a color scheme inspired by a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds on a sunny day.

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7. Select Natural Materials for Your Accessories

coastal design bathroom

The coastal design draws influence from nature to create calm settings. So incorporating natural elements into your bathroom décor is never a bad idea. Choose natural materials for your seaside bathroom accessories, such as bamboo, wood, jute, and rattan. They all have interesting textures and will make your environment more appealing.

Wooden bathroom decorations are appropriate for both modern seaside bathrooms and those with a vintage feel. Bathroom items made of wood, from soap dispensers to trays, are also a terrific way to provide a unified and coordinated appearance throughout any room.

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8. Use Pampas Grass to Decorate

Pampas Grass to Decorate

Though adding flowers to a bathroom is not one of the conventional coastal bathroom ideas, it is catching up lately. Flower-filled vases add the finishing touch to any room. However, if you’re designing a coastal bathroom, consider swapping garden-picked flowers for a beachier plant, such as pampas grass.

Pampas grass is a lovely, natural accent that can enhance the marine vibe of your bathroom. However, there are a few things to consider when displaying pampas grass in your bathroom. Here are some pointers:

  1. Choose a well-lit location. Pampas grass needs a lot of light to thrive. Therefore, a location near a window is excellent.
  2. Check for drainage holes in the pot. Pampas grass dislikes sitting in damp soil, so make sure your container has drainage holes to allow excess water to drain.
  3. Allow it to develop. Pampas grass can grow quite large, so make sure you have enough space for it to thrive.

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9. Purchase a Rustic Bath Stool

Rustic Bath Stool

With the shower, tub, vanity, and toilet taking up so much space, it might be difficult to figure out how to add a little more design, even with the simplest pieces of furniture like shelves and benches – especially if you’re stuck with a really small bathroom!

To address this, place a rustic wooden stool beside the bathtub to hold towels and bath goods. This little piece of furniture has numerous uses.

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10. A Beachy Chandelier Adds Drama

Beachy Chandelier Adds Drama

A chandelier, as opposed to a pendant, sconces, or flush mount, is a statement piece that can essentially make your area stand out. The lavish light fixture will fully change your bathroom into a magnificent haven.

A bathroom chandelier may appear completely out of place in a coastal setting. But if you find a fixture made of textured wooden beads, you’ll have something that not only complements your beachy bathroom but also ties it all together.

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11. Install a Rope-Lined Mirror

Rope-Lined Mirror

Adding nautical-inspired elements is one of the easiest ways to incorporate coastal bathroom ideas. Mirrors in nautical styles can help you stay connected to soothing beaches and calming ocean retreats. The earthy hues and textures found near the water’s edge are celebrated in coastal style. Rope, driftwood, sisal, and shell finishes are used in nautical coastal mirrors. They are inspired by ship portholes, lighthouse-worn and weathered surfaces, the rays of the strong coastal sun, and the petals of coastal flowers. Navajo vanity mirrors and bedroom dresser mirrors combine form and function, making them ideal for everyday grooming.

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12. Make Your Own Oyster Shell Trinket Dishes

Own Oyster Shell Trinket Dishes

Consider these DIY trinket dishes crafted from oyster shells for one-of-a-kind accessory decor for your seaside bathroom. Use oyster shells that have been collected or made into a decoupaged design, or leave them sealed in their natural hue. To add a little glitter, paint them with gold acrylic paint. Place it on your bathroom vanity or shelves to add a stylish accent. They are the ideal size for storing your favorite rings, necklaces, and bracelets. It can also be used as a soap holder, functional yet stylish! This is one of those creative yet utilitarian coastal bathroom ideas.

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13. Experiment with Beach-Inspired Prints

create a seaside bathroom

Do you want to create a seaside bathroom that isn’t too obvious? To get there, use beach-inspired designs. Look for wallpaper with ocean-inspired waves or bits of sand. Alternatively, look for something that resembles traditional beach vegetation, such as pampas grass or palm palms.

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14. Get Some Classic Striped Towels

Classic Striped Towels

While bath towels have been a common household item for hundreds of years, their evolution from a rare luxury to a simple, useful tool to bright, decorative home decor has been everything but linear. Towels, like clothes, go through fashion cycles. The famous Blue Striped Towel has stayed popular despite the ups and downs of other fashions.

The Blue Stripe can be found in a variety of places around the world, from hotel bath towels to home decor. And with good reason! The Nautical Blue Stripe can make bathing bring back memories of a pleasant day spent lounging by the sea. When we travel or want to unwind, the Blue Striped Towel fits right in.

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15. Coral Will Make You Stand Out.

Coral Will Make You Stand Out

Coral is a lovely color that can liven up any space. This color may bring a sense of richness and sophistication to bathrooms. Here are some ways to incorporate coral into your seaside bathroom:

  1. Color the walls coral. This will result in a warm and inviting environment that feels like a true oasis.
  2. To add a splash of color to the space, use coral towels, carpets, and other items.
  3. Include coral in your tile work. Coral tiles, whether on the floor or in the shower, can make a room stand out.

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    16. Incorporate a Lamp

    Incorporate a Lamp

    It’s simple to add a lamp and instantly transform your coastal bathroom into a spa-like retreat. Use a lamp that complements the design of your bathroom to draw attention to your favorite aspects. Place a floor light close to the window, for instance, if you have a lovely view of the ocean, so that you can take in the vista while you unwind in the tub.

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    17. Put Some Wicker to Use

    wicker rattan wardrobe basket for storage kitchen cabinets original

    Bathrooms beside the coast are the ideal location for wicker. Wicker is a wonderful material to use to add texture and character to a room and to give it a beachy atmosphere.

    1. Wicker baskets are one alternative for storage. This is a terrific method to keep things organized while also looking elegant. Baskets can be used to store towels, toiletries, or anything else that has to be kept tidy.
    2. Wicker furniture is another choice. This might range from a small wicker stool to a full-size wicker chair. Wicker furniture is typically very comfy and can contribute to the overall aesthetic of a coastal bathroom.
    3. Finally, wicker accessories can be used to tie the overall appearance together. Wicker mirrors, wastebaskets, and even shower curtains can all contribute to a unified appearance in your bathroom.

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    18. Create Waves

    create waves

    Installing a feature wall that incorporates watery tones and adds a sense of movement will make a statement in your bathroom. The bathroom’s color scheme was inspired by the shower wall, which also sticks out due to its size and surrounding beige-tiled walls. For a unified appearance, tile colors repeat in the artwork, bath towels, and wall color.

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    19. Pick the Right Vanity

    Coastal bathroom vanities

    Coastal bathroom vanities ought to be an attractively practical focal point with an attractive style. By using neutral colors, they will help create a light and airy ambiance. Keep things natural with plants or other organic accents if you want to add color to the space. The sinks are rectangular and set deeper, and the wood used to construct the frame and cabinet is available in a variety of odd styles, including rustic and weathered. They just effortlessly have that coastal vibe to them.

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    20. Add Some Bohemian Flair

    Bohemian Flair

    Island-inspired décor is more bohemian in nature, incorporating design features such as pristine white shiplap walls, soft window coverings, and sisal for a splash of color. A focal point for rooms could be large luscious rattan chairs and a Mediterranean-themed area rug. A combination of warm and light hues creates a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere, and that is how you can add a touch of bohemian style to your seaside bathroom.

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     21. Statement Oasis

    Statement Oasis bathroom

    The walls and ceiling of this contemporary seaside bathroom are painted a bright white, and the fireplace mantle is delicately carved. The space, as a whole, embraces a refined and sophisticated aesthetic. There are many different ways to experiment with this particular design aesthetic. For example, you may combine a sizable black chrome bathtub with vintage gold fixtures.

    Hardwood floors or something altogether distinctive, like a beaded chandelier over the bathtub, can add a sense of contemporary naturalness.

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    22. Brighten and Lighten Up

    Make Sure Theres Enough Light

    If you want to keep things feeling bright and clean, paint the walls and the area around the windows white. This will only help to make the space feel larger. Use the windows to brighten the area and let in natural light.

    You are welcome to add a wood top counter to a straightforward vanity unit because modern coastal also values natural textures. Regarding possibilities for flooring, river rock flooring can also keep the environment feeling natural.

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    23. Wood Cabinets with Detailed Carvings

    large bathroom with carved wood cabinets and shower

    By using wood cabinetry, contemporary beachy bathroom design ideas can achieve this feel.

    For instance, this bathroom makes use of a gorgeously etched wood cabinet with a spacious white countertop.

    By displaying a modest tile wall that mimics the color tones of the wood cabinets, you may maintain a neutral atmosphere in your walk-in shower. Using a transparent glass wall will keep the space feeling open and airy.

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    24. Wallpaper with a Cream and Blue Pattern

    modern coastal bathroom with aqua color backsplash

    This contemporary coastal design focuses on letting a subtle yet striking wallpaper print be the main focal point, making it ideal for anyone wishing to make a statement in their bathroom.

    The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep your wallpaper consistent with your design sense since the combination of creamy white and nautical blue looks fantastic.

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    25. Give Your Bathroom a Tropical Feel

    Bathroom a Tropical Feel

    If they are used in harmony with the surrounding space, tropical elements in your bathroom can make for fantastic coastal bathroom decor. They can provide a splash of color and texture to an area that was previously neutral.

    Including colorful shower curtains, tropical-themed wallpaper, or towels in your seaside bathroom is a great way to give it a tropical feel. You can select one or a combination of this information.

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    26. Ship lap Wall Panels

    Bathroom Shipla Transform Your Bathroom

    Boat sides have long been covered with shiplap paneling. We now utilize this style of paneling to decorate our living spaces and give them a lovely beachy feel because interior design long ago discovered another useful application for it.

    Therefore, where better to use it than in your seaside bathroom?

    You have the option of using shiplap panels to create an accent wall or to cover half of your walls in shiplap and paint the other half of your walls in a complementary color.

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    27. Add Darker Elements

    small guest bathroom with white shiplap

    A modern seaside bathroom is an ideal solution for individuals with a smaller bathroom because of its relaxing nature. For a trendy cool seaside effect, use white shiplap on the walls and an old-fashioned trough-style sink.

    Don’t be hesitant to incorporate darker accents, such as a dark sink bottom or lamp fixture, since they can provide a sense of variety to an otherwise neutral environment.

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    There are numerous methods to give your bathroom a seaside vibe. You may design a setting that feels like an oasis by utilizing light colors, organic materials, and straightforward touches.

    These Coastal Bathroom ideas will help you create the style you want, whether you live near the coast or want to bring the beach vibe into your house.

    If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, think about coastal bathrooms that will make you want to go to the beach. These bathrooms can create an oasis in your home with their use of natural materials and colors.

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