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20 Fresh and Fabulous Fall Living Room Decor Ideas

The Fall season is around the corner, and it always brings a warm atmosphere with it. The days get cooler, and the skies become grayer at this time of the year. By decorating its interiors, you can also welcome this joyous and cozy fall season into your house.

Decorating the living room would be the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of the festivals and holiday season. It is essential because it is the house’s main room, which sets the mood for the entire place. From choosing vibrant fall colors for your walls to adding fuzzy warm rugs, the fall season has various options to pick from. If you want a little help with decor ideas for your living room, then do read this article ahead.

Living Room Fall Decor Ideas

The living room is the area where we spend most of our time, and that is why we must keep the interiors of our room welcoming and intimate. When you walk into the room, you should feel the autumn vibes of the weather. Likewise, you can create aesthetic vibes of the fall season in your living room with the help of the ideas presented below. So do read up for some innovative and unique tips.

1. Textured Blankets

Fall brings cold temperatures with it. Add a textured blanket to your couch to give your room a little warmth this season. The blanket will bring a comfy element into the room, making it a more relaxed environment.

A bright-colored knitted blanket to your neutral-themed living room will add the perfect pop of color to the fall decor of the living room.

living room

2. Little Bit of Pumpkins

Pumpkin is the most loved option when it comes to living room fall decor ideas. It is readily available and can be styled in numerous ways. Whether you add little pumpkins as a decorative piece to your living room or add a pumpkin painting, it will enhance the fall vibes in your house. The beautiful pumpkin color will amplify your place, making it more welcoming.

Little Bit of Pumpkins

3. Add Fall Flowers

Fall-colored flowers help in adding a modern floral look to the living room. The unique shapes and colors of the flowers will give the room a beautiful visual effect. The flowers like African daisies and mums will make the room and house look more alive and fresh in the dry autumn season.

modern floral look to the living room

4. Throw Pillows

Adding throw pillows is the best budget-friendly option for a living room fall decor idea. Throw pillowscan instantly change the decor of your living room. You can add pillows of different shapes and sizes to your living room for a fall-inspired look. For an autumnal decor, add pillows in fall patterns and fall colors to amp up your place.

Living Room Pumpkin pillows

5. Light It Up

Lighting can elevate the room from nothing to a gorgeous room in your house. It will make a huge difference to the fall-inspired ambiance of the room. You can add lighting to your room in many creative ways, like lighting some candles, designer wall lights, and string lights. It will create a welcoming environment in your living room.

wall sconce light

6. Leather Accents

Leather is a very fall-appropriate material, as it adds a refined elegance to the atmosphere. The lush texture of the leather makes it perfect for fall decor. You can include the warmth of the leather in your living room through various items. A rich color couch, or some leather accents will enhance the room’s cozy mood.

Leather is a very fall-appropriate material

7. Autumn Foliage

Fall brings many vibrant colors with it. A great way to add fall colors to your living room would be through autumn foliage. Having a fall-themed indoor plant in your house would increase the seasonal effect in the atmosphere. Plants like the snake plant, prayer plant, crotons, and many more give a natural charm to the interiors. They are easy to maintain and act as a statement piece for your living room.

fall leaves blue glass vases couch

8. Metal Candle Lanterns

Lanterns made with metal are an excellent option for a modern living room fall decor. They add extra shine and warmth to the place, making it more appropriate for fall. It provides simplicity to the interior style of the room.

fall lanterns for outdoor and indoor decor

9. Add Velvet

Velvet tops the list of items when it comes to finding the perfect Fall decor. Its lush texture provides elegance to the living room. Adding velvet pillows or a couch is a great way to bring the autumnal look into your house. The fall-rich colors in Velvet will accentuate the beauty of the living room even more.

modern rust sofa and a matching round ottoman is what you need for a strong fall feel

10. Frame up Your Mantel

The fireplace mantel is a great place to showcase your seasonal decor in the living room. You can frame the mantel with many things, like fall bouquets, candles, pumpkins, mantel garlands, and fall leaves.

showcase your seasonal decor in the living room

11. Centerpiece for Coffee Table

The centerpiece on the coffee table is another creative way to present your fall decorations in the living room. You can add a vase in fall colors or set up a few candles to reflect the positive festival vibes in the room. You can also stack up some books in the living room to give a more relaxing look.

Modern Living Room with Fall Decor for Coffee Table

12. Have Fun with Fall Colors

The colors are the most fun part of the fall season. Colors like red, orange, mustard, etc., are the standard colors for the autumnal look. You can add orange blankets, red flowers, mustard throw pillows, or other fall color accents to your living room for a cozy touch to the interior style.

fall color accents to your living room

13. A Vintage Cabinet

Having a vintage-style cabinet in your living room is a very useful thing. You can store your throws and blankets and decorate the designer pieces in the cabinet. It is a perfect living room fall decor idea as it is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Vintage Cabinet

14. Add Earthy Tones

If you don’t like adding funky fall colors to the room’s interiors, then go for the earthy tones. This will give a modern touch to the fall decoration. Using natural materials like wood and earthy tone accents will provide extra coziness to the atmosphere of the room.

Gray Contemporary Living Room With Fireplace And Brown Leather Chairs

15. Candlestick Holders

Candlestick holders are one of the best living room fall decor ideas. They are a great addition to the fall-themed living room. It gives a royal and vintage look to the entire place. It also adds aesthetic value to the place.

candlestick holders

16. Deep Red Couch

The deep red couch is a unique choice when it comes to fall decor. The deep red accents in your living room will add a rich texture and character to the place. This elegant-colored couch will add warmth to the room, which is very needed in this weather.

Living room interior mock-up with red sofa, wooden table and rattan home decoration in dark blue background, 3d render, 3d illustration

17. Warm Rug

A rug is an easy way to bring some warm fall vibes into the living room. You can add the plush textured rug to the room to give a more inviting feel to the place. You can also opt for a designer rug with vibrant colors to keep up the season’s spirits.

scarlet red persian rug in living room

18. Add Different Textures

Not only colors, but you can add fall vibes to your living room through various textures also. Decorate your room with different textures like plush pillows or soft blankets. This will add calm and relaxing vibes to your room.

fall vibes to your living room

19. Dried Flowers

Collect some dark-dried flowers to display in the living room. The beautiful arrangement of dried flowers in a neutral-colored vase creates a charming fall floral look. It can also act as a perfect centerpiece for the coffee table.

Dried Flowers

20. Wreath for The Win

Wreaths are a perfect way to welcome fall into your house. There are many ways to make wreaths with flowers, leaves, cranberries, and many more.

The beautiful wreath hanging in your living room is a great way to indicate the beginning of the holiday season.

entry table pumpkins a house


The living room is the perfect area of the house for you to welcome the festivities of the season. The decoration of the living room sets the energy of the entire house and reflects onto the people as well. If you want your home to get a comfortable and welcoming vibe, then do try out these living room fall decor ideas. We have put the best ideas for you to help build your dream interior design for the holiday season. Make sure that you decorate your living room beautifully, which will swoon your and your guest’s hearts away.

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