How to Achieve a Scandinavian Style Living Room?

How to Achieve a Scandinavian Style Living Room?

Imagine this – you come back from a tough day at work, and the moment you enter your home, your mood instantly lifts as you watch your sophisticated living space decorated with glorious simplistic elements welcome you. Tranquil right?

Well, that’s Scandinavian-style home decor for you. Impressive and elegant.

Scandinavian-style interiors are a residents’ heaven and a decorators’ paradise. However, as simple and beautiful as it may look, curating Scandinavian-style home decor is an art only a few can achieve.

But guess what! You can be that artist! Let’s dive into the subject.

Let’s Understand Scandinavian Decor Style

Honestly, the Scandinavian style is not too complex; in fact, it’s as simple and calm as it can be. However, the complex part is understanding how to put different decor elements together. Oh, also, do you know the Scandinavian style is also known as the Nordic style?

Keep it light


If you ask any Scandinavian style enthusiast, the first thing they’ll mention about Scandinavian decor is that it’s like a canvas of calmness.

And how? Owing to the color palette that is used in creating a Scandinavian style, such as soft pastels, and earthy tones, especially the tones of greys and whites.

Structure your furniture

Structure your furniture .jpg

One thing there is about the Scandinavian design palette is that it is super chic, organized, and light to sight.

To elaborate, the one thing you will notice in almost every home interior inspired by Scandinavian style is that the furniture used isn’t too free-form, such as bean-bags etc, rather it must have a comfortable yet sturdy frame.

Also, the accessories used in Scandinavian home furniture are very minimalist and refreshing.

Fabrics that reflect nature

Fabrics that reflect nature

As mentioned above, the furnishings and decor elements such as drapes and carpets use fabrics such as cotton for the lovers of simplicity and leather for the ones who prefer richness in their interior.

Natural materials invite light and freshness inside the room. Also, during the winter season, you can use fabrics such as jute and wool for a warmer look.

Add some lights

Add some lights

Light is a crucial element required to make the room appear bright and breezy.

Some of the ideal decor lights that complement the Scandinavian style living rooms are floor lamps, pendant lights, and so on.

However, no amount of artificial light can suit as amazingly as the natural, warm sunlight does. So make sure to make use of windows as much as you can in your Scandinavian-style home.

Declutter your living space

Declutter your living space

This goes without saying that the perfect way to achieve a Scandinavian style living room is by making sure your living room space stays clean and free of mess.

Afterall, a clean and organised space offers the best airy feel in any home.

Also, this means, less is more. So, the idea of a clean space also includes the concept of not filling the room up with a lot of items that match up with Scandinavian decor.

Choose peace with greenery

Choose peace with greenery

As mentioned above, Scandinavian living spaces give a very calming energy, and what better than green plants to add to that peaceful environment.

Hence, while decorating your home the Scandinavian style, you can add a few indoor plants. A few feasible options are snake plant or succulents, or indoor creepers.

Textures are a big yes

Textures are a big yes

This one’s an add on suggestion for Scandinavian style decor.

In addition to subtle shades for paint, you can choose to add some layers of texture in your decor elements. Such as textured drapes or carpets, or even textures, furniture covers and cushions and so on.

Texture enhances the colour while adding warm volume to your home.

Panels create space

Panels create space

If your task is to decorate a living room that is too big in size, then instead of adding unnecessary items to the space, you can divide the room in two (or more sections) to create comfy, calm spaces.

For example you can add panels to your big living room and create a study area for yourself, or maybe a small section for office work. To create panels you can either use wood or drapes that go well with the Scandinavian style.

Contrast is your friend

Contrast is your friend

Another unpopular decor consideration in Scandinavian style decor is used to contrast.

It is a misconception that Scandinavian-style decor only includes light, pastel shades, and a light ambiance.

Some Scandinavian styles also include heavy contrast, which creates as much of a calming aura as a light decor style, such as deep navy blue and light beige or dark green with lighter browns.

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So, that’s it! Now you’ve got all the necessary insights and information required to decorate your own home space in Scandinavian style. Again, it is not about doing it all at once, or including all the elements all at once, the key is to balance it out.

Make sure whichever elements you choose to have in your Scandinavian style room, it must look clean, minimal, and functional. 

A calming sanctuary that will become your ideal resting spot after a day of hustle. So, it’s time to unleash your finest strokes of creativity and design yourself a Scandinavian paradise. 

To learn more of Scandinavian living room ideas, you can visit our previous blog on the subject. 

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